1959 Volkswagen Deluxe Microbus Field Find


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Early split-window Volkswagen Microbuses have become highly sought after, which has driven their value up significantly. It has gotten to the point that even ones needing total restorations are selling for more then what they cost new. This 1959 VW Deluxe 15 window has been parked in this field for who knows how long and is being offered here on the Samba for $2,600.


The field this bus is parked in must be part of a salvage yard, as there are a number of rusty cars around it. Being in Georgia means that this bus, and the cars around it, are covered in rust. Fixing this one up is going to be both costly and time consuming, but thankfully parts are plentiful.


It’s amazing how desirable these buses have become and it will be interesting to see if they continue to gain in value. If you aren’t interested in this bus, perhaps the other cars in the background are for sale also. Are there any cars there that you might be interested in?

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  1. Ramone de V8

    Here we go again! Unbelievable that these things are worth as much as they are, even when they spend decades rotting into the mud. Yes, they are neat, but isn’t the rust a wallet eater? A nice dry one may be something to start with, but some of the last few we have seen here are, I think, way too far gone.

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  2. David

    Looks very repairable to me. The return on investment even in this condition is well worth the time and effort.

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  3. Webby

    Run away. Fast. I’d rather the Mustang II behind it.

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    • Mdz

      We can’t all have good taste…thanks for keeping the balance!

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  4. Rusty Shackleford

    That’s a totally restorable, I worked at CIP1.com for 6 years and ppl were always callin for parts for those buses, I received emails from customers with pics of these buses that were in worse condition,,,I’d like to own one,,,but I want a panel bus instead… :D

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  5. Milo

    Some people have no clue

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  6. paul

    Wait did I see a Burmese python slithering inside that thing?

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    • paul

      Oh & 2600 is what they need to pay me to empty all the crap out of that thing.

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  7. Chris H.

    Proving that “nostalgia ain’t what it used to be”, these things don’t mix well with modern traffic. Looks like you’d have a solid $35k into metalwork and paint before too long. Leave this as yard art and move on to a more worthy example.

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    • Horse Radish

      I love this idea of waiting for the next better one……
      …what if that was the last better one……
      Some people will always stand on the sidelines looking in.
      I’d say: “Seize the day”.
      This one is very restorable.

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  8. Greg

    Is that a reasonable price for a chicken coop…?

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  9. rancho bella

    Slow and unsafe at any speed….thousands of years go by and the human cannot seem to master any sense………common or otherwise.

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  10. Catfish Phil

    Those guys on TV could make an aquarium out of it… but seriously, if these Sambas are worth that much in this condition, it’s time to start searching the older junk yards. Aging hippies with huge bankrolls want to relive their youths in these things. Let’s help ’em out!

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  11. Lionhound

    Salvage yard? In Georgia that’s called “out back”, as in “out back by the pump house”.

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    • Matt

      out back by the OUThouse :-)

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  12. Richard

    With all the ways to hop up a VW flat four these days, there’s no reason you need to settle for the 30hp or so that those engines had from the factory. It IS possible to get the engine to a point where you can at least comfortably keep up with traffic. It’s not as if the general public doesn’t already know VW buses are slower than molasses to begin with, they’ll typically give you a wide berth if they encounter you on the street. Just don’t run into anything…..

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    • Richard

      This would also make a really cool custom, too, if you wanted to go that route!

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  13. Matt

    considering what it would look like if it was from Chicago or Detroit, this thing is cherry :-)

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  14. Sam

    Why not just restore it mechanically and leave the outside alone? They are only going to go up. It seems to be sold anyway the posting is gone.

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  15. Karl

    It says something about the enthusiasm for these things that it has apparently sold, when every piece that is not rusted to bits was stripped off long ago, even the VW logo on the bow is gone. What people turned their nose up at years ago when they were stripping all the trim parts off and it was undoubtedly in better shape, is now worth restoring!
    God bless ’em.

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