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1960 Ford F350 With Some Modern Surprises!

Nobody buys a pickup truck with four-wheel-drive and dual rear wheels without good reason. Use cases for a 4WD “Dually” are few, and you wouldn’t buy one just because they look super-tough, unless it’s this 1960 Ford F350! Listed here on Boston, Massachusetts craigslist, the rugged-looking (originally RWD) Ford body rides atop a 1988 Ford Super Duty frame with a 7.3 L (444 cid) IDI (International Direct Injection) Diesel engine and other upgrades. For $7500 this unique ride can be yours to enjoy as-is or to finish however you like. Thanks to reader Peter R. for spotting this beastly classic pickup with a twist.

The new owner may consider centering the rear fenders. Personally I might bend a strip of metal on each side and extend the fenders beyond the tires, but the overall engineering looks well-executed and may allow at least two inches of rear suspension travel. The monstrous 22.5 inch wheels wear new tires and offer enough ground-clearance to traverse a seated toddler unharmed, though I recommend a less spectacular demonstration.

The appliance-like dashboard delivers useful information. A manually-shifted five-speed transmission delivers more flexibility and economy than the original Ford gearbox. Consider an aftermarket steering column a wise safety upgrade over this spear aimed at your neck.

Mechanical parts for the ’88 truck chassis should be readily available, including performance upgrades if the IDI’s 185 HP and 338 lb-ft of torque don’t do the job (thanks to dieselhub.com for some details.) The vehicle features many new parts, and the most difficult engineering should be in the past. Are you tough enough for this blue brute?


  1. matthew B steele

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  2. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    At first glance of the thumbnail photo, I thought this was a period-correct four wheel drive upgrade.

    Napco did it better, at least more aesthetically pleasing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Napco_Four_Wheel_Drive_Vehicles

    Can’t gripe too much about the price, unless the body and fittings show signs of this being haphazardly put together. Good luck to the seller.

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  3. Fred H

    One tough truck.

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    • JW

      Idi stand for (In direct injection).

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      • BR

        Yes. Indirect injection. Heads have a pre-combustion chamber built in. NOT INTERNATIONAL DIRECT INJECTION. And that combustion chamber design was not exclusive to International

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    • kaleb

      awesome truck…can I have it?

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  4. Jimmy

    That is awesome, wish it was closer.

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    What a beast–finish as it was intended ..leave the body as is. This thing pushes all the buttons for me and I’m not nuts about trucks like this. Hope somebody finishes like this, what a hoot to pull into a car show or cruise–stick to boot!! Good luck to the new owner!!


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  6. Steve

    Time to scare up an old Banks turbo set up for the 7.3l, or cobble together your own!

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  7. Dave

    Diamond plate Step please

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  8. TimS

    At first glance, I was expecting a raft of commenters falling all over themselves to say “put the body on a newer platform” etc. Now after reading, I can see why nobody said that. Yay literacy!

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  9. Fireman Dan

    Beautiful Beast
    And IDI stands for In Direct Injection it’s an early 7.3 non turbo
    Pre Powerstroke 7.3 w Direct Injection came in 1994!!!!
    I’d make her a daily driver
    Awesome Simple Awesome

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    • Randy

      Took the words right out of my mouth

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  10. TimM

    One word!!!!

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  11. Jeepster

    Brilliant all around ! WOW

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  12. Bill

    Not sure who wrote this ad for BF but everyone I know with a 350 or 3500 orders it in 4wd dually long bed config. He/she must not have ever owned a truck. Before 4wd I had to call a local wrecker to pull me out of sand on my own property. I’ll never own anything else. In my world they are ALL that way. But he/she is right that’s a cool truck👍😁

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  13. Steve

    I would name the steering column Vlad the impaler!
    Seriously that needs to be rectified.
    Otherwise I like it. A lot.

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  14. Howard A Member

    Well, you may like the way it looks, but those pre Powerstroke motors were boat anchors, it’s going too ride like a runabout on choppy waters, and 22.5 tires aren’t cheap. And what are you going to do with it? Just another case of more is better “Americanism”. They put a cool pickup on a snow plow chassis. No thanks.

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    • BR

      Howard, you must be as old as I am.
      I’m restoring a ’50 F-6 and just bought six brand new 9R22.5 tires AND wheels for $700. That’s cheap.

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    • Karl

      I think it’s definitely got some very big pluses call it more “Americanism” or whatever it’s still got a serious COOL FACTOR!

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    • Midway

      Very nice truck GVW most likely 18 K, a repaint and interior redo and it is a nice weekend driver to car shows

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  15. geomechs geomechs Member

    Proof that you are still free to do whatever you want in this country. You won’t have much trouble with that engine. But like Howard says, it won’t snap your neck when you floor it when the light turns green. Even if you had a turbo it wouldn’t be super responsive. It will take you wherever you want to go and bring you back, and fairly economically too. I’ve tuned up a lot of 7.3 IDI engines over the years. The engine will last through the next millenium but the injection pump will wipe out its advance piston by 100K miles. You will be overhauling the pump to the tune of many dollars, and then it will soldier on again. Some cold starting problems with this engine. Contrary to what everyone else will tell you, run a DIRECT-DRIVE starter, not a reduction one; the direct drive will spin the engine over well over the desired 200 rpm while the reduction unit will be lucky to give you an anemic 140. But it will sound like it’s headed for the moon. I like the 1960 cab and grill. I would rather have something I can get into without needing a spring board but this one has potential…

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    • Treebeardzz

      Moose Pump & Injectors with a Banks Sidewinder – don’t forget the pyrometer & back-up water injection to keep it alive though. Also the Green Anti-freeze & additive maintenance is a must or cavitation will ventilate the cylinder walls just like a 3208 Cat.

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  16. billy

    I’m a Chevy guy, but this old ford is awesome! it would be great for towing the boat to the lake and just shove your way onto the boat ramp… pushing aside all those Cali dually pavement queens!

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  17. lbpa18

    l love it. Howard, this isnt about practicality. Its automotive creativity and art. One man’s dream child. One that many of us can relate to and to whom this vehicle speaks. I can think of so many other similar projects, and not just trucks, but not many got to this stage. I applaud the builder/designer. I suspect this will be one of those machines that guys will see and say, “I just have to have it” and it will see a long list of short-term owners who will enjoy it for a while, and then sell it to the next guy, both with smiles on their faces.

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    • Howard A Member

      That’s ok, you’d think a truck nut like me would like this, and I do, it’s just the builder, as usual, went overboard, and could have made this a lot more user friendly. Could have still made it a dually, just not some all wheel drive dump truck chassis, and they aren’t even using the front axle. IDK, you can ooh and ahh all you want, but I bet this thing is a smoky, handful to drive.

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  18. Scott

    WOW !!! Now that is Awesome. I really love this truck, what more can be said. Sorry Steve but I would not under any circumstances turbo this one. That IDI, Pre- Powerstorke engine is great all by itself. The only thing I would change is the wheels, I would scale them down a bit and just love on this old Ford.

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  19. Gaspumpchas

    Scott, agree with you on the IDI- worked for a guy who had a fleet of IDI International fords–couldn’t kill them even with a minimum of maintenance, and the all started in minus 20 degrees without a heater. Of course, hopping it up is always cool. Good luck with this beauty. Its got such a cool look!!


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  20. 433jeff

    Mint truck nicely done, what happens withDOT or registry? If its not the original frame am i ok ? Do i need inspection? Or do i just use the 1960 title and be done with it?

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    • Mike

      I’ve done this a couple of times. One vehicle, I used the sheet metal VIN, 66 F100 2wd on a 76 F250 4×4 highboy. And another, I used the frame VIN, 56 F100 sbss, on a 70 F100 4×4 frame. If you can use the older numbers, you get around a bunch of unwanted regulations….such as emissions.

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      • whmracer99

        The rules (and level of enforcement) varies a ton from state to state on frame changes. Even inside each state the understanding and enforcement of their laws varies a bunch. In most states you can register it off the body VIN if it’s permanent without inspection BUT certain states do inspect and some even require matching VINs in at least 2 places (usually the body and the frame). Where it gets real messy is moving a truck from state to state — you can easily purchase a vehicle with a clean title in one state that is un-registerable in it’s destination state because of the difference in laws and/or enforcement. You really have to understand the laws in your particular state before purchasing or creating something like this. It does make it easier to transfer if the titles for both vehicles are available with the sale (although it doesn’t make it a “sure thing”). HTH

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    Needs front driveshaft. BADASS

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  22. guggie

    finish it up new interior ,a/c and cruise !!

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  23. Mike

    Tough looking ride. My kind of truck, right there. Needs a turbo and a straight pipe.

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  24. Karl

    I think I am almost the poster boy for “Americanism” I belong to a Corvette club and we had a meeting one night at a big car show and I left the Vette at home and drone my M920 6 wheel drive Military heavy Transport semi tractor instead!

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  25. Alex Apinis

    love this old stuff been doin frame offs for over 50 years and thats the only way to go on anything worth keeping

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  26. Del

    Complete Junk.

    Who the hell would get involved?

    Have at me boys. Its still Junk

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  27. Woody

    I have a ‘77 F250 Highboy and would love to have an IDI setup like this but it runs well as-is. This classic dual wheeler is an awesome ride,no paint needed!

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  28. Jreichardt@yahoo.com

    Is it still for sale? Jim

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