1960 MGA Tells its Tale!

1960 MGA Roadster

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In my never ending search for great finds to share with you guys, I read an incredible amount of car listings. For the most part, every listing I read tends to essentially be the same thing. The seller presents their car, its condition, possibly a bit of history, and an asking price. While that might sound like the perfect way to present a car, I sometimes get tired of reading the same old catch phrases, attention getters, and factual statements, so the direction the seller of this 1960 MGA immediately grabbed my attention and made me care about what happened to it.. The seller actually wrote the listing from the first person perspective of the car and for some reason it tugs at your heart. Reading the story, you know the owner cares about what happens to their car in the future and for some reason it gives the car a personality. Read this MGA’s story here on eBay or view it in person in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Special thanks to Jim S for sharing this find with us!

MGA Interior

Anyone who has ever worked in marketing knows that making a sale is all about presentation. Since this MGA is in pieces and is looking rough, it is hard to present it well, but a catchy description can do wonders for bidding. I like that the seller took a different perspective with their car, it shows that they actually care. However, they could have added more details about the car’s condition. Of course narrations like this can sometimes get annoying, so perhaps it was better to keep it short.

MGA Motor

My favorite line of this listing is the MGA’s statement, “I am not a parts car nor to be parted out. I am to be driven.” This is the kind of statement that comes from a seller who always wanted to finish their car, but just never was able to do so. They have obviously invested some time and money into it, so I could see how the thought of it being parted out is a painful one. While I understand and appreciate the seller’s love their car, I’m a little worried they have priced it based on sentimental attachment and not market value. It’s hard to put a price on memories and dreams, but if the seller really wants to see their car go to a good home they might need to start bidding a bit lower.

MGA Project

This looks like it could make for a great project, but as with putting any car back together expect there to be some parts missing and other unforeseen issues. Buying other people’s unfinished projects can turn out to either be a great deal or a nightmare. I’m glad to see the seller truly cares about what happens with this car, but I hope they realize how much work is really left to do here. I have to admit the seller’s desription was rather entertaining and I appreciate their attempt to do something different. If you still haven’t read their listing, I would recommend it!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. David C

    I love these cars. As jig saw puzzles go they are pretty straight forward and not complicated. Back in my teenage years I had a friend that had a coupe with a 327 in it. That was a fun car.

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  2. DolphinMember

    Hmmmm….Real dilemma here.

    I’d like to have another MGA to replace the ’59 I sold around 1962 (the red one in my avatar, just on the left) to buy a tri-carb Healey. You can’t regret that move, but that A was the only car I ever owned that had a just-right cockpit that looked like it would have been at home on a Hackercraft speedboat, and I’d love to have another.

    But this one likely needs more work than appears due to sitting since the ’70s. But even if not, I think the $5K ask is more than all the money, unless you just want to part it out. But I would’t like to see that happen here. Right now I’d rather be driving, top down, than dealing with this car’s needs, so I’ll hope that Rontoit gets a nice home with someone who will give him a thorough clean and then put him right.

    All the best, Rontoit. There’s somone out there for you. Probably lots of someones at about $3500 or thereabouts.

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  3. scott

    Donate this to a traveling carnival where kids can further smash it up for a buck.

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  4. rancho bella

    The two thing rule. Buy this and spend “at least” 20K to restore….or….buy one done and take a chance it was done right, Ebay has just a few of them currently
    Wait……..a third thing rule. Find a guy that has owned his for a very long time, the paint is worn out and it smells that glorious old English car smell and buy that.

    Where does that smell come from?………..my garage is soaked in it………..
    it’s like car perfume.

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  5. DT

    since the owner does not want to talk,I think some things may be omited(not mentioned),like the extra smashed front bumper. But it still looks like a fairly straight forward project and not too rusty.It needs someone thats a MGA guy,They might end up with something good or make a profit. All in all it doesnt look too scarey to me.For me I find that English smell kinda old and funky

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  6. jim s

    the Ebay listing has ended. i hope the car went to a good home. did anyone on this site buy it?

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  7. Robert J

    Historic footnote for posterity;
    Sold for $5,000. I could find a project for less, but I can see the appeal of this one. They are destined to keep climbing in value for a while I believe.

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  8. Michael R

    Nobody bought it. “no bids”.

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  9. Chuck Foster Chuck F (55chevy)

    I have seen MGAs and 914s go for higher money, and not many for sale, old sports cars are climbing in value, see any low priced 911s lately? Datsun 240zs are going up as well, mark my words. How about early Celica Supras?

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  10. Jesse JesseStaff

    Just to clarify, this car had no bids and did not sell. The seller started the auction at $5,000.

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