1961 Divco Milk Truck Needs Rescuing

1961 Divco Milk Van

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There was a time when men were men, milk was delivered to your door step, and people held the door for each other. Alright so not all those things are extinct, but chances are you can’t get your milk delivered to your door anymore. I personally never had the chance to experience having the milk man stop by, unless having the Swan man drop off ice cream counts, but I can imagine the convenience of such a service. I also can understand why old milk delivery vans like this 1961 Divco 200B can be so appealing to those who remember those days. It brings back good memories of a cold glass of Ovaltine and building milk crate racers. Days like those might be long gone, but you can own a piece of that time period. This Divco needs a restoration but looks complete and solid, so be sure to take a look at it here on eBay out of Hope, Idaho with a $2,500 asking price.

Divco Motor

Of these trucks, the earlier ones are the most desirable, but they didn’t change much of the design well into the ’60s. This truck has the iconic Divco front end and all their unique body lines. Getting this one back on the road again could be difficult though. It currently doesn’t run and the seller doesn’t state the condition of the motor, but it looks like it has been exposed to the elements for a while. Once you get it running again there will still be the challenge of getting it looking good and having the refrigerated box working, of course neither is necessary to enjoy it, but it would be amazing to have it working and looking great!

Divco Interior

As you can see the inside is also rough, but it looks like all the major components are here. One of the cool features of these trucks is their controls, which allow the driver to either sit or stand while driving it. The seller claims that both sets of controls are still there. Having these controls working would definitely add to the experience and the cool factor!

Divco Milk Truck

This truck is going to be a lot of work, but it would be a fun machine to have. Just think of all the smiles it would bring to your face! Of course I’m sure the restoration will bring lots of frustration and pain, but the end result should be well worth it! So who here would love to relive the good old days with this old milk truck?

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  1. geomechs geomechsMember

    I sure remember the milk trucks and the little compartments in the houses where empty jars went one way and filled ones came back. Interesting enough the only trucks I every saw were Internationals, Chevrolets, and Fords. Never saw a Divco until a trip down the west coast some years later. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t be interested in taking on a project like this one. It looks like quite a challenge but not impossible.

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    • Peter Clark

      A friend of mine bought one of these back in late 60’s. He did a terrific job of converting it to a self contained camper. I repowered it for him with a rebuilt chev. 283 and one ton truck 4 speed. He drove across Canada with his wife and young son in 1970, then kept it for a number of years for weekend trips around the West Coast.it was a great vehicle, heavy but virtually trouble free. Kept top speed down to 50mph and got reasonable economy. The 4 speed was great for crawling around west coast logging roads. Brings back lots of great memories.

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  2. jim s

    yes milk and bread delivered to the milk box and bread box on our front porch. both done overnight in our area. i do not remember the refrigeration units, but do remember big blocks of ice in back of the milk trucks. this one looks like it has an overhead valve not flathead motor. another vehicle to restore or part out. very nice find.

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  3. DanaPointJohn

    These Divco milk trucks are very cool when restored and show great. But this one at $2,500 is way over priced for what it will take, which is a complete tear down and rebuild, to get it into tip top shape. Good luck to whomever gets this and I hope you do not over pay.

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  4. Murph

    I saw that earlier.. It looks like a cute little truck/van/other. ;)

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  5. Jason

    Wyoming isn’t very far from Colorado, and here in Colorado we have several dairies who still deliver to-your-door, even with glass milk bottles.

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  6. jim s

    3 Divco milk trucks for sale on ebay and if you bought all three not sure there are enough good parts to make 1 running truck.

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  7. Charles

    I worked for DairyCo in South Georgia in the 70’s. I drove a wholesale route with a GMC 6500 with a Hackney 26 foot body. I remember a couple of retail routes that were phased out in the early part of the decade. They had one aging Divco as a spare truck. The later models had a refigeration plate that would freeze and hold the temp cold for most of the day. It was plugged in at night, and had a compressor that would freeze the plate. I am not sure what was inside of the plate? It could have been full of water?

    I would love to find a Divco and refinish it in DiaryCo livery. DairyCo was part of Dairymen’s Incorporated, one of the thousands of small dairy’s bought by the Flav-O-Rich Company. DI was a farmer’s co-op.

    My children got teased some in school. “Oh, so your daddy is the milk man?”

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    • Ron Gracy

      I have a 59 Divco milk van – short wheel base – 4 cyl continental engine – stand up drive – refrigerated unit – is all complete & decent condition to be restored or hot rodded that I would take $2500 for.

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      • Jesse JesseStaff

        Hey Ron, if you email some photos and more information, we may run it here on the site for you. More people would see it that way. Thanks!

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      • Steve

        I’d be interested if you have pics and more info

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      • Ron Gracy

        I can not get pictures to up load

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      • Christine

        Ron – Do you still have the DIVCO? Where are you? Would you be willing to email photos?

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      • bill

        hi ron, do you still have the divco?

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      • Rebecca Candela

        Hi Ron!

        I’m very interested in your van if it’s still for sale. Please let me know!

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      • jerry groomsMember

        im looking for father and son project /milk truck divco

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      • Mel

        I just started looking for a Divco?

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  8. koolpenguin

    I bought an ice cream truck several years ago when my kids were young….something fun to do in the summer and they could make a little money working the window while I drove. I saw a beautifully restored Divco that had been converted to an ice cream truck for sale but didn’t have the $15k to buy it. I still think about doing my own Divco ice cream truck when I see one like this! It would take a lot more than $15k to get this one looking good.

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  9. Clay Bryant

    Just the thing for delivering “Jersey Highballs”.(Or makin’ “house calls”)

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  10. erik

    I grew up in the early 60.s in Seattle and always remember the milk truck,darigold just like the one featured. The good old day!!! Funny thing there where other treats like icream,cottage cheese,orange juice and others. the truck came in the morning so us kids would leave a note with the EXTRA stuff and he would leave it, mom never knew until she got the bill. Got into a little trouble. We laugh know though.

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  11. ConservativesDefeated

    Theres a restored and somewhat modified Divco down here in SoCal…has Betty Boop on the rear panels…moon hubcaps etc.

    Next time I see it I’ll grab some pix…maybe Jesse will run it to motivate someone

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  12. Bill the Engineer

    The old Divco plant in Delaware, Ohio, is still standing and is used as a storage space for large molds and dies by a nearby casting company. It is getting pretty run down, but you can still visualize the various assembly operations that would have gone on there.

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  13. Bruce R. Colbert

    Worked on Saturdays in the early 60’s with my step dad for Mauer & Wikel Dairy, Vermilion, Ohio.

    Worst part was filling the canvas ice bags in the summer, frozen hands in the early morning.

    Best part – drinking that cold chocolate milk later that hot afternoon.

    Got to drive that Divco a few times.

    Bruce R. Colbert

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  14. Steven Patrick

    What a great truck, I am considering something like this for my Estate Sale business. Looking for something smooth nosed with cargo area. Does anyone know of some Maker names for such trucks from the 50’s-60’s that I can search?? Thanks!

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    • Mike

      Sounds like you’re looking for an International Metro. I’ve got two for sale if you’re interested.

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  15. John E.

    There are two of these restored here where I live in CO. Would make a neat ice cream truck it if were restored.

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  16. mark
  17. Tony

    I remember very well, we had Dellwood, Beverly, Sealtest and Borden Divco trucks delivering in New York. They had the seat that flapped up and you could drive it standing up. Man those were the days, People actually said good morning. Times have changed for the worst!

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  18. jerry groomsMember

    looking for old milk truck for project I’m retired need too stay active

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