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1962 Porsche 356B T6 Barn Find

For some reason there have been a number of barn found Porsche 356s surfacing lately. This 1962 Porsche 356B has been parked in a barn for the past 25 years and as a result, needs some work. The car dealer that bought it from the previous owner has listed it here on eBay. We know they are flipping the car, but at least it gives the car a chance to be saved.

This car is the T6 body style, meaning that it has twin engine lid grilles, a fuel door on the front right fender, and bigger windows. The original silver metallic paint is faded and worn off on much of the surface. The surface rust gives the car a unique look, but to keep the car from rusting further, it will need to be treated. We love patina, but at this point, the best thing for the car would be to repaint it in its original color.

The interior needs some work too, but everything is there. The dash pad will need to be replaced and it looks like there are a few other bits and pieces that will need to be repaired or replaced. Someone treated the floor pans at some point, but there is some serious rust in the front end of the car that could be a major issue. Rust is often a major issue for the 356, but replacement sheet metal can be found easily.

The original 1600 cc engine was rebuilt a few years back and only has 1,000 miles or so on it. It is a base model and came with the 60 hp engine. The seller says it starts and runs nicely, but only on an external fuel tank. We are sure that the tank will need to be cleaned out, if not replaced, and all the fuel lines will need attention as well.

We are glad to see more of these Porsches surfacing and hopefully this one will go to a good home. It’s going to be a big project, but we are sure someone will love to have it, as these are becoming very popular. We wouldn’t mind going to look at it just to look at all the cars in this dealer’s warehouse. We aren’t sure what the reserve is set at, but what do you think it’s worth?


  1. Horse Radish

    Most dealers already figured out that it’s too risky to dump money into a restoration.
    They’ll take the profit out front and let the next idiot ‘eat it’ , if he’s dumb enough to buy it too high…….

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  2. Horse Radish

    BTW the floor has already been replaced and hacked in there.
    That’s what CA blue plate mean.
    5 – 10 years in a wet climate and then to California………

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  3. paul

    It is all their & that is good, so if the guy selling it has all the ability, tool’s, knowledge, as seen in the back round of these photo’s, then why would he sell it. I’ll go along with H Radish.

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  4. Sylvain356

    what the seller called “finish in patina” is what I call rust ! and that was the shortest test drive I ever seen he forgot to say the engine was fueled from a fuel bottle hidden in the engine compartment. “give it a bath and you gat it ” well done Bill
    and it is a 60hp by the way

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  5. Chris H.

    I am not a big patina lover, but this needs to keep the patina. Add a weathered corporate stencil on the door “Al’s Zenith TV Repair” or something like that, seal up the corrosion and drive it, baby!

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  6. Rancho Bella

    ’62 and ’63 coupes are my favorite “affordable 356″ , yes, I like the drum brakes, but the involvement with any redoing of old cars…………has just plain worn me out. It’s not the money so much as it is using ones logic. Enough……………
    As usual……….”Radish is Right”

    Disclaimer: all of my ramblings goes out the window when I come across an old Lotus. I still get weak in the knees…………..

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  7. Chris

    Horse Radish called this one right. Another expensive old Porsche 356 project car for someone’s first restoration go. But we’d have a whole different attitude if this car was a 4 cammer Carrera.

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  8. twwokc

    I agree. The owner obviously has the resources to restore this one and chooses not to. There is a reason for that.

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  9. Dan Farrell

    When did rust become patina?

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  10. Dolphin Member

    @ twwock [“The owner obviously has the resources to restore this one and chooses not to. There is a reason for that”]

    Exactly right. All 356s are old cars that rust readily and are expensive to fix properly and buy parts for. This 356 is near the very bottom of the 356 value hierarchy (the notchback is at the bottom).

    = lots of costs but not enough value after it’s restored

    Buy a good restored driver for much less than the purchase price + resto costs

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  11. Chris

    If I could buy this at the right price, that 60 hp VW engine would be replaced with a late 912E engine with 100+ hp. That would put it on a par with the 1600GS and just behind the 4 cam Carrera 2. I’m looking at this car as a project shell for a 356 street car, not a true restoration. At a curb weight of just on 2000 lbs, and over 100hp, it would make a neat fun driver. But not at the eventual price this one will hit.

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