1963 Corvette Coupe: More Than A Split Window

1963 Corvette Coupe Remains

I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry at this listing! The seller is asking $3,100 for the remains of this ’63 split window Corvette that was, wait for it… run over by an 18 wheeler! This sight is both tragic and humorous all at the same time, well at least the picture of the rear body panel parked on the old steel wheel is. I’m sure whoever owned it when it was run over didn’t see any humor in the event, but at least the seller took the opportunity to get a good laugh out of it. The seller claims they have all the pieces that were left, so I guess you could try gluing it all back together real carefully! If I had $3k to spend on yard art and enough time to puzzle the body back together, I’d proudly display this in my yard! I’m not sure if these body panels will ever see any use as a car ever again, but I’ve seen worse brought back. The lack of a chassis or the rest of the car will also be a massive hurdle, but I’m guessing one of our more creative readers could come up with a solution! Maybe the old machinery it’s resting on is included and could be used? You can find these remains here on craigslist in South Dakota. Special thanks to Carl F for this tip!


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  1. Texas Tea

    Yes, I love yard art too Josh. It would work. Heres’ a picture of my 1948 Dodge truck, front clip, that I lighted and now hangs on the side of one of my out buildings since this picture was taken. Looks so neat at night. I have another project I’m working on and plan on having it in place by October. Did I mention it’s hot as hell here in Texas this time of year. My age dictates October when it is cooler.

  2. joeinthousandoaks

    I wonder if it has a clean title?

  3. Ed P

    Texas Tea’s Dodge front looks like a smiling demon with the amber lights!

    My wife would have me committed if I bought this pile of fiberglass.

  4. Dennis

    This Vette is a joke right?

  5. don

    what does the seller of the vette think he is selling? what an idiot!

  6. Scott Allison

    Nothing but scrap. not worth $3.00

  7. redwagon

    i assume someone died in this accident. at least one person. that’s makes this just a bit macabre to me.

    hopefully the vin has been entered into a registry as totaled; or the vin destroyed.

  8. Sam

    That settles it! I’m going to put my ’65 Corvette ashtray on Craig’s list. It came from a Concours winning numbers matching car that met with an untimely end, but the provenance and the accumulated “patina” should make it worth, oh I imagine, $6,000?

    Like 1
  9. Rick

    title & vin worth $3K easily

  10. grant

    If that pile is worth 3k to you I have some real estate you might be interested in…

  11. krash

    I should probably purchase it…..it is the closest I will ever get to owning one….

    When I reviewed the C’list ad, one question popped into my otherwise empty head.
    ..was there some esoteric formula or calculation, known only to Corvette afficianados, used to arrive at the rather arbitrary $3,100 asking price…. or is the seller in desperate need of that $3,100 John Deere rider mower that he noticed for sale at the local feed store and he couldn’t talk the owner into accepting this shredded classic in trade…

  12. moosie Craig

    maybe worth 30 bucks (if that) for wall art , thats about it,,,,,, but one does wonder about the VIN. PLATE & TITLE, Crooked bastards.

  13. Doug Towsley

    I can only imagine they are selling the pile for title and registration.

    You CAN buy a complete split window coupe body shell brand new for around $5,000. Theres 2 or 3 companies offering them,. 1 here in Oregon. I looked at buying one, building it on a tube frame chassis or a late model wrecked Corvette. Always lusted after one. I gave up on it if i had to title and register as a kit car, prohibitively expensive. While Oregon is not as bad, some states require you to title and register as year of manufacture which means emissions and all FED and state Rules. I saw several states that required you build 2 of them and hand one over for crash testing!!!! However, if you retain ENOUGH of the donor car such as firewall, dash and any other location where the vin is located, you can successfully title and register as the donor car regardless of the body work you use. So, if you used a Donor Corvette, you could rebody at will. Not sure this meets that standard. But thats likely whats going on. Here locally someone has half a Porsche 911 body shell hanging on a wall. I thought the price was odd, but would be an awesome decoration for a shop, living room, restaurant or whatever but then a friend pointed out the seller has paperwork as well. (light bulb turns on)

  14. Tom Stewart

    That’s not a car, that a jigsaw puzzle.

  15. D. King

    And people laughed at the Porsche Targa with wooden wheels that was featured on Ebay last month…sold for over $4800.

  16. Larry

    There an ass for every seat !!

    • Patrick McC.

      Yes, but… there is not even a seat…

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