1963 Corvette Split Window Barn Find

1963 Corvette Coupe

We’ve found a surprising number of Corvette split window coupes over the years, but we get excited every time one of these American classics is found in a barn! This one has been parked for 30 or so years and looks to be in fantastic condition. It’s a very well optioned car, with A/C, a 4 speed, and power windows. The seller claims there were just 268 cars built to these specs and I doubt many of those have survived with just 25k miles! I know I would love to have this one parked in my barn, but how about you? You can find this Corvette here on eBay in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts with bidding already to $16k. The seller hasn’t tried to start it yet and if you’d like to have the pleasure of getting it running, you better contact them before they try to get it running!


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  1. JW454

    25K miles! I don’t think so. If it is correct the car was rode very hard for all of them. The clutch pedal wear, the non-stock engine components and other tell-tale signs point to more miles than that. I think these flippers are hoping for a huge payday.

    • rdc

      Tell us more about the non-stock engine components and other indications of more miles. I am not knowledgeable enough to tell. I did see the pedal wear, perhaps enough to be concerned.

      • Dj

        Plug wires are all I see. I’m no expert but have had several and my dad’s had about 40 of them including a 63 fuelie split window

      • DrinkinGasoline

        Rubber pedal pad wear is just that…wear. It takes well over 75,000 miles for pedal pads to wear to the extent shown in the pictures. Pedal pad wear is most indicated on the outside edges of the pad, given that few drivers actually use the center of the pedal with their feet when operating a vehicle. Steering wheel ring wear is another good indicator, as well as the driver’s seat bottom cushion firmness as compared to the passenger seat bottom cushion firmness. The driver’s door interior panel will also reflect extended wear in comparison to the passenger door interior trim panel. The odometer may say one thing, but the interior will tell the tale. :)

      • JW454

        Besides the spark plug wires, I was also thinking the upper radiator hose, radiator cap and the oil filler cap were not “GM” parts. I’m no expert but, the left hand exhaust manifold doesn’t look right either.

  2. rdc

    That copper color was popular for only a short period on several GM cars. I think.

  3. DrinkinGasoline

    “air cond.not all their” “Their? Really? It is incomprehensible to Me that people actually devise a sale ad for print with this type of content, let alone the poor quality photos without decent preparation of the vehicle for sale. An oil soaked cardboard box containing who knows what on the passenger seat?? Wow…..just Wow.
    Hopefully someone will be able to take advantage of the seller’s indiscretions/ignorance and find a diamond in the rough. I’m far from a ‘Vette guy but best of luck to the winning bidder.

    • R Baker

      Right on Drinkin..poor ad, a fool and his money… drives me crazy when people fill their ads with misspellings. For example must sale instead of must sell. How about new breaks instead of new brakes etc.

      • Roselandpete

        There’s (or is it “theirs”) plenty of that all over.

  4. Racer417

    No way is this a factory a/c car without any dash vents, especially the center one. The copper color is not an original C2 Vette color for any year.

    • Pookie jamie P

      Aztec copper was a color option…..

      • Joel S

        Aztec Copper was not available in 63 through 67- Mid Years / C2?

        My NCRS research shows the following factory colors:
        Code Colors for 1963
        900 Tuxedo Black
        936 Ermine White
        923 Riverside Red
        916 Daytona Blue
        912 Silver Blue
        932 Saddle Tan
        941 Sebring Silver

  5. Joe

    The guys who already bid this to $20K have to be working for the seller. Pathetic. Makes me want to cancel my ebay and never look at a Corvette again. Something’s not all “their” there.

    • Joe

      Split windows are hot. Not surprised to see where the bidding is at. It’s at 35K now.

  6. Roselandpete

    $19.7k which is cheap.

  7. MH

    These cars bring serious $. This one will sell for 50K to 70K easily. Wish I could afford it.

  8. Joe

    I see the window stainless is there, and it has power brakes. Both VERY expensive and hard to find if you have a SWC project. The car is all there and it doesn’t look like Bubba got to it yet.. I like it

  9. Dirty Dingus McGee

    41.5 K( with reserve not met) which isn’t.

  10. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    I hope whoever has bid this thing to 42K has seen the car in person. Somethings rotten in Denmark. A 25K mile car with all the engine decals gone and all that crap hanging from the lower left side dash.

  11. redwagon

    42.1k with 6days 20hours left

    this color actually looks good with the black interior. it may look different to me in full sunlight but fwiw the seven 1963 Corvette “Magic Mirror” acrylic lacquer exterior colors were:
    900 = Tuxedo Black.
    912 = Silver Blue.
    916 = Daytona Blue.
    923 = Riverside Red.
    932 = Saddle Tan.
    936 = Ermine White.
    941 = Sebring Silver.

  12. Joe

    Oh sure it is worth $50K all day long! Pass the Kool-Aid please. I can’t afford this great Vette which doesn’t run. Guess I’ll just have to bid $5000 for the box on the seat and $1500 for the empty Bud Light boxes in proximity to this Alpha Dog Car of Cars. “Is that their another won of them genuwine barnfinds?”

  13. Bob Baird

    Not an a/c car. No a/c vent above the clock and no hint in the engine compartment. No one switches out an entire dash to eliminate this vent. Base engine from what is in the engine compartment, but the tach is a 6500. So, maybe it was originally a 340 horse, but, if so, the engine is gone. Or maybe someone switched the tach, which is easier than an engine. Be nice to see the engine pad. No copper since 1957. Lots of unanswered questions.

    • RollerD

      Looks like an a/c evaporator on the passenger side, hard to tell with the pictures given. The alternator should be on the drivers side.

  14. Julles

    When was the last time a 63 wasn’t considered special, 1971. When was the last time you met someone that didn’t know what he had (63 split window).
    If you know nothing about cars and you inherit a 63, don’t you think somebody would say take good photos, check numbers, and you’ll get rich?

    maybe your car is a mess, be vague, take bad photos, play dumb.
    “hay who’s playin”

    just send this guy your name, address, checking account number, social security number and as soon as your check clears he will make arrangements for you to pay shipping.
    What could possibly go wrong.

  15. David

    Over 50K and it still has not met reserve. My high school auto shop teacher had a 1963 split window. Even in 1965 I thought it was nuts when he traded it for a Nomad.(His creations appeared in Hot Rod and other magizines so he knew what he was doing, but still…)

    • DrinkinGasoline

      I’d rather have the Nomad.

  16. Terry

    I would question the “numbers matching” comment. The shifter is a Muncie and should be a T-10.

    • RollerD

      Both were used in 1963 with the change to the Muncie mid-year. The ad is poor at best, where do people find these cars?

  17. MikeK

    50,100 with 6 days to go and the reserve still not met. Wow.

  18. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    In 1986 or so I met a fellow car nut, he complained about only getting $10,000 for a nice 63 Split, seemed low at the time. When I think about rising car prices I think of a 1982 911SC I bought from California for $8,000, and sold a year later for $8,500, it had 165k miles, how much today?

  19. stevee

    Definition of a quandary: this car. Its a split window, repeat two more times. Picture number 2: the paint at the bottom of the w/shield post (grey primer it appears), and pop rivets are “original”? Someone could have so easily slipped on another clutch pedal cover, and no one would know the difference.
    At this price, pay a qualified Corvette appraiser to inventory and research it!!! Me thinks it will get pulled off eBay before the finish hour.

  20. BillB

    Those guys in the photos can be identified when the buyer sues them for fraud.

  21. hhaleblian

    They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning,
    No-one you see, is smarter than he,
    And we know Flipper, lives in a world full of wonder,
    Flying there-under, under the sea!

    Everyone loves the king of the sea,
    Ever so kind and gentle is he,
    Tricks he will do when children appear,
    And how they laugh when he’s near!

    They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning,
    No-one you see, is smarter than he,
    And we know Flipper, lives in a world full of wonder,
    Flying there-under, under the sea!

    • Van

      Dalphin, stingray one smells fishy.

      • DrinkinGasoline

        All Stingrays Smell fishy….that’s their nature.

  22. Prowler

    I’m impressed….how many people know all the words to flipper
    Nicely done

  23. Prowler

    Yah, it’s a split window and it’s a 4 speed but with probably the wrong drive train no paper work ..no history
    With the price already over 50K….then factor in the cost of a high end restoration
    I have seen this movie before and I see a rough ending….kind of like in deliverance…can you hear the banjo music yet

  24. Mr. Bond

    eBay may end up funding part of this purchase.

  25. Joe Howell

    How could it get that scruffy under the hood and have a clutch pad that worn in 25,000 miles, easy, just put a one in front to make it 125,000. My 68 had a chromed distributor cover to help with ignition system induced radio signal interference, I’m pretty sure this had one too before it sprouted those hideous yellow plug wires. The driver’s side exhaust manifold looks to have mounting bosses for a generator mount. I think 1963 was the first year Chevrolet used an alternator. If the window switches work than there’s the A/C. I always loved the split window look and this one in black or red would be my choice.

  26. Joe

    Either Corvette collectors buying their fix on ebay are dumb or this seller is too smart. Lots of games being played. Will the bids go up if it takes him 10 days to start it? Will bids go down or up if it runs then the engine seizes? I’d like to buy the rear view mirror for $2500, but only if it is broken and not original. More out of focus photos please!

  27. Dolphin Member

    SCM Guide says the median auction sale price for a ’63 Split Window coupe with the base engine is $82,900. With the general softening of collector car sale prices lately that number might not be any higher now, possibly lower.

    It’s bid to $65,100 with the reserve not met and almost 7 days left, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if it hits or comes close to the median auction price. And for a non-original car with stories, some of them mistaken (the A/C claim; mileage claim probably not accurate), no VIN showing, no documentation, no good information on what engine/driveline…….

    I think I see confusion and buyer’s remorse down the road…..”down the road” in a manner of speaking, seeing as it doesn’t actually run at the moment

    • The Walrus

      One story (A/C) has thankfully been solved with the pithy, yet insightful addition by the seller of the following text:

      “made a mistake car does not have air cond. in a box that came with the car their was air cond parts . but the don’t belong to the car.” (Perhaps there is photographic evidence of them figuring this out within the ad… kinda like seeing a sasquatch!)

      It does open other questions about what other boxes hold, however.

  28. Joe

    SCM would probably value the boxes more than the Corvette. Check out SCM guide listing for “Unknown Boxes in a ’63 Vette”. Seller doing all he can to help the old car hobby. He should get the 2016 Meguir Man of the Year Award for rescuing this Corvette and selling so —um– cheaply?

  29. john C

    Wait !! WAIT !!! It doesn’t RUN ??? I need to cancel my bid !

  30. Charles

    Yellow spark plug wires? Don’t think those would be on a Vette with that low mileage. Would have to see authentic documentation to back up the mileage stated!

  31. Charles

    Just looked at the eBay bid: $65K! I think someone is “shilling” the bidding process…. This is a 1963 split window, but certainly not worth that kind of money with suspicious mileage!

    • Dirty Dingus McGee

      Considering that there is a nice one on Hemmings for 89.5K, and this still not meeting reserve at 65K, someone needs to put the crack pipe away. SMH


      • Joe

        I agree. SWCs are bringing big money now, but anyone who didn’t tap out at 50 isn’t thinking clearly.

      • Rocco Member

        And the one in Hemmings appears to have the same left side exhaust manifold. GM probably didn’t redesign an exhaust manifold just because they went to an alternator.

  32. Rocco Member

    split window Vette’s are cool.

  33. Alan Brase

    I’d agree, this does not add up to 25k miles. It is pretty good in some respects. Interior looks very good. Not left in the sun much.
    Original air cleaner, the BRACKET for the shielding is there.
    Flex fan; replacement top hose; replacement ignition wires; replacement WIPER ARMS (why would anyone replace the wiper arms? those type wiper arms were not even introduced till early 1970’s); BATTERY is not a tar top.
    Not sure about the left exhaust manifold, but I believe the commentor is correct, it is an earlier left hand manifold.
    So, itsa BITSA!
    And the $89k one is at a dealer that may have some wiggle room, and further, if it were worth $89k it would be SOLD.
    Subject car is worth $50k tops without a lot more documentation.
    Not that I’d worry about the motor. Just gotta clean out the gas tank, pump and carb.
    And brake cylinders and hoses. and rear wheel bearings. $5k tops.

  34. billy de hulst

    In 1964 my neighbour owned a Split Window. He cut out the split and installed the rear window from the “64 model because he wanted his car to look like it was newer. He did do a very nice job of it and had a super repaint as well.

    I wonder if anyone ever reversed the neighbour’s work.

    Like 1
  35. joeinthousandoaks

    My dad told me that happened to a lot of Split windows. People didn’t like that it lacked the rear glass the later cars had. I’m sure many were transplanted back.

  36. Tarek Sharaf

    no a/c

  37. Alan Brase

    You should read all the prior posts. The seller has withdrawn that claim. though his claim on rarity was based on the A/C option methinks. Air conditioned 63 coupes were pretty rare and I’d guess only 250/300hp at that.

  38. John K

    Poor quality photos, zero narrative, certainly not 25K car, probably not original paint, and a high reserve. But it’s a ’63 Vette which is sought after in Corvette land so I’m not that surprised there’s been so many bids on this. But I will be surprised if it goes much higher than this as there are other ones on eBay that appear to be in better condition for not much more. Not that eBay is the market king for cars like this, but it at least gives you a quick reference.

    This car is in my town but I haven’t seen it before and the Corvette guys I know haven’t mentioned anything about a ’63 in a barn. If anyone on here is seriously interested in this car I would be happy to try to take a closer look at it and grab some more photos (caveat: I’m not a Corvette expert by any means but I can take a photo).

  39. Mark P

    Late to the party here but…………The whole ad looks staged, from the old box of parts on the passenger seat to the discovery type pictures with the two guys. At only 25K miles, who puts white walls on a Vette? Bet the tires all had air in them 5 minutes before the pics were taken.

  40. DorsoDoug

    Who would spend $60k+ based on that amount of information? Really?

  41. Alan Brase

    Not sure on the tires. They look period replacement. MANY Corvettes had white walls in early 60’s. Would they be worn out and replaced at 25K miles? Maybe. They look almost exactly like the first set I bought new at the Montgomery Wards farm store in 1965.(They were on sale- imagine that!)
    Can anyone recognize the actual parts numbers in the Packages?
    Makes no difference, it’s nearly as much money as the Hemmings listed one and not nearly as good. No Midwestern car is gonna be as good as a California desert car. Road salt and year round humidity sometimes would rust these horribly.
    I fear this is gonna be a bad deal for someone and a good deal for no one.

  42. Alan Brase

    I agree about spending $60k. If I was buying, It would be me and another expert looking over every inch of that car with a flashlight and probe.
    I smell buyer’s remorse and likely a shill bidder.

  43. stevee

    I have witnessed a ‘new’ kind of posting on both cl and eBay. Guy sees a car that might have collector appeal. Takes poor pics and lists sketchy info. But, does not own the car! Not even flipping– Secret Agent, Man. May have shills run up the bidding. Show me the title, bill of sale, etc. Let’s take a look at it and the VIN plate.
    Seller just posted the VIN– go for it, knowledgeable guys!

    • RollerD

      The only thing the VIN shows is that it is a early build car.

  44. DAN

    I can not see how to submit a find…..the submit find link go to a pay to list your car?

    saw this on local cl


    sheriffs auction this thur june 30
    odd date,might go cheap???????No Minimum bid!!

    1963 Corvette Stingray. Very Good Condition. Sheriff’s Auction. 2750 S. 5th Ave. Oroville, CA. June 30th 10am. No Minimum bid. Pictures shows only dust and dirt. 1 blemish to paint over rear wheel. Sale conducted by Butte County Sheriff’s office.

    • Alan (Michigan)

      Bring $$$

  45. Scott

    >$65K for a SWC restoration candidate? Pass.

  46. starsailing

    Pop Rivets in doorway next to driver side dash…..is that optional equip with the copper overspray in wheel well and door body sill plate?
    Things could be worse…you could have been bidding on the “Hemi UnderGlass” Mopar Jay Leno and pal just rolled…Wrinkle wall slicks and skinny front wheel drag tires going through oval track curve……..DOH!

    • Joe Howell

      I thought he was trying to drift it :)

    • Joe

      The pop rivets belong. It’s how St Louis attached the dash section to the A-pillars. My very original 65 has them:)

  47. Alan Brase

    Kinda hijacked that thread. I think the Hemi under glass going into museum. Mr. Riggle’s wife likely pulled the plug after that run. See that flash of terror when Leno said “wife”?
    WRT the Pop rivets? perhaps some were used on cars of this era. I cannot remember and too lazy to hunt for NCRS standards. 98% sure it’sa respray.

  48. Joe

    I prefer buying my Lemons for $50 rather than $70,000, but that’s just me. I’m not into torching hot interiors, no AC, poor build quality, overated, cheaply re-painted, Chevrolets that have been neglected for 50 years–whether they are Corvettes or Chevettes.

  49. Car Guy

    63’s must be in extremely high demand for a car in a non stock color, and needing a complete restoration to be at 70k. I’d be much happier with a correct appearing driver 64 with a non matching numbers motor for quite a bit less. They are out there and in much better condition………

  50. Shayne

    I just found one of these in PHX. Backyard in the ghetto. Big money cars and everything about them are badass. Will only ever go up in value. And it matches my Wimbledon white (original paint) k code. Hope to get it for 20-25k.

    • R Baker

      Hey Shayne I’m in Tempe would like to know more about your find.


  51. Shayne

    I just found one of these in PHX. Backyard in the ghetto. Big money cars and everything about them are badass. Will only ever go up in value. And it matches my Wimbledon white (original paint) k code mustang fastback. Hope to get it for 20-25k.

  52. Pete

    For a short time I was a car salesman. I went from selling new Toyota’s to working at a pay by the week joint. I learned a lot of things from that experience. Mostly really dirty tricks used by used car sales people. The first one I learned about is disconnecting the speedometer cable at the transmission end connecting that end to a reverseable drill motor and letting it run for hours and watching the mileage reverse it’s self on the clock. Which I thought was a pretty low down dirty thing to be doing to folks. So this appears to have had the same treatment.

  53. Doc

    The fact that it is a split it is going to make the price soar no matter what condition.
    Collectors will pay through the nose..

  54. rdc

    Is it possible this is a fake split window?

    • Joe

      VIN indicates it’s legit..

  55. Ric Parrish

    I believe that Hemi Under Glass rollover happened many years ago, that was an edit job for Leno.

  56. Pete

    This isn’t and AC car. If it was all the pieces were stripped from it center console dash should have knobs above clock and a vent there. Still I think it will sell between 75 to 80k. Split window coupes are still in demand. They are on fire.

    I just looked online its at 70k now.

  57. dogwater

    Bla Bla Bla just fix it drive it have fun……

  58. DAN

    update on the auction I posted above from craigs list

    WITH REGRET– the Corvette up for sale on the 30th has been cancelled. The debtor filed Bankruptcy to do nothing more than not lose this car. SORRY.
    Sheriff’s auction cancelled.

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