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1964 Buick Riviera: Show Car Looks


We recently featured a rare and desirable find known as a Dual Ghia, a limited production convertible with show car heritage running through its fuel lines. That level of exclusivity will likely drive a high price tag, but after checking out this listing for a 1964 Buick Riviera here on eBay, I realized you can trade some rarity for a major discount and get similarly striking good looks! I’ve always felt the Riviera was a stunner, right down to the 4-seater cockpit draped in red leather. This particular example comes with the desirable 425 Nailhead engine and is said to be in good running order with working brakes and a solid floorpan. Though cosmetics are a bit rough and some rust repair is needed, $3,500 isn’t a steep ask for a running, driving project – and there’s no reserve. So, am I alone in thinking this car gives you all the looks and power of the Dual Ghia with a discount of about $181,500?


  1. Charles

    I’d rather own the Buick over a Dual Ghia, even if price was not a factor.

  2. Dennis M

    Always loved the look of the early Rivs and I can testify to the muscle in that 425, my Dad had a ’64 Wildcat convertible that could flat fly!

  3. Tom

    I would love it. My dad had a 65 Electra 225 Convertible with the 425 and dual quads, that car would haul…BTW I am from Flint.

  4. Gary

    Have always admired the Buick Riviera, but for me I would want the ’65 year model with the clam shell lights, just love that front end look! Hope someone will buy this and bring it back to cruise the open road once again.

  5. Bobsmyuncle

    Gotta love the ‘train horns’ LOL.

    These are beautiful cars but I agree the front end of the ’65 is much more desireable. Are they compatible?

  6. Joe Moss

    I own a 64″ with the dual quads. Most people have no idea the history of this car. GM wanted it to be a Caddy. Those Fender “lights” were to resemble the 40″ Cad LaSalle. This car was a all out project for G M with little expense spared. This car had MANY FIRSTS. Frame less side glass, Sealed-smooth F -R windows, Streamlining including roof drip edge. SUPERIOR handling and Stopping. For 64″ the first G.M Turbo 400 Trans and so much more. The car was lighter and far out preformed the T-Bird. FEW large cars could handle, stop or keep up with the Rivera. With the 425 2x4s SUPER WILDCAT MOTOR it was a match for 406s, 409s, 428s, as well as Hemis from Chrysler. It was rumored you could get a 4 speed but that never happened. You could get this motor in the Electra, Wildcat, and LaSabre if you wish. To bad a convert (Would have been so pretty) or 4 speed was never built. I feel the 63-65 Rivera”s are way under priced and one of the best deals out there by far among its pricy peers today. Didnt even mention comfort-QUALITY… * BUICK slowed the line down for this special car*

    • Chris

      The Citroen DS beat the Riviera regarding the frameless windows, not sure if there were earlier attempts, but the DS was earlier than the Riviera

      The Riviera might have been the first US car with frameless glass, but not the worlds.
      I’d take a Riviera over a DS any day.

      • Chris

        And this one has the Twin Turbine trans, not a TH 400.

  7. don

    bull shi* on the optional air horns, not a factory option.

  8. Joe Moss

    Don. If you are talking to me I never mentioned the OPTIONAL ELECTRIC HORNS which this car has. And they WERE A FACTORY OPTION… YOUR apology is excepted. (HINT) Do your homework next time and you will not look so ignorant. Dang it!!!

    • Steve knipe

      My mother had that 64 Riviera 465 boy that car could go had to laugh though it had a trip meter on the speedometer the highest you could set it was 90 my mom had that thing bussing all the time but i cried when it went to the junkyard

  9. Joe Moss

    I did not know that Chris about the Citroen. But the Rive was the first US car to have the frame less windows. The 63″ had the Twin Turbine Trans. The 64″ had the new T H 400. of which this car should have.

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