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1964 Corvette Sting Ray Airport Find


This 1964 Corvette Sting Ray was recently pulled from an airport storage hangar, where it had been parked for the past 25 years. It’s  original and is still wearing the dirt it collected while in storage. The seller hasn’t tried to get it started yet, but hopefully it won’t take much to get it running again. Find it here on eBay, where it is being offered without a reserve.


This Sting Ray is a L75 car with the 300 hp 327 V8, which is mated to a four-speed Muncie gearbox. The odometer reads just 64,000 miles, but it’s impossible to know that for sure. It was ordered with A/C, which is still in place, but will likely need to be rebuilt.


The interior looks complete, but needs some attention. The driver’s seat will need to be re-upholstered and the rest of the interior will need to be cleaned. It looks like a few of the trim pieces will also need to be replaced, but overall the interior looks salvageable.


The 327 hasn’t been run since the car was driven into the hangar. The seller has checked all the identification numbers and has discovered that the engine block isn’t the original. Everything else appears to be correct and original. They haven’t tried to start it, but they have turned it and it rotates freely.


This Vette needs some work, but has tons of potential. The body appears to be in great shape and should clean up nicely. I would be sure to check it over carefully and make sure the frame is solid and that the dust isn’t hiding any cracks in the body. Would you restore this one or leave it as is?


  1. erikj

    thats a nice find. If i could get it i would go through every thing nessary to make it road safe and drive it.And then work at the chrome ,int ect.but keep it orig. as best as possible. I watched on the ebay vidio of the proof that the engine was not stuck and that made me shutter. I hope they put some oil or somthing in those cyl. That vette sat for 25 years and its amazing it turned that easy. Still draging it in gear with the tow cable , i think is a little rough on the poor thing. But It would sure look nice sitting next to my red 68 roadster

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  2. Larry

    Now this is a nice “hanger find”. sure wish it was on the east side of the states. I would have to say it’s 164, 000 miles just from the look of the seat and arm rest, but this is the real deal. get the mechanics up to snuff and DRIVE IT !!!! Just hope the bidding doesn’t get out of hand.

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  3. scot

    ~ i don’t ordinarily use the term ‘sympathetic restoration’ since it is meaningless if we don’t define, however it isn’t likely to become a number 1 car, so make a well appointed driver. original A/C is a plus.

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  4. jwoods

    Stringray? (headline)

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  5. Bernie H

    It looks like a lot more miles than shown, or it was in tough shape when parked!!! Restoration here is terribly costly, needs everything. You guys are right, clean it up and drive, otherwise loose-your-shirt in restoration costs.

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  6. Dolphin Member

    Interesting find, and the body and chassis seem to be OK. So what to do with it?

    The body/paint can probably be cleaned up and driven as-is, and you would want to do this especially if the paint is original. If it’s been repainted it doesn’t make as much sense to keep the repaint. The underside looks exactly like you would expect a decades-old LA car to look. And if you get lucky you might even be able to re-register it with those great black plates—if you live in California.

    The interior is another thing. It looks like it spent a lot of time in that LA sun before being put into storage, which makes it less pleasant to drive around in. One thing I’ve done in the past with a car like this is to get replacement seats, carpets, door panels, etc and install them to make the car a lot nicer inside as a driver, but keep all the original stuff in case you want to restore it later on or to make the car attractive to a potential buyer down the road.

    It’s at ~$16K now with 4+ days to go. With a #2 L75 valued at $33 to $57K there’s some room for the price to be bid up some more, but this car has the bottom engine and value for a ’64 Coupe, so if the bidding gets much beyond $25K I would bow out.

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  7. mark thurlow

    that is such a sweet car id love to have a corvette but I just could never afford one I have a 72 nova im restoring if any one would want to trade a fixer upper vet with me id treat it like my baby

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  8. Kev

    What will an “original” Vette be worth in another 39 years? They’re only original once.. I vote “no restore”

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  9. paul

    Not the original block, my vote restore, but keep it stock the way it was born.

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    • paul

      also of note if you look closely at the door latches their is red overspray indicting some areas have been repainted if not the whole car at some point.

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  10. J. Pickett

    Survivor, make it safe and drive it.

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  11. skibum2

    I am old enough to know that cars from this era when odometer rolls over the numbers do not line up.. Having watched my own roll over..Worked in a Corvette rebuild shop in the 70’s and got to work and drive an original Cheetah..What a ride…

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  12. rancho bella

    A thousand pounds to heavy anyway

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  13. Dolphin Member

    Auction was ended early with all bids cancelled and car “No longer available”. High bid = $21,100.

    Either it sold off-eBay or the seller didn’t like the bids it was getting.

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  14. Rene

    No, just clean it and do the nessesary repair

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  15. Jim

    Wash it & use it!

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  16. Blindmarc

    It has already been pulled off ebay.

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