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1964 Ford Galaxie Fastback: Worth Saving?


This Galaxie listed on craigslist has been customized, hurt and neglected but there is still hope for it! When they shaved the door handles and trim, what else did they do to it besides painting the bumpers? It runs and the interior doesn’t look thrashed. There’s no word on rust, but I see some on the hood. It’s hard to see the condition of the body in photos, so perhaps it has a lot of bad body work with a serious investment in bondo. If this was someone’s baby, they sure weren’t good parents to it. I wonder what a closeup inspection would reveal. What would one do with this?


  1. Avatar photo DanaPointJohn

    Why spend any money on this? You can’t return it to original condition and there is no reason to try and continue the “custom” work that has already been done.

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    • Avatar photo Chris in Nashville

      Someone could make their idea of a custom ride out of it, without the guilt of ruining anything original.

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  2. Avatar photo Dan

    Somebody had some ideas and then gave up on them. Appears to need alot of work!! Why was gas tank taken out?????

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  3. Avatar photo Birdman

    Something that has always puzzled me is why people put forth the time and/or money and/or the work to customize a car, make something cool….then just let it sit and rust….Why?

    I’ve never been able to wrap my mind around that.

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    • Avatar photo Gary

      Simple answer is that something breaks that they can’t figure out how to fix or they don’t have the money to fix. So it becomes an “I’m going to get to it” project. Then life gets in the way and before you know it, the project has to be pushed outside for a little until you can get to it. Life continues to get in the way and before you know it the car had been sitting out in the weather for 5, 10, 20 years.

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  4. Avatar photo bonneville 64

    the car can be saved, but it will take a lot of effort. There is no hole in the trunk floor, it is where the gas tank sets. Probably the tank needs cleaned and sealed prior to re-install. the 390 runs, but how about the transmission? This appears to have been a no/low option car, as I don’t see power steering or power brakes, which could make it a beast to drive at low speeds or trying to park it. The period roll and pleated interior looks serviceable with some cleaning up, however with windows not installed, would have to get on lift to check floor pans. I think somebody started to customize it in the late 70s’, hence the body color bumpers and now has a whole pocketful of “round to its” that won’t get spent. I also wonder why a Tennesee title but listed on the Jersey Shore Craigslist? The Jersey shore isn’t kind to sheet metal.

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  5. Avatar photo Mike D

    this may be a savable car, in my plans would be to make it a solid color car, I don’t remember the Galaxies being ” tutone” the interior looks somewhat nice, but with the leaves and dirt, meaning the windows being left down, would guess the floor is rotted I don’t think this should be made into a ” hot rod” add some niceties , radials for one, bring the engine up to snuff. cruiser skirts , spinners (??) ( chrome reverse?) this was a base Galaxie 500 XL most came with manual brakes , I noticed the ( missing ) radio, and clock.. prob standard features great potential to be a looker

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    • Avatar photo Dean

      The Galaxy could be a two tone – ours was white with a red top. It was also manual steering, manual brakes, a three on the tree and no radio. But it did have a 390 4V. I think back then you could pretty well pick one option at a time, and Dad liked the power but didn’t have much use for the “frills”. Three of us leaned to drive (and spin the wheels) on that car.

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  6. Avatar photo sir mike

    make a clone of the ones that ran the British touring car series in the 60’s and go vintage racing…just my dream…

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  7. Avatar photo Dave at OldSchool Restorastions

    ’64 “fastback” ????

    . Got my attention, then was disappointed.

    It’s not a fastback .

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  8. Avatar photo Vince Habel

    These are not really a fastback.

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    • Avatar photo PatrickM

      Correct. These were standard ‘ Ford roof lines in sixty four. Btw,, Comments won’t let me use numbers this time. Hmmm…

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  9. Avatar photo pontiactivisit

    My engine builder has one of these he bought recently. 390 auto car. Black on black. Needs some work but not a bad car. Not my kind of car though.

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  10. Avatar photo Ed P

    Is this car restorable? With enough money and time, anything is possible. I just do not have enough of either.

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  11. Avatar photo Barry T

    What a sad end for what was once a nice car.

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  12. Avatar photo Mark in NC

    A couple of guys say its not a fastback…I thought it was…

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  13. Avatar photo Andrew M.

    Good candidate for a rat rod.

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  14. Avatar photo Todd Zuercher

    My mom bought a ’64 Galaxie 500 2 door brand new. By the time I had memories of it, it was a rusty old car (Ohio spared no one). It finally got so rusty that my dad didn’t feel safe driving it anymore so he stripped off whatever bits he thought he might use and sent the rest to the crusher. A few weeks later I was standing in our driveway when a truck went by with a bunch of crushed cars on the back – my young eyes were car-tuned enough at that young age to spy our car in the stack! My dad was quite the recycler and a few years later the seatbelts from that ’64 were re-purposed as covers for some arm pulls in our ’69 Bronco. 30+ years later those pieces are still on the Bronco out in the garage….

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