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Uncommon Commodity: 1964 Mercury M100 Pickup

1964 Mercury M100

Here’s a truck you dont see very often… Well, you do, but not with a Mercury badge on it anyway. In Canada many towns had Ford or Mercury dealers, but not always both. So, Ford sold their F-series truck as a Mercury M up there. The seller doesn’t mention anything about the trucks origin and I could be wrong, but I’m guessing that it came from up North. It’s been resprayed and someone forgot to tape the rims before going wild with the rattle can, but it might still be a fun one to clean up just for the simple fact that it would be different. It’s located in Norman, Oklahoma and is listed here on craigslist where the seller is accepting cash or trade offers. What do you think about this  F100 alternative?


  1. Howard A Member

    While the M100 may be rare here in the States, not in Canada. It’s probably like the Canadian’s seeing a F100. What does make it rare, is the unibody. From what I read, Ford unibody pickups were made from 1961 -1963, and Mercury continued them for ’64, but this would be the last year for Mercury unibody pickups. Unibody’s had a bad reputation of bending and cracking in the middle, and owners reported being “trapped” in their cabs with a load in the box when the doors wouldn’t open. They weren’t very popular to begin with, so this is a rare piece ( I know, the price just went up, thanks, Howard) I think they were cool, as long as you didn’t haul anything with them. Cool truck.

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  2. Drew Vincent

    I have always liked the Canadian versions of American autos… Always preferred the looks of the Beaumont to the Chevelle. The Mercury trucks look a lot more like its Ford counterpart than many Canadian vehicles did. I think all body and cab panels will interchange including the tailgate, but obviously the name would be wrong, like an early GMC sporting a Chevy tail gate,..

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  3. Nick Member

    If it was a short bed I would be on the road to get it. Long beds to me are like 4 doors as far as collectibilty. Now a short bed mercury with a big back window would be realy something.

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    • Gary

      As far as truck beds go……some guys have long ones and some guys have short ones. I prefer having a long one. Long ones ride much smoother.

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    • Brennan Tilden

      I have a 64 short bed fleet side. Anyone else?

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  4. St. Ramone de V8

    Growing up here in Canada, I saw plenty of trucks with both Ford and Mercury badging. We also both Chevy and GMC, as well as Dodge and Fargo. I never knew that the Mercury trucks weren’t stateside. They go back to the ’50’s and included heavy trucks, Rancheros and sedan deliveries with front end treatment from the Meteor. The fact that this unibody is a Merc makes it more interesting to me.

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  5. Pat Woods

    Definitely worth fixing. Mine was in much worse condition when I towed it home. 8 years ago. Now with frame notch, crown vic from end swap and a 460/c6 drive train she’s made it to the Good Guys rod and custom face-book page

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  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    I never was a fan of the unibody trucks; I thought Rancheros and El Caminos had that end cornered without including full-sized trucks in the mix. I have to admit that as I get older they appeal to me more.

    The Mercury truck debate is always interesting. I grew up on the border between Montana and Alberta. Back then there were (still are) a lot of cross-border farming/ranching operations plus a lot of cross-border marriages and estates. Consequently it was common to see a Mercury or a Canadian built Ford truck in Montana. It also helped that the closest Ford/Mercury dealers were just 10 miles north of the border when Shelby and Cutbank were 40 miles away to the south…

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  7. John Ferguson

    It’s a ’63 NOT a ’64. Just like Fords, the grilles change year to year that’s a ’63 grille. The last year of the unibody was also.. you guessed it.. 1963. The hood spears are not even right for a 63, they are off a 61 or a 62. And 1963 was the last year for Mercury with that big M on the hood. So it is something between a 61-63, but absolutely not a ’64. I have a 64 Mercury, and that ain’t one.

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    • Dan

      It is a 64… I have a clear state VIN inspected oklahoma title.

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      • Warren White

        I’d like to see a picture of the VIN or Warranty plate that is ON the vehicle.
        Then you/we us viewers would know exactly what it is.
        It’s not a Canadian Mercury if it was made in 1964.
        Maybe its from South America, Africa, or Australia.

        Post the VIN, please, that won’t lie, paper documents can be ‘doctored’.

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      • T Kunkel

        Hey Geo Johns right ,, I to have a 64 and mine has a funny story that might explain your truck,, it was imported to australia buy my wife for my 50th,, my dad back home in canada found it at someones farm, bought it, went to register it and it was recognised as a 1965 M100,, fast forward 8 months of shipping,, i receive truck,, mind blown,, after the shock I start looking it over and it’s not a 65 it’s a 64 but fully registered in canada and now australia as well as a 1965 M100,,, I personally think that at the end of the year and Mercury had a surplus of these trucks they stuck a 1965 or in your case a 1964 info plate on them and said here ya go people,, or something like that,,, But my friend that is NOT a 64,,, hope it helps,, Cheers

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  8. JW

    Interesting truck, wouldn’t mind having it myself.

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  9. mark

    i am 70 years old and i didn’t know mercury made a pickup i went on line after watching a robert redford movie and they were driving a mercury pickup. i have 4 of the 61 -65 ‘s sitting in my yard

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