1964 Pontiac GTO Barn Find

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Looking on the bright side, I suppose any hiding place for a classic car is better than it being left out in the elements.  Unfortunately, the storage conditions for this 1964 Pontiac GTO here on Facebook Marketplace were inside a leaky old barn, and the next owner is going to be tasked with making a few sheet metal repairs as part of the restoration process.  However, the goat appears mostly complete outside, and it seems like a decent prospect for those seeking an early muscle car to take on as a project.  The location of this one is in Lexington, South Carolina, and the seller has set his asking price at $26,550.  Our gratitude goes out to reader T.J., who spotted this GTO and sent us the tip!

The seller doesn’t specify how long he’s been the Pontiac’s caretaker, but some good information is provided regarding the car’s past.  The story goes that the GTO spent its early years in Salem, Massachusetts, and the 38,506 miles were put on by one owner, who for unknown circumstances took the car off the road in 1969.  Barn removal was just within the last year, and after an exterior clean-up, it appears as though the driver’s side fender may be the weakest area outside.  Hopefully, someday in the future, it’ll be looking as sweet as the Chevelle sharing the driveway.

Sometime in the past, the original owner’s family began a restoration, with one change including the installation of a later model 455 engine.  While it’s good that this motor is running, a date-correct tri-power 389 would be preferable, with the factory block on hand making for the best possible scenario.  Fortunately, it’s the latter here, as the numbers-matching engine is included with the sale, although the three original carburetors are MIA.  More good news is that the born-with 4-speed manual transmission is also still present.

The seller only provides two photos from the interior, but they are probably enough to validate that the inside area is going to need some attention.  The front buckets don’t look all that bad, at least not from what I can tell, and might clean up decently.  However, the dash seems to be missing a couple of components, plus the owner also states that there’s rust in the trunk.  While this one appears like a viable project, it’s going to take a lot of time and cash to get this one beyond a driver, but this first-year GTO seems like a worthwhile candidate to sink both into.  What are your thoughts?

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  1. 8banger 8bangerMember

    Has anyone ever experienced the joy of picture orientation?

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    • Dan H

      When I see the interior pic I imagine Gus Grissom test piloting a rocket with an interior like a 64 GTO.

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      • Dr Ron

        But hopefully a lot cleaner.

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  2. jeffschevelle

    Interesting trim tag on this one. Anybody know what the &&& means on the accessories line ??

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  3. joeskaggs skaggs

    No way is it worth the asking price

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  4. Mid-60s Fan

    Is it me not reading the block date correctly because it shows a casting date of L283 which is December 28, 1963. The data plate is the 4th week of June. That’s a big difference in casting and final assembly.

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  5. HBC

    WOW!!! $26k+ for a rusted hulk! Please!!!! $5K big bucks for this forlorn GOAT!

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  6. Chris R.Member

    Interesting history. However, not numbers matching, by no means “pristine”, the ask is probably double what it’s actually worth in it’s current condition. Best of luck with sale!

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    • 19sixty5Member

      You’re right, it is not “numbers matching” and it never was. Pontiac did not stamp VIN numbers on their engines until 1968. It does come with what is reported as the original engine. My biggest concern would be the door jamb area, with a complete rust-through near the VIN tag… not the easiest place to rework.

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  7. Mid-60's Fan

    This might be enjoyable made mechanically viable and skipping the body work. These original cars have so much character that it would be a shame to make another show car.

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  8. Ray McFroggy

    Facebook marketplace photos are the WORST!
    I don’t even bother.

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  9. Threepedal

    Based on the comments on the Powerglide Pontiac from earlier in the week, this one will either have to have the fourX ripped out or car used for parts. Can’t safely drive a fourX while profiling and presumably taking selfies.

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  10. Al

    One step up from a puzzle in a box is that everything, like almost everything, is ‘there’, just has to be replaced with an original replica, rechromed one, or w/ orig engines case, rebuild. Either way, at $26k is a big nut here, he’s $20k shy of a driver thats not a trailer queen.
    There was a ’64 here I passed on, red/black, trips & 4sp, all #s matching. Driver cond, NOT trophy show, minor door dings here & there, no rust thru that I could see, but orig paint that a good buff would make a nice 20’er.
    He was the 2nd owner since ’81 & was asking $45k. Nothing needing rechroming or replacing, if you didn’t mind looking at a maintained, almost 60yr old car, inside, no rips, tears, broken or missing. Also had upper 80k miles.
    Said he was selling for what he’d pay & no more. Which was still about $8k more than I would. I had these 66-71 muscle cars, GM’s mainly & remember the fun, the headaches, the ‘ride’. I’m just old now at 63 & been spoiled lately with the new, MUCH more reliable, toys. HD’s included.

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    • zchris87v

      Well I’m glad I didn’t waste my time trekking 2 hours to go look at this, no way that price is getting to what it’s worth in the next year. It’ll just sit and maybe once parts are replaced and it’s slowly worked on, it’ll converge on the $10k mark.

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  11. Paolo

    A few years back I bought a nicer example with Keystone mags but a blown 421 and original 4 speed for $400. I dragged it home, stuck it on my side yard and did nothing with it. After a year I realized I wasn’t going to get to it and sold it to a kid I played baseball with. He restored it to a very nice driver and never forgets to remind me how much it is now worth on the rare occasions that I see him. I’m very happy for you Jim, I was glad to get into the hands of someone who would do it justice. I have no regrets.

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    • David Michael Carroll

      Yout biggest mistake was puting it in the side yard. NEVER park a car long term on grass!!! It will rust away to nothing very quickly!!!

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  12. stillrunners stillrunnersMember

    Says it comes with it’s orginal tri-powered engine but the carbs are missing. Like was said hard find complete with a spare 455 running.

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  13. mr haney

    Those can only be verified by pontiac society if you had docs, u might get $10 k twilight zone rust bucket

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  14. Bobby P

    Cool old car, however, 19sixty5 is right about the pillar rust. If that is rusting that bad, what does the underneath look like, no photos of of any of that. These 64 goats are known for rusting out in the cowl , yet another area hard to fix. With all that going on, The price is just way too high, for this car that’s going to need a really good body man to fix. I’m sure there is someone out there who will take it on, if the price is reasonable.

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