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1964 Pontiac GTO: Perfect Patina?

1964 Pontiac GTO

I’ve always like the Pontiac GTO and I love the unique look of some good patina, but I’m not sure how I feel about the two together. Reader Charles H shared this ’64 GTO with us and he titled it “Great Patina”. While this might be some great patina, I’m not sure I like it on the GTO, it’s one of those cars I think looks better shiny. We are all entitled to our own opinions and style though, so I’m curious to see what you guys think of it! Before you make your decision, be sure to have a closer look at it here on eBay in Los Alamitos, California. So are you a fan of this patina covered Goat or do you think it deserves a shiny new paint job? Special thanks to Charles for the submission and a discussion topic!


  1. Scott Allison

    For me – Restore it to original!

  2. Duffy Member

    I think the patina look is for the person who can’t afford to have it painted. Who ever came up with the patina look idea has got to be nuts. Who in there right mind would want to look at a $40,000 vehicle with shinny rust all over it. Get over it/

    • dan

      WRONG it is only once

  3. blindmarc

    It’s a 283 with a slip and slide power glide. You’d be paying 10 grand for the body only. No thanks……

    • RayT Member

      The seller says “326” engine, which would be correct. Not a SBC.

      Didn’t remember that GM was dumb enough to put P-glides into “performance” cars. Thought they were still using Hydros in ’64, but haven’t really kept up on Pontiac history.

      Car looks very restorable, and would be pretty nice after. If it had a manual trans. I’d be interested….

      • Rocco Member

        The two speed trans used in the Buick,Olds, & Pont. back then was a Turbine300. It took the same clutches and front band as the PG, but that’s where the similarity ends.

  4. Tirefriar

    In my mind, word “patina” conjures up an original paint lightly worn through on spots due to buffing, some pitting on otherwise complete chrome trim, some wear on the interior and few body dings due to age. This here car is in need of complete restoration! Still, not a bad deal at current bid of under $9k.

  5. David

    He has it on long beach Craigslist for $17.500 , nice car, i wouldn’t go any higher than $9500, unless I had a brain injury

  6. Joe Moss

    I love GTOs but would not agree that the 64 Goat “started it all” . It was a great car among many coming on to the Muscle Car scene at about the same time. *What about earlier Studes ETC pumping out lots of power in light bodies OR we could mention the 55″ Century, a big motor in a small body–several more* If the org motor was located-good it many be worth the price. Seems like a good base to restore. The Turbo Hydro 400 Trans was first introduced on the 64″ Buick Rivera. Many G M “Muscle Cars” came with power-glides, Which in my opinion were / are a heck of a trans for “what they are”..

  7. Chris in Nashville

    Patina is the rally cry of those who can’t afford to paint things or for rat rods. To me a Goat is no rat rod and this car deserves a nice new coat of paint, but it stock or something more creative, either way shine her up and make her pretty.

    As for the price… $17,500 on craigslist??? Does that come with a new paint job? Looks like a 10k car at the most to me.

  8. George

    “Perfect Patina”

    Translation: It would cost too much to paint for me to get an ROI on this flip so I’m just going to juice up the description to unload my mistake for drunkenly bidding on this thing at auction.

  9. Dan

    A GTO would not have a 326, it would be a 389 and yes they used 2 speed transmissions in them unless some optional tranny was ordered…in 1967 the 389 was replaced with a 400…

    • Ed P

      Since the 326 & 389 used the same block with different bores, is there a visual clue how to tell the difference?

      • justin

        Pontiac stamped the engine size on the passenger side, next to the motor mount.

    • Ed P

      The description says it has a ’66 2bbl 326 v8. Obviously this is not the original motor.

  10. jeff6599

    @ speed automatic, yes. Powerglide? no. That is a Chevrolet only transmission. It did come on the Tempest six as that was an engine from chevrolet and therefore used their trans. On all the V8s, there was a newly designed 2 speed automatic that would not interchange with the powerglide.

    The rear ends with a no spin were Saf-T Trac, not Posi. That was a Chevy only name.

  11. jimbosidecar

    No, Patina belongs on a 40s-50s car without much rust. On a ’60s GTO (in the worst color,white) it is just a car in need of fresh paint. Without the 389 it’s not worth what the current bid has it at

  12. jeff6599

    It is NOT next to the motor mount. It is on the passenger side front vertical face of the block adjacent to the cylinder head surface. If it is a 326, one of the following numbers is present:925, 945, 960 or 971. If it is a 389, one of the following codes is present: 01A, 02B, 03A, 04L, 05L, 08R, 09R, 22B, 11H, 12H, 13L, 10A, 17M, 18M, 19R, 25K, 26K, 27P, 28P, 29N, 30R, 23B, 32B, 33-6, 34N, 78X, 79J, 76X or 77J and those are only the 1964 codes. If it is an engine of another year, we’ve got to start over.

  13. jrhcrewchief

    I am a Pontiac guy but I am not feeling the love for this one. And a 326?
    Where’s the 389????

  14. Tundra/BMW Guy

    Whomever stitched up that headliner must be the same guy that stitched up my ankle after having a “bone up restoration” done to it!! Betcha my “restoration” cost a few more pennies than this one will!!
    Now, for real, I don’t get the GTO “muscle car” thing at all. Looks like a Chevy Impala to me. (as in “they all look the same to me”)

  15. Barzini

    I love patina but only to a point. This is too far gone for me and I’d repaint it with the factory original color.

  16. OhU8one2

    Ok I would to see a Pontiac Historical Service build sheet,this car has some crazy option’s. Automatic on the steering column,with a tach? Power steering,and NO power brake’s? Rear quarter antenna,and NO reverb? Hubcap’s were an option,needs exhaust splitter’s. And if that goat was originally white with red interior,you’ve got to be kidding me. The two speed automatic was called a Turbo hydramatic 200, not a bad transmission if you installed a mild shift kit. Motor should be 389 and nothing else. Hell I’d even bet this car had Tri-Power the way this circus coupe look’s. IMHO Muncie is the only way to go,along with the Royal Bobcat mod’s. Paint the car black and use red in interior, then it’s going to look like the Blvd terror it was meant to. Get that tiger back into the tank.

    • Rocco Member

      Turbo 200’s didn’t come out until the mid ’70’s. This should have been a Turbine 300 two speed trans. But I do agree about these early GTO’s or any “Muscle Car” needs a 4-speed tranny.

  17. Utes

    Was that Frankenstein foot shot really germane here?

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