1965 Chevrolet Corvair: Farm Find


In towns across the US of A, old farms can yield a bountiful harvest of classic cars. This listing here on eBay for a 1965 Chevy Corvair Monza has all the signs of a shuttered farm establishment being cleaned out, as this old Corvair has been sitting idle for 35 years. Located in Colorado, one might think the car has been there so long that the canopy that once shielded it has completely disintegrated, leaving only the naked frames of a quasi-carport. Combined with the seller’s stern warning that any attempt to inspect the car without their supervision will lead to prosecution as a trespasser, I can’t help but imagine the original farmer of this land parked the car and walked away, hoping that the old tarp he found in the shed would protect the Corvair from another Colorado winter. What does the future hold for this farm-fresh Monza?

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  1. redwagon

    o my. original 140 with quad carbs and 4mt.

    hmmm, fruita is near grand junction, co a high, dry plateau. pity the rear quarters look so bad.

  2. George

    At least they’re honest. “Please look at the pictures. the car is in bad shape and hasn’t been started in over 35 years”

  3. Jeff Staff

    This is interesting – little did I know:

    “The engine also featured high performance cylinder heads (yielding a higher compression ratio) and discrete dual exhaust (no crossover pipe). It’s interesting to note that the 140 horsepower engine, when mated to the Powerglide transmission, used the same camshaft at the 95 hp engine, and when mated to a manual transmission, it was equipped with the same cam as the 110 hp engine. When ordering the 140 in a Corsa with a 4-speed manual transmission, you also got a short-throw shifter.”

  4. Chris A.

    I had this year and style 140 with the 4 spd. Paid $1 per hp. Really good city car, but no fun to drive in the winter. Mine ran fine but didn’t seem to have any power. After I checked the carb linkages, it looked like the senior citizen retired school teacher never stepped on it hard enough to open the secondary carbs. Once freed up and cleaned up I was surprised just how quick it was in the lower gears. On this one, is it a reflection or is there a bullet hole in the top center of the windshield?

  5. alabee

    What happened to the other 2 cylinders?

  6. Bob S

    140 4 carb engine is the one to have. Apparently they can sit for long periods of time and store well . Most All the parts are available at Clarke’s Corvair parts

  7. David G

    Gotta be a real bear on a 6-cylinder engine to keep those 4 carbs properly synchronized, eek!

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