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1965 Ford Custom: Police Interceptor

1965 Ford Police Interceptor

There is just something cool about old cop cars, but one thing I’ve notice is that you rarely find them in two door form, which probably has something to do with hauling criminals to jail. Now I don’t have anything against four door classics, some are actually quite attractive, it’s more just a case of wanting a massive police spec engine in a lighter and sportier two door body. Well this 1965 Ford Custom was used by Oregon State Patrol back in the ’60s and has to be one of the few cop cars I’ve seen from the era that is a two door. Apparently this one found its way into a tow yard and eventually this barn. It has recently been pulled out and can now be found here on eBay with a $2,400 BIN in Shelton, Washington.

1965 Ford Custom Interceptor

The seller has already cleaned the car up a bit, but there is one glaring problem. It’s not rust, although that is an issue that will certainly need to be addressed. It isn’t even the lack of Oregon State Patrol signage. It’s the lack of the original 390 cui Police Interceptor V8. The very heart of what makes this car so special was pulled from it and put into a pickup. The truck is now long gone and with it this cars greatest redeeming quality. I’m sure a new 390 could be sourced, but it just wouldn’t be the same as having a real Police Interceptor under the hood. Perhaps with a little patience all the correct pieces could be found and a proper Interceptor engine built, but that could be a challenge.

1965 Ford Custom

If the correct engine could be found, this would make for an awesome project. That is if the rust and body damage aren’t too severe. The seller claims the frame is solid, but admits it has rust in the floors and trunk. Speaking of the trunk, it is going to need extensive repairs from a past fender bender, which could explain why it was parked in the first place. I could overlook the rust and the body damage if the original engine was still here, but it’s hard to justify saving this one without that critical piece. Would you save this Ford? If so, what engine would you put in it?


  1. Don Sicura

    Philly also had 2 door highway patrol cars back then with the police intercepter package.

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  2. The Flying "A" Garage

    As a lad, I have fond memories of a de-commissioned Connecticut state police pursuit car that my dad bought at a state auction in 1964. It was a 2 door ’62 Ford Galaxie with bucket seats, a 406 and a 3-speed on the column. That was one fast car.

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  3. junkman Member

    Always check the frame right at the front of where it goes over the rearend, big time rust spot. With a 390cu or even a 352cu these big cars were deceivingly fast, I blew off a 455 trans am coming off a traffic light on an expressway ramp back in the day, and even surprised my self as to how quick the big Ford was.

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  4. Howard

    I would do a rotisserie resto on it and throw a crate motor in it http://www.jegs.com/p/Ford-Racing/Ford-Racing-427-CI-Z-Head-Long-Block-Crate-Engine/2883607/10002/-1

    Also wouldn’t mind seeing the 67 & 68 Dart sitting to the left of it

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  5. David F.C.

    I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure this is a ’66, not a ’65. First number on the VIN is the last number of its birth year.

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    • Rocco Member

      Read the VIN again. It’s a 5.

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    • Dean M.

      Unmistakably a ’65. ’66 had a horizontal split grille and squared taillights. ’65: solid grille, taillights taller than wide.

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  6. Mike d

    another glaring fault with it is the snow tires on the front, which tells me major front end problems, of course it would probably be rebuilt anyways, but the reason snows are on the front is because something is wearing out the ” summer” tires . it needs a ton of work. even if I had the $$$, would probably pass this one up but if I were to, I would try to find a period correct 390, if not, a crate 351

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    • Rocco Member

      Snow tires on the front are not unusual in the snow country where ever it might be. We always put snow tires on the front when it snowed for steering control. When it dried up, we would switch them back, and so on. Every concerned driver in snow country always had extra snow tires mounted for the front.

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  7. Russ

    Definately a 65. Oregon frames are usually rust free. Save it!

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  8. Kevin

    Not all police departments got the full police package. There was talk on fb about it not being a true police package. It may be a civilian version that was used as a Police car. Seeing that the paint looks to be original, it may have been an unmarked detective car.

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  9. Tom S.

    The engine problem notwithstanding, this is one of the coolest cars you’ve featured in awhile. Thanks.

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  10. JW454

    In the early seventies a friend had a 2 door 1960 Ford that had served as a pursuit vehicle with the Ohio Highway Patrol for 10 years. It was equipped with a 430 Mercury engine with a 3 speed transmission shifted from the column. The engine was produced by Ford and was developed as the MEL engine (Mercury-Edsel-Lincoln) engine. I don’t know what the horsepower was but I remember it would beat most of the muscle cars that made the challenge.
    This car could be restored or be transformed into a replica of a 60’s drag car.

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  11. MikecQ

    The VIN of this ’65 indcates this to be a true P code 390 Police engine. Fifth unit of VIN – P. Easy to duplicate a ’65 390 engine.

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  12. Andy

    Back in the 60’s a lot of major cities used 2 door sedans because they were cheap. If you had suspects you held them in cuffs ’til the paddy wagon showed up. I recently saw a great documentary of the FLQ crisis of 1970 in Montreal. Almost all of the Montreal and SQ (Surete do Quebec) cars are 2 door sedans.

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    • Marty

      Both Montreal PD and SQ bought their first 4 door fleet in 1970, mostly Pontiacs and Plymouth, before that (1969 and down) they bought only 2 doors or station wagons

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  13. Tim

    A lot of police cars were 2 does. The reason was they were cheaper to buy. A four door was more expensive. If you arrested someone you called for a paddy wagon to come pick them up.

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  14. Jeff

    Nice find.. I would go back with a bigger FE and gain some cubes! I had a documented Utah Highway Patrol twin to this car.. two doors used for interceptor work!

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  15. robert

    Once you loose the documentation is when ALL the questions start coming. Not all had 390 motors. There were 4 in the NW MPDC garage in 1972. They were removed and sold at auction in 1973. I bought one and a 4 door too. The 4 door didn’t make it in 1994 as I tried to move it. The 2 door was sole survivor. Started out by the book but alot got lost in the restoration process. Once you add something that was not on the unit or given wrong information its a bad thing. Loved & appreciated by so many at police week Washington DC. My 65 Ford custom 2 door sedan. Was in the 2009 presidential inaugural parade . can’t get the comment to load a picture oh well

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  16. Lary Cantrall

    i would put my 66 428 pi engine in it or one of my 427 side oilers. I have a 65 2dr custom just like it. Putting my other side oiler in that one, it has the 428 in it now. my parents bought my car new in 65. I put the pi in it in about 76, Good cars

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