1965 Ford Galaxie 500 LTD Fastback

1965 Ford Galaxie 500

The mediocre photos are going to make this Galaxie a hard sale, but it might just end up being a good buy. The seller claims that it is original and his 92k miles on the clock. They also state that it doesn’t have much rust and that the engine is a 352-4V. They aren’t sure if the engine is original to the car, but I just decoded the VIN and that is what should be in there. The 352 wasn’t the most powerful engine available in ’65, but it did sit somewhere in the middle between the economical and performance offerings. I’d want to inspect the body in person before making a bid, but if everything checks out, this could be one cool full-size Ford! So, if you are in the Wapato, Washington area or are more courageous than I, you can find this one here on eBay where bidding is still under $1k.


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  1. Charles H.

    Shouldn’t that be Galaxie 500 XL instead of LTD?

    • Mike D

      Hi, Charles, the 65 LTD was the first year for the LTD, I believe the ad slogan was that it was quieter than a Rolls Royce . It was built on the Galaxie 500 body, both 2 door and 4 door I owned one almost exactly like this one, in ’72 mine had the blue interior , also the 352, I have heard people swear by the 352, but all I could do was to swear AT it judging by what people say about it, mine must have had more miles than what was on the odo. it was a nice looking car

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Nope, the 67 in the VIN decodes as an LTD. Here’s a link to a decoder: http://www.decodethis.com/Pattern-Details/id/34

    • Karl

      I believe that the round emblem on the roof pillar is the LTD logo. If it were an XL, I believe it would be a continuation of the front fender emblem, “GALAXIE 500 XL”.
      The emblem on the lower front fender is a Thunderbird emblem with “352” above the T-bird wings. By ’65 the 352 had been surpassed by the 390 and 427, but Ford was still putting these emblems on the Galaxie.
      I’ve read elsewhere that these cars were known to have unusual frame rust in salt states, so it would be an excellent idea to take a creeper ride under the old girl.

      • Ed P

        From ’65 on Ford built their full size car with a “Rigidized body” (Ford term) on a lightweight frame. It was a sort of a step toward unibody with a frame to separate the suspension and make the car quiet.

  2. Chris A.

    Looks like Freddy Lorenzen put a few miles on it. I always thought this was one of Ford’s cleaner and better looking cars. Not a small car, and a big block in front of a 4 speed would be a big plus. Hope the rust isn’t too bad, this would make a good street car.

  3. Karl

    We had two of these in rapid succession: a gold ’65 with black roof, and a cinnamon ’66 with a sprayed-on fake vinyl roof. Both were wreck recoveries with 390s and automatic. The ’65 had the old Fordomatic and drank gas so relentlessly that my father sold it after a year. The ’66 had the C6, and my dad claimed it got twice the gas mileage of the older car. We kept it until ’72, by which time my mother and sister had accumulated so many dents and gashes that he sold it for parts–a said end indeed for the old warrior.

    • Ed P

      My Dad had a ’55 Ford V8 with the Fordomatic. He thought the gas mileage was abysmal also.

  4. randy

    I had a ’65 4 door hardtop galaxie 500 LTD, the t-bird 352 emblem indicated that mine had a 352 thunderbird special engine. It also got about 10 MPG. Had a unusual shift pattern, it had 2 “D” positions. One the trans started out in 2nd gear, the other “D” position the trans went down into first. The Galaxie I had before the LTD was a ’66 2 door hdtp as well (fastback). I put a 390 in it from a 61 T-bird, it ran like a scalded dog until the exhaust valves sank into the soft seats. They both had the ford-o-matic transmissions. I prefer the lines on the 66 much better, but many parts interchange.

  5. Warren

    Had a 65 XL I sold recently, 289 auto, manual steering and brakes. Should have kept it. Great ride with first year of coils all around. This one looks pretty clean, make sure the frame is nice and solid. .
    Read more at http://barnfinds.com/1965-ford-galaxie-500-ltd-fastback/#uJKXH2CEDisUGOPm.99

  6. Tracy Carver

    Please correct me if I am wrong. I think the car is a coupe and not a fastback.

  7. randy

    No door post, so this was considered a hardtop, (fastback). the coupe had a post, and the back glass was not at as much of an angle.

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