1965 Mustang V8 For $5,500

1965 Mustang

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I hate to say it, but there are certain cars that we will likely never see go down in value, no matter how badly we want them to be in our price range. I’ve always wanted a ’60s V8 powered Mustang, and while 6 cylinder cars can be more affordable and still fun, but prices just keep climbing. It’s as if they are always just slightly out of my budget, so when this ’65 Mustang popped up here on eBay with a BIN of $5,500 it caught my attention. It’s located in East Providence, Rhode Island, so sadly the stars won’t be aligning for me on this one.

1965 Ford Mustang Interior

For those of you on the same coast though, this could be a great buy. Yes, it’s wearing rattle can paint, custom rims and there aren’t any photos of the engine, but the seller states it has a V8 and manual gearbox! The interior is a bit rough, but you can get every piece cheaply and easily. For not a lot of money, you could easily make this a comfortable car to ride in. If you can live with a few tears here and there, you could even enjoy it just how it is!

1965 Ford Mustang

I would really like to see the engine and underside of the car. The seller admits they don’t know much about cars, hence the lack of photos and information. They claim the tow truck driver that transported it said the floors looked great, I’d take that one with a grain of salt though. It’s been parked in Rhode Island for 20 years, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is or was lots of rust. I would want to have a close look at this one, but if you can get it for less than their asking, it could be a stellar buy! What do you think, could this be afford entry into V8 Mustang ownership or would you save your money a little longer and get one with good paint and more information?

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  1. Dairymen

    If it was a fast back I’d be on the road already to pick it up.

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    • grant

      If it was a fastback it wouldn’t be $5500.

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  2. AVOboise

    This is a 68, not a 65.

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    • alan

      definitly a few parts are 65 /66,but not a bad start to a restore ive had worse

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  3. Todd Zuercher

    It’s not a ’65. It’s either a ’67 or ’68.

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    • Al8apex

      68, look at the seats and the side marker lights

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  4. Blaine

    Yup..from the look of the dash I would say 67-68 also

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  5. Doug M. (West Coast)

    Thanks for confirming the year… the taillights were saying 67-68 to me. I like that its a manual gear box. If a 4 speed, that would make a really nice car!

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  6. Tim

    that looks to be a 67 or 68.

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  7. Carlton J. Madden

    It is a 68 that is missing it’s chrome cove molding. If you zoom in really close you’ll see that it doesn’t have the 67’s cove vents.

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  8. ydnar

    These cars were among the first muscle cars to get their prices way over inflated. There are numerous cars I’d rather have. The emperor still has no clothes. At this price, I bet it’s a total rust bucket.

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  9. David

    Lovely sketch in the dust on the rear window.

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    • JoshAuthor

      Let’s just not talk about that! haha

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  10. JW

    I would walk from this one just because the guy knows nothing about cars but buys this one out pf a barn then try’s to flip it saying he is asking what he thinks is a reasonable price with a tow truck driver as his resource. No Thanks !!!

    My comment emails are all screwed up again, I get them with no link to reply and the other three links that are on the email the top one ( Main Story link ) then the 2 links under the comment don’t work, when clicked they come up as invalid. My PC is a brand new HP and the same thing is happening when viewed on my IPAD. I’m getting frustrated with this as it’s happened a few times then it’s fixed then it comes back but it’s different each time it’s screwed up.

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  11. Mike Ferrino Jr.

    Is a 67 or 68 for sure as they say above. I prefer the early version. 64 and a half through 66.

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  12. Jason Houston

    Every now and then I’m still shocked to see one of these still owned by a juvenile delinquent who never showed the car a lick of respect.

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  13. junkmanMember

    Josh your web site seems to have some issues long running script is what I’m getting a lot. The car is a 68 and most likely has paper work issues, I’d buy it for parts 2k tops.

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  14. Rodney

    I told him it is a 68. And asked about title.

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  15. DolphinMember

    Naive or devious seller. Probably naive, because he doesn’t know much about the car, or selling it, unfortunately.

    With only a 3 day auction this would only work for someone fairly close who could get there fast and check it out. Wrong year stated, no VIN, no info on whether it runs or turns over. It might not even be worth the asking unless it’s unrusty and runs OK.

    I think the scripts that are running are from active ads, not the BF site itself.

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  16. Chuck Douglas

    Having owned both a 67 and a 68, this one is NOT a 65! At best it is a 68 because of the interior, and I’m guessing the front end fenders, hood, grill area have been replaced probably because of an accident. Wouldn’t touch this with a 10 foot pole.

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  17. James

    It is a 68 for sure, but looks like it has 1969 standard seats with the headrests. If it were the molded 1968 headrests those alone would be worth $500 in good shape. Fipper couldn’t even wait until the tow truck pulled away to take pics and throw it on ebay.

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    • Rocco

      I’m pretty sure those are ’68 seats and interior door handles, along with the rest of the car. It does look like it has a 4-speed trans with the reverse lock out mechanism.

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