1965 Pontiac GTO — Possible No Reserve Bargain?

Jamie PalmerBy Jamie Palmer

The seller of this 1965 Pontiac GTO purchased it “from the back of a shop” after it had sat for 30 years, but now is passing it on due to health reasons. It’s being auctioned off here on eBay at no reserve, and bidding has only risen to just over $1,600 as I write. The GTO is currently located in Phenix City, Alabama.

The GTO was still Pontiac’s main performance market offering in 1965–as you can see, it was all about power with the brochure describing the driving experience as feeling like being shot from a cannon! Even the “standard” 389 V8 offered 335 horsepower, and the seller tells us that this one has the optional “high-performance” 360 horsepower version. No wonder the car had the reputation it did at the time of being darned quick!

Note the date on the photo.  Assuming it’s correct, I’m a) hoping the dog is still with us and guarding “their” GTO territory against intrusions and b) wondering if the car has been outside for this long. You can also see some dents at the rocker, a missing or rolled down rear window, and a general “unkempt” look about the car. Oh, and those wheels would be leaving for the scrap yard quickly, even with the period-accurate (1970’s) bias-ply OWL tires.

It just looks tired, doesn’t it? Anyway, we’re told there are effectively no front floors (although there are no pictures of the interior to check, just the comment that it doesn’t have one apart from the dash and gauges) and some rust repairs will be needed in the trunk floor wheel well as well.

I’m not sure how the seller decided this was the high-performance version of the 389 as no serial number is shared in the auction listing. However, either 389 is a nice engine and can easily be built to offer even more power. Apart from stating it turned over by hand several years ago, we don’t know anything about the engine either. As usual, I’d recommend an in-person or contracted inspection prior to purchase, but if the price stays below $2,000 it might be worth taking a chance, especially if the wide-track l0ok and being shot from a cannon are on your bucket list!

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  1. Thomas

    The dog seems to like the wheels!

    • dennis

      Or he’s getting ready to lift his leg.

  2. Vern

    This GTO or any other has to be documented thru PHS.
    It won’t stay below 2k.
    Buy one that’s done.
    Ask me how I know

    • jdjonesdr

      The internet isn’t big enough. LOL

  3. Ben

    He needs better pics and PHS documation. With that I would bet it would go 9k plus.

  4. Jon Hendrickson

    OK How you know?

  5. Craig

    There is a ’65 GTO Hardtop advertised in the current GTOAA The Legend magazine for $38,500. It will take at least $50,000 to do this car, unless you are able to most if not all the work yourself.

  6. Greg Mason

    I’m not a GTOspecialist but I thought the 360 horse models were all 3 duces. Maby some other guys on here with more knowledge than me on goats can clarify this.

  7. mike D

    I have also seen this one before.. looks to be pretty beat, would be nice restored, but, you’d better have deep pockets

  8. Vern

    Im finishing a resto mod on mine now. Like Craig said previously . you will spend more than 50K doing one properly.

  9. Jim Reinhardt

    Greg is right the 360 HP 389 motor was tri power, single 4bbl was 335.

    • Greg Mason

      Thank,s Jim. I thought the 360 hp was tri power.

  10. JW

    Had one of these in 1971 as my first actual musclecar, midnight blue with black interior, 389 4 barrel / 4 speed car. I would love to have that car back today.

    • olddavid

      1969. I had a lime green ’64 Goat with three deuces and a 4.56 limited slip. I’m still amazed I lived through driving that car the way I did. It would be at 100mph in half a block, with the tach pegged at 6000 while my seat mates would scream for me to slow down. It had drum brakes, bias ply tires (sometimes retreads) and a driver who was convinced he was the second coming of Bill Vukovich. My Dad witnessed one of my ad hoc “blasts” on a side street and immediately “de-horsed” me when I got home. I drove a Gremlin for a month and lost most of my brainless ways behind the wheel.


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