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1965 Shelby GT 350 Wannabe


The seller of this Mustang states that its wearing “Shelby GT 350 trim”. So does that mean it’s a Shelby or is it just dressed up to look like one? Obviously, it isn’t that hard to spot a fake when it comes to Shelbys, but still there is always that hope and dream of finding one stashed in a barn or garage. This Mustang looks good in its GT 350 “trim”, but clearly isn’t an actual Shelby. It is however a V8 3 speed equipped Fastback! And that makes it worth taking a closer look at. You can find it here on eBay in Boston, Massachusetts with a current bid of $15k.


Someone went to the trouble of even installing the Shelby dash badge. I’ve always thought it’s funny that people will spend so much money and effort to make their Mustang look like a Shelby, but then not make it actually perform like one. There were a lot of differences between the regular Mustang and the GT 350, but most of the changes are things anyone can do in their own garage. I’d rather have a Mustang that performs like a GT 350 then one that just looks the part, but that’s just me!


Whether you do this up as a GT 350 clone or return it to original, it’s going to be a big project. Thankfully, Mustangs are easy to work on and parts are extremely plentiful. The 289 is currently out of the car, but is included. While it’s out, I would have it rebuilt and upgraded a bit. A real Shelby produced about 300 horsepower or about 100 more than this C code had when new. Squeezing that much more power from it would take some work, but is possible. So which would it be for you? Return it to original or turn it into a proper GT 350 clone?


  1. Joe Defelice

    I’m no purist… I’d keep going with the GT 350 look and drive the tires off it.

  2. Kieran.M

    Mustangs are cool but when somebody turns into a fake gt350 it is almost like a Pontiac ferro turned into a Ferrari.
    Now that’s just my opinion but still has V8 😄 !!

  3. JW

    I would take the body back to original but like stated upgrade the engine to a stroker then add a 5 speed for that power smile.

  4. Barzini

    I don’t know how this dealer does it but he has snapped up and flipped many local finds – particularly GTOs – around the Boston area. He’s very good at sourcing these cars off Craigslist. You can easily spot his ads because they use the same backdrop, all caps descriptions, and the 508 area code. This is not a criticism of flippers, just an observation of how quickly some work to get the inventory.

    • jaygryph

      There’s a local guy that flips cars like this fella seems to be doing. They bought a 4k 69 Galaxie convertible I’d been keeping an eye on, gave it a wash and wax, rebuilt the carb and replaced one door glass and marked it up to near 10k.

      Must be expensive wax.

  5. Bingo

    It’s called ” a poser”. We all know one or more.

    DRINKINGASOLINE where are you??

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Heya Bingo. Sorry….was in the garage, HeHe. I agree about taking it back to original and that it’s way over priced. A 331 Stroker 5 speed combo would be fun.

  6. Dolphin Member

    I’m no Shelby expert but I thought GT-350s had a different format VIN. This car has a regular Ford VIN, but at least it’s a C-code.

    Yes the seller calls it a Shelby in the auction title but it’s good that he says the car is a Mustang fastback with “Shelby trim”. I don’t think he’s really trying to fool anyone into thinking this is a real Shelby. Anyone who doesn’t do enough due diligence to tell that’s it’s just a Mustang fastback with Shelby trim, and not a GT-350, doesn’t get sympathy from me.

    The missing engine explains the raised stance, so that’s OK. Also OK is the underside from what I can see. Not the kind of rust I would expect in a 60-year old car from Mass.

    A bit pricey, but if you have a 289 sitting around and need to have a GT-350 clone maybe it would work for you.


      I’m no Shelby expert either but as I recall they all carried a regular Ford VIN and then had an additional number plate added by Shelby to ID the car as a real Shelby. No real Shelby would be a C code.

      • Shayne

        The Shelbys did come with a standard ford vin and an extra shelby plate. The vin for a 65 / 66 shelby would have to be a ‘K’ where the 5th digit is. Meaning hipo 289. FACTORY HIPO.. not just a 4bbl like many believe. But just cause it’s a K code doesn’t mean it’s a Shelby.

  7. Retired Stig

    Another “Felby” (fake Shelby), yawn. This one is pretty pathetic, with a few Shelby touches and a ’67 dash emblem. It is worth no more than any other ’65 Mustang with a V-8, a 3 speed manual and A/C. If Shelby trim looks nice to the buyer the same way SS trim or R/T trim
    does, then fine, it’s your car, just don’t pretend it’s real!

  8. Ck

    This Clone ,that doesnt run ,needs tons of body work is already at 16K. Wow, there really is an ace for every seat.So its a fast back big deal .My brother inlaw had a 65 fast back that ran ,looked good,and had pony interior.He sold it for 10K. This thing is worth 5K tops . I’d definitely look around for a better deal .There Has to be one or two or a hundred better deals than this one.

  9. DrinkinGasoline

    At $16,100.00 with an hour and 10 minutes to go. I guess there really is an @zz for every seat.

  10. Mike

    I have never seen a 65 Mustang with a round speedometer. All the 65’s I know of have the linear speedometers like Falcons. The round speedometers didn’t appear untul the 66 model year.

    • R.D.

      In 1965 if you had a pony interior, you automatically got the round speedometer and gauge cluster like the 66 models.

      Also, if the body is solid and it runs & drives, it’s worth $16k all day long…..I did sell this dealer A 1966 GTO A while back.

  11. Arthur

    This car may not be a true Shelby right now, but if someone took it to Classic Restorations in Oklahoma, the people there can turn it into an actual Shelby through a licensing arrangement they have with Shelby American. It would even be entered into the Shelby American World Registry.

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