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1966 Cadillac DeVille: Third Time’s A Charm?

1966 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

I’ve sold a handful of cars on eBay and never once had a problem. Most buyer have paid promptly and were able to get the car shipped out quickly. For some reason this Cadillac has been different though. The first buyer had a hard time getting transport setup. I’m guessing the broker quoted him too low a price and then couldn’t find a driver willing to take the job. After waiting about a month I gladly refunded their money and relisted the car. Bidding went even better this time, but the high bidder didn’t have any feedback. That made me nervous, but they answered emails. Well, at least until the auction ended… A second chance offer was presented the next highest bidder and he kept telling me he had sent the money, but it never arrived. So, here we are for the third attempt. Find the car here on eBay with $1 bidding starting and a BIN price of $4,500. My fingers are crossed!


  1. Avatar photo Stang1968

    Good Luck this time! This is a great looking car and looks like it would be a good driver. If only I had a few spare resources and a place to garage it!

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  2. Avatar photo George

    Good luck. I hope it goes through this time. Wish I could afford it currently. But my garage also only barely fits a minivan.

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  3. Avatar photo Jesse Staff

    It is huge! Maybe that’s the problem?

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  4. Avatar photo joeinthousandoaks

    Could be part of the problem. Difficult to get on a truck too. I dropped a bid to help it along. Good luck. Nice car.

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  5. Avatar photo JW

    Sorry to say the big cars are hard to unload, my neighbor has been trying for a year to sell his super nice 85 I think Lincoln Town Car, Black Cherry exterior with a burgundy interior, fully loaded and in excellent condition. He was asking $4500 but I think he’s given up.

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    • Avatar photo Jesse Staff

      True, but these old Caddys have quite the following. They really were amazing cars in their day. Bidding is already heating up!

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      • Avatar photo JW

        Very nice Caddy and I hope it sells for you this time, I never meant any disrespect for the car.

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      • Avatar photo jaygryph

        I’ve had a very hard time selling my pretty darn nice running driving 73 cadillac hearse, it’s arguably the nicest one in the area but there does not seem to be a lot of interest in it even when I list it without a price to see who inquires. I’m thinking ebay might be the way to go. Good luck on the caddy, that’s one of my favorite years.

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      • Avatar photo bigdoc13

        Hey,Jesse,tell jaygryph to contact Danny at Kount’s Customs in Las Vegas. He LOVES old Caddys. He has a show on cable called Counting Cars.

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  6. Avatar photo RonEBee

    what a great pickup this would make! look at that side shot, slice here, slice there, put in a bed and a tail gate……..

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  7. Avatar photo jim s

    please report to ebay the buyer from the second auction that did not pay. who knows how many time that buyer has played that game. the car is very nice and i home it does find a new home.

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    • Avatar photo Jesse Staff

      I did, but he had already told me that he sat up a new account after the old one was compromised. eBay cant really do much to prevent this kind of stuff from happening and that is why so many people have a bad taste in their mouth. I have a feeling the sale is going to go smoothly this time around though.

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  8. Avatar photo Dave H

    I have a little concern about the red paint that I see on and around the Left front Fender area. It looks as if that fender may have been replaced with a fender that came off of a red one ?
    I’m wanting to know if that is the only place where red can be seen underneath the blue. And to be re-assured it hasn’t been a complete color change at some point ?
    You did mention that the paint was dry !?!?

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    • Avatar photo Jesse Staff

      It’s not a color change Dave. This came up before and research showed that GM used red primer around the time this was built. The paint is oxidized on top as you can see in the photos.

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  9. Avatar photo Steve

    Looks great. However I tried to find out more and where you are but it won’t come up. Send me info please.

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    • Avatar photo Jesse Staff

      Just click the “here on eBay” link Steve.

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  10. Avatar photo Texas Tea

    I like it. This is what I would call an honest car and worth the money.

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  11. Avatar photo Fred

    Jaygryph- if you can’t sell that Caddy hearse right before Halloweeen, there’s little hope the rest of the year!

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  12. Avatar photo James

    Not to get “weird” or sound insane But perhaps you are meant to have that car. I have a similar situation with my 65 Coupe Deville

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  13. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    Jesus – what a no brainer – easily the most honestly described / photographed car on eBay – wish I was there / L

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  14. Avatar photo Scott Allison

    Face it.. the Caddy just doesn’t want another home. It LOVES you!

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  15. Avatar photo Jeff Staff

    Stunning photos. After watching all 4 seasons of “Longmire,” I have made it a goal to visit Wyoming. ;-)

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  16. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    Non-paying car auction winners seem to be the biggest downside to Ebay selling. There are two things that *might* help:

    1. Add a friendly piece of advice prominently in the details section that says something like:

    “Please have your finances in order before the auction ends if you bid on this auction. Most banks or other lenders will not lend money to buy a used car.”

    I had a guy win one of my auctions for a car and then get turned down by his bank for a loan because it was a 1970 MY car—applied for after the auction ended.

    2. You can also have a requirement that a $500 (or other) deposit is required through PayPal at the end of the auction / within 24 hrs / etc.

    Neither of those will guarantee that the winning bidder will complete the purchase but at least they might raise the chances of that happening.

    Best wishes for a sale of the Caddy, Jesse. Your photos alone say you deserve a successful sale.

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  17. Avatar photo jim s

    sold for $ 4551. will it go to a new owner or need to be relisted again?

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  18. Avatar photo Jeff Staff

    Congrats on getting your number!

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  19. Avatar photo Ken Cwrney

    Had one just like it only mine was a Calais
    4 door HT. Bought it off my parents in 1970 to keep my drunken uncle from wrecking it. What a great car it was too!
    Big and comfy, it would run tirelessly all
    day long at 80+ MPH. Lots of room for
    my band and me. Used to tow a single
    axle trailer with no strain at all. Don’t ask
    me why, but I sold it to buy a god awful
    ’66 Toronado. Seeing your car makes me
    want one all over again.

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