Honest And Rare: 1966 Chevrolet C10 Panel Truck

Quick, do you know the difference between a panel truck and a sedan delivery? Panels are based on truck chassis, and sedan deliveries on cars, though they both serve the same purpose. This 1966 Chevrolet C-10 is definitely a panel truck, and it’s for sale here on eBay, with bids reaching $7,750 (reserve not met). The truck is in Clarksdale, Mississippi, home of the blues.

The first thing that strikes me about this listing is the seller’s full disclosure and honesty. Just about everything you’d want to know is here and presented clearly. Why is that such a rarity! We learn that the owner bought the truck from the original purchaser’s son, who left it sitting in his yard for 18 years. That’s one reason it has just 74,190 miles. Luckily, this “storage” was in Mississippi, where such a period outside would reduce it to a pile of ferrous oxide. But there were some corrosion challenges anyway.

This is the first generation of the C/K trucks, which ran from 1960 until this year, 1966. The “C” denoted two-wheel drive. The original 292-cubic-inch inline-six (the larger of two available sixes) with manual three on the tree is still in place, and reportedly running well. All numbers match. The buyer could also have specified, but didn’t, a 220-horsepower, 327-cubic-inch V-8. Noise is reported from the throw-out bearing, but a consulting mechanic says it should clear up as the car is driven. Or maybe not—budget for a clutch job.

The seller has repainted the vehicle in white (probably the original color), though the job is admittedly not stellar. Before painting, the car was “professionally repaired” with two new fenders, full-floor pans, and new rockers. There’s all-new window and front-door seals and new rear windows (it has two). Also replaced were the gas tank, door and window handles, and light lenses.

Even better, the seats were recovered, new carpeting installed (to replace ragged rubber mats), and seat belts—which it probably didn’t have originally. The interior looks quite nice. The cargo floor is painted black, but there’s wood under the paint so it could be stripped and stained.

The original AM radio comes with the truck, but in place now is a retro-looking modern unit. The wipers work, but the windshield washer pump does not—the only non-functional item. It seems a very honest truck. There is surface rust on the frame, but none of it looks serious.

Some buyers will see hot rod potential, obviously. Commercial vehicles don’t have a high survival rate, so this one is bound to be a head-turner. The vendor says it gets a lot of looks when it’s out on the road, but some hot shots won’t rest until there’s a V-8 under the hood and dual exhausts poking out the back. I say leave it alone, but what do I know? Instead of hopping it up, how about forming a rock band and using this as the road transport? You’d be making memories, but you might want to wait a while before setting out. Why is he/she selling? “I can’t drive it anymore due to paralysis in my right leg,” he/she says.

There’s no title, but it should be possible to get one. It’s unclear where the reserve is set, but if the vendor has unreal expectations it might not sell. My guess is that buyers will want to take it to the next level, and they’ll need some leftover cash to do that. What do you think? Will you put this rare panel truck on your Watchlist?


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  1. msheiner msheiner Member

    Ebay shows Ended By Seller due to error in listing

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  2. Bob S

    Being it’s the original drivetrain, it would be a shame to yank it for a V8. GLWTA

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  3. Ken Carney

    Already made all those memories–at least the musical ones. I played music
    for 23 years before retiring in 1990. And
    yes, there were indeed bands that used
    these when they played in their own
    hometown locally. These and the cab
    forward vans like the Ford Econoline
    and the Dodge A-100. Too bad the trucks
    they bought were used up when the bands bought them.

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  4. Howard A Member

    When I was a youngun’ in Milwaukee ( late 60’s) the local newspapers, The Milwaukee Journal/ Sentinel ( used to be, Sentinel was in the morning, Journal the afternoon paper) they had mid-60’s Chevy panel vans just like this, only green, to shuttle bundles of papers to the streets. It was a popular job for teens that had their license before school. The abuse those trucks took is a testament to their ruggedness. Many learned to drive stick at the Journals expense. Panel trucks, by nature, were made for abusive duties. The fact this one remains at all, is a mystery. Great find.

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  5. Paolo

    Man, these things used to be everywhere, grocery stores, television repairmen, all manner of tradesmen, painters, plumbers, florists, appliance dealers, butchers, bakers, UPS. And then they were gone replaced by vans and step-vans of various sizes.
    Quite often they were painted in the colorful livery of the parent business. All of those custom paint jobs with wonderful hand painted lettering are seldom seen now. However it is nice to see the anonymous, plain white wrapper version that was once so prevalent.

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  6. PatrickM

    That 292 was a screaming engine. But, it had a lot of issues, too. Constantly out of tune and timing. A few rings would collapse. I’ve heard of a few swallowed valves, too. I’m not exactly sure how true all of those stories were but, it is something I would check further.

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  7. Mike

    Many people confuse the diff between panel trucks and sedan deliveries altho the diff is quite obvious. Thanks for telling it. I’ve owned many of both and they were and still are the best business marketing
    tool ever.

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  8. Joe Haska

    I think as popular as the C-10 P/U’s are somone ,will be all over this truck. Several year ago, doesn’t seem possible “30 plus”, I found a 48 GMC 1/2 ton
    P/U, I would claim I restored, but it was way too nice to begin with, I just pushed in the right direction. I did put a 292 six in it with, a 350 ,Auto and A/C. It was a great truck and that 292 never did disappoint. They are hard to find and have some issues, but if I had the chance, I would do it again.


  9. Stevieg

    The 1960’s version of the FBI surveillance van lol.
    Nice little truck. I wouldn’t change a thing on it.

  10. Mountainwoodie

    Its great that the interior has been kept the original factory color. Or has it? Weren’t most of them a silver grey color? In any event the copper color looks good.

    Looks like a great start . Given the strange engine compartment color (black?) and the house paint job I wonder what color it was originally. I’d go back to original though it might be a heck of a lot of paint :)

  11. Moparman

    I would get a title before I bought it…I live in Florida and its impossible to get one..believe me I’ve tried …Lessons learned not worth nothing without one…but it’s a good looking truck

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  12. chrlsful

    camers shows a vehicle in good to very good condition. Love that motor. May B discs up front and a 4 speed auto (OD)? Use daily as is?
    I like these better than the nxt ieteration (cargo vans) per engine accessability, but the previous even more (the ‘bukbous 50s).


  13. Bernie

    No mention whether this has power steering. They are a handful to turn without it. I had a 63 with this drivetrain, which was tough as nails. It did love gas though, returning 9-11 MPG while making the coolest mechanical sounds.

    • Howard A Member

      I doubt it. In ’66, real men didn’t need power steering,,,and then they went off to war. As more women began to drive, PS became almost standard equipment in the 60’s for cars, I remember trucks into the ’70’s that had manual steering. Trucks were usually sold bare bones to save money, and were meant to work, and for many, it’s just the way it was. I can’t think of a single more important invention, at the time, than power steering.

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      • Paolo

        Who needs power steering? That’s what gigantic steering wheels are for, so you can go hand over hand. My first car was a 53 Dodge Coronet with a 241 Hemi and Gyro-Torque transmission and a steering wheel the circumference of an extra large pizza. It was fine on the road as long as you were moving but you were in for a real workout if you had to parallel park it. Hand over hand all the way right, hand over hand all the way left, hand over hand all the way right, hand over hand half way left in reverse and looking in the rear view and you’re done.That’s when you needed all that leverage that big wheel could provide. And don’t kid yourself, women who drove back then were tough enough. My own dear sweet Mother learned to drive on 1940s era Hudsons and remembers them fondly.

      • Stevieg

        Yeah, by the mid 1970’s, steering wheels shrunk. I had a 1977 Fury that had manual steering from the factory. It was a real bear to parallel park!
        I ended up converting it to power steering. Not as good “feel” while driving, but worth it none the less just for parking ease.

  14. TimM

    Love this truck!! All it really needs is some rims and tires and it would look great!!!

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  15. Charlie J.

    I drove one in 1967 and 68 in the Service, Ours were black with 4 speeds

  16. Jaker76

    Lot of memories driving one just like this!! Back when I was in high school in late 60’s i worked at a local Greenhouse?florist shop and this was the very delivery truck we had!!! I remember being a 16 yr old and delivering flowers to homes, churches and furneral homes in it! also when we planted trees and did landscaping this was the truck!! Be interesting rig to have now as I can see pulling up to an antique show and unloading my goods out of this old panel!!!

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