1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS: Strong Bond

Chevelle SSS

This 1966 Chevy Chevelle SS here on eBay is already seeing some fierce bidding activity with close to a week left on the auction. It could be because this car seems just honest enough to be considered a survivor, despite having a non-numbers matching engine and transmission. However, given it appears to have been used like any other daily driver, its sins may be the result of use rather than neglect.


The seller has owned the car for 18 years and is honest about the difficulty he’s having letting the car go. While it is an auction listing, he says the price is $14,500 firm. I want to say it’s fair, but there’s an awful lot of bodywork needed in addition to the mechanical shortcomings, which includes the fact that it’s an automatic with three pedals. To get this car back to its original form will require a good amount of work.


It’s difficult to piece together why the original 4-speed was removed, and how annoying must it be to still have a clutch pedal that’s not currently used? It just seems like the swap was hastily done. The automatic unit leaks, which adds insult to injury. The seller is including a Muncie 4-speed with the sale, a swap I’d make immediately before the pedal box drove me crazy. The seller also acknowledges the floorboard has been welded but he doesn’t know how the work has held up.


I do like this car – even with the long list of improvements it needs. My feeling is that with the rust repair addressed, bodywork cleaned up and the 4-speed swapped in, you’d have a hell of a fun cruiser. And as much as I can emphasize with the seller’s reluctance to move on his price, I would just have to really want this car to justify the purchase price plus all the work involved. Where do you stand – is it close to being a survivor or too far gone?


  1. JW

    I take it $14,500 is his reserve.

  2. Birdman

    I may be wrong, but I think that’s an ebrake pedal you see and not a clutch pedal…But I could be wrong…

    • Jeff Staff

      Hey Birdman – I’m not sure. It looked like a clutch pedal to me but I am not an expert on Chevelle pedal boxes.

    • Hoos Member

      E brake is to the far left. The accelerator is not visible.

  3. David

    Clearly a clutch pedal, I’d say. Mystery engine, unknown condition of 4-speed, rear end, floors, no mention of bell housing etc. Good project for about half the asking price.

    • Robert White

      Engine is a 396CID.


    • Adam B

      While I will agree that 14,500 is a bit high for this car, half that would be a great deal. A true SS 4 speed car for 7,000 is going to be hard to find in any condition.

  4. randy

    He’ll get his price easy, nice and rare car for sure. Way more upside than a low mile 86 944.

  5. Birdman

    I stand corrected on the pedal….Thanks David…

  6. piper62j


  7. Mark S

    This would be a great weekend toy for sure, but with that big gas slurping beast under the hood daily driving this would break the bank. I had a friend in high school that had a 68, with only a 307 and a Muncie we would take across the mall parking lot at about 70 in the winter time. Than punch the park brake, it would do about 10 360’s in a row. Why we’re not dead is purely by the grace of god as there were rows of light poles in that lot. Stupid but fun, oh to be young again.

    • Adam B

      Anyone worried about gas mileage should not buy this or any classic car. I owned one of these in high school and do not know how I survived either, no power brakes or steering or seat belts, the good old days.

  8. randy

    The very last question I ask when buying an old car is……………………

    “What kind of gas mileage does it get?”

    Yes it would be fun to be young again.

    • Hoos Member

      Randy, I’m with you. I drive a Suburban as a daily driver. Any vehicle I buy as a toy will be used as such, so the fuel economy does not matter to me. The enjoyment is worth more than concern over a few MPG.

  9. Joe Howell

    The car seems to have disappeared on EBAY. I too wonder how I’m alive after a 396 in High School. Looking at the intake manifold the engine doesn’t look like a square port Hi Per 375 as marked on the air cleaner but the lower 325-360 horse engine with round intake ports.

    • Hoos Member

      The links for E-Bay on Barn Finds seem not to be working. This car is still on E-Bay. Just search for “1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport Coupe”.

  10. Ken Z

    Notice the 10 Bolt rear axle…..

  11. David meichelbock77

    I’d say it’s a clutch peddel ID offer 1500 as is

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