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1966 Dodge Coronet Wagon: Bad in Black

1966 Dodge Coronet Wagon

The subject of wagons has come up before on Barn Finds, including our recent Face Off of American battle wagons. While I love the idea of the extra space, the proportions are often so ungainly that I lose interest almost immediately – unless we’re talking about a Coronet, like this 1966 example here on craigslist for $5,575. The slimmer sides make for a neat profile, almost athletic-looking compared to its bulkier brethren. The 440 designation is often thought to reference the engine it came with but this was a just a case of corporate nomenclature applied to other models; instead, this Coronet is equipped with the factory wide-block 318A engine. These “A” series engines were designed for durability and ease of manufacturing, and if the seller’s claim of low mileage holds true, it should have many years of motoring left in it. Throw in factory A/C and a power rear window and you’ve got the perfect summer drive-in mobile. Anyone need a new family hauler?


  1. jim s

    of the 2 wagons posted so far today this one seems like a better deal, unless it has rust. nice workhorse/family driver for sure. if asking price was a little lower it would fit on the other site. great find

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  2. JW454

    I don’t understand this… Why write; “LOW MILES”? They could just tell the miles and let the perspective buyers decide. Low miles to some is outrageous miles to others. By the time they typed low miles they could have just as easily typed the 5 or 6 numbers on the odometer.

    Seems like it’s a nice looking car for the money though.

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  3. George B.

    That looks like a hearse to me. The slanted rear, side windows and the very tall, tailgate glass completely reminds me of a period hearse.

    I would feel weird throwing the family into that!

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  4. krash

    love it..
    ..wish it was local…
    .my parents came home with a new Coronet in 1967 when I was a kid.
    ..slant 6..
    .loved that car.
    ..many good memories…..for me, and 8 other family members..
    jump in the driver’s seat, hit the hazard switch, flick the directional, step on the brake, and you could listen to the radio until you drained the battery….no keys necessary…
    Dad never did figure out why the battery was always borderline dead when he was hustling off to his 3rd shift job…
    ……rotten kids!!

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    • jimbosidecar

      Cool! I never knew that…

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      My Dad had a yellow four door Fury with a black vinyl top back in the day. May have been a little newer than the 67. We did the same trick! I think we used the parking lights instead of the hazards. I cant remember how we found out it worked. Probably pretending we were driving.

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    • Wayne P.

      Ditto – sort of. My dad came home with a 1968 Coronet 440 wagon. Geared for towing with a 383, hauled our 16′ Kenskill all over the western US – including up to Alaska. Officially a 7-pax, I think we got 18 high school students in for a run to the Rose Parade.

      Never thought to try the radio hack. Then again, we had electricity in the house and radios with FM.

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  5. Joe T

    My dad traded in a Greenbriar van on a new Coronet 440 wagon in 1966, just like this one only in blue with IIRC a 273 small block. One of the toughest cars he ever bought. It had been hit at least 3 times over the years but was still running strong when he sold it sometime in the mid 70s. I’d jump on this one if I were close enough to see it for myself.

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  6. Chebby

    Is it black or dark green? Price seems like a steal.

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  7. Scott

    Hi, these are a great Wagon I have one over here in New Zealand running a tunnel rammed 440 in it, Awesome cruising car with loads of room! The wagon was brought into New Zealand in 1967 by a American soilder. I was wondering if anyone out there would know where I can source a couple of small things I need l/h rear boot window chrome and r/h back door quarter window and tailgate tail lights, please any help would be so appreciated as it is very hard to source parts all the way over here.
    ‘MIGHTY MOPAR’ gota love it!

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