1966 Ford Galaxie 500: Promising Illusion?

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Thanks goes to reader Dean H for finding this Ford that’s listed on craigslist. It’s in Oklahoma City with an asking price of $11,000. It has a few of things right – two doors, a hardtop, and a big V8. But that’s about all the seller reveals. It has only two pedals, but it does appear to have AC and power brakes. It’s said to be original and unmolested, purchased from the original owner who had it stored in a barn for years. It runs and the transmission works. It’s said to have covered 80,000 miles, but there’s little offered to determine actual condition.


The couple of pictures they do provide of the front and one side look pretty good, but is the front bumper crooked or is that an optical illusion? When a seller provides so few pictures it does make one wonder.


The engine looks complete and original with the AC belt being the only obvious missing bit. At first glance it looks like the AC compressor is sitting on top the radiator tank, but it’s actually in place. What do you think you might find if you were to see this car up close and personal?dash

One would hope it to be rust free with a decent interior ready for some minor repairs, tires, and a clean up to be a nice driver. It’s also very possible you might find an interior mostly consumed by rodents with a lovely view of concrete through the floors. As usual, the asking is ambitious for this old Ford, but there’s always a chance it might be a nice car and not a fantasy created by selective photography, right? I look forward to hearing what those of you with sharper eyes and more knowledge can make of the scant evidence provided by the seller.

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  1. ClassicCarFan

    …all the special badging suggests this is a real “Galaxie 7 litre” for one year oinly in 1966 the “7 litre” was a sub-model in it’s own right. The hood badge, fender badge and steering wheel are correct and unique to the “7 litre” so this is either a real 7-litre or a good dress up clone.

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  2. David Frank DavidAuthor

    Here’s a picture of the right side. It looks promising, too expensive of course, but promising.

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  3. SSPBill

    Assuming of course this is a real Galaxie 500 7-Liter (note the badge on the drivers-side grill) this could be an incredibly great find. Only 8,700 hardtop and 2,400 verts were built in ’66. Also the 1st year for the 428 instead of the all-out, short stroke 427 in the R-Codes, although it was still available in a striped model.

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  4. Glen

    I think you’re right about the bumper, it appears slightly out of place. I don’t think it’s bent, though.

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  5. RON

    I love old cars and I realize the production numbers are low making it somewhat rare. But in all my years in this hobby, I do not understand why a car like this commands such a high asking price? Even half the price. If it were in prime condition why is it worth the asking price even at that. It isn’t like a one off never to be seen car

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    • SSPBill

      That’s a good question. Of course your talking about value and not price. So rather than be negative here’s why Fords like this have value to me. My Grandfather was a Ford salesman, and a Gearhead. Growing up, him and I would talk cars, mostly Fords but not exclusively. The discussion was mostly around the engine and always about from the muscle car era. R-codes, Q-codes, K-codes. I soaked it all in. My Grandfather drove a ’71 Thundebird with a 429 Thunderjet until the day he died in 1988. It’s still in the Family too. My Dad is an equally big Gearhead and worked at Ford for 40+ year further cementing my allegiance to the Blue Oval. I think I’m not alone in my fondness for these Fords. Pretty indulgent but that’s why they have value to me.

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      • rancho bella

        Dang Bill………….you left out G code

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  6. grant

    Front bumper certainly crooked, but doesn’t look bent. Might be an alignment issue, or there might be some collision damage. 11 k doesn’t seem too far out of line for a genuine 7 liter Galaxy, but any buyer should be very very careful about confirming this cars identity before shelling out any cash.

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    These slab sided Fords 65-66 don’t have the appeal or value of the earlier cars. I would be all over the frame if considering. These were very common to rust in half. 7 litre or not these are heavy and although may run good should not be confused as high performance cars. Just a neat footnote.

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  8. rancho bella

    Laddies……….it’s a Q code. Now an eyes on is a must to make sure the engine is correct. A simple view of the casting date will help but also read, study and absorb this.


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  9. DENIS

    Looks pretty legit but too many $$….I had a 7-Litre demo brand new and they would run for a heavy car..bucket seats/console…not that popular but still cool to those of us who care…

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  10. HoA Howard AMember

    If this is an original “7 Litre”, (and it’s sure equipped like one) it’s a very rare car indeed. The “7 Litre” website ( I swear, there’s a website for everything) claims there are 712, ’66 7 Litre’s in the world ( 466 hardtops, 312 automatics). As mentioned, this car was a little more refined than the “R” code,( although, I believe the “R” code was around in ’66 and even a few ’67’s) but the 7 Litre was more of a gentleman’s cruiser. I remember, when this car came out, we, as kids, who knew everything there was to know about ’60’s cars, saw the “7 Litre” badge for the 1st time, wondered what the heck a “Litre” was, much less 7 of them. Never had the zing of “428 cubic inches”, if you ask me. Pretty rare car here. Great find.

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  11. Birdman

    Someone call Jay Leno…He loves the 7 Litre Galaxy’s

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  12. rancho bella

    I sure do like the thought of buying this………but gawd dang it, DO NOT use cell phone cameras to try and sell your product.

    People have become so stinkin’ lazy they won’t use a proper instrument to take pictures………..and these are exactly what I am referring to. Arrrgggg

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  13. Scott

    Appears as though they recently updated the listing. The ad now contains a lengthy description, as well as 21 photos.

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      The ad has been flagged for removal, do you have the new link?

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  14. S.Brodie

    Worked in a Ford dealership as a glorified wash boy in ’68/69 and one of these came in pretty screwed up. It must have had 10 lbs. of Bondo in one side. So I took it from the dealership to our Reconditioning center about 1/2 mile away. As I drove in the lot which had a gravel surface, I thought I’d stomp on it just to see what would happen. Well that big carb opened up and the engine almost died, then gave a cough and that engine wound up and it felt like the car turned itself inside out. It just took off going a bit sideways and I almost hit the building before I could get my foot off the pedal. These are pre pollution high performance engines and that’s probably why it had the bondo. Never saw one since until this add. A put a smile on your face kinda car.

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  15. Jim Marshall

    Appears to be an original 7 Litre 66 Galaxie. The XL was the same car except for the 428 not being the standard engine, A/C is an aftermarket hang on unit so that should be thrown away as the new after market units look and work much better. 5 grand would kill this car and only if it ran. Totally restored could be worth 20K plus.

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  16. RoughDiamond

    So apparently you cannot drive it unless you want to install the clean gas tank first.

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  17. S.Brodie

    Installing a gas tank is simple but you can always jury rig a portable fuel container into the engine compartment with a hose down to the fuel pump. Slightly dangerous and only for around the yard. One thing I noticed is that this car appears to have a vinyl roof which can be a serious source of rust damage on cars not properly stored. That material gets wet and holds the moisture around it’s lower edge. I’ve seen the roof almost cut off of a car because it had a vinyl roof and rust went wild under it.

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  18. Ted

    It is on its way to my garage after Ron’s eBay auction.
    I cannot wait to dig into the car and get it on the road.
    Ted in Cincinnati

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    • Jesse JesseStaff

      Thanks for letting us know Ted. Please keep us updated on your progress!

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      • Ted

        Will do it. How is best way to keep you updated?

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