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1966 Ford Galaxie: Vintage Racer

1966 Ford Galaxie Race Car

Update 4/21/15 – This one has now been listed here on eBay with bidding starting at $7k with no reserve. Thanks goes to Blake S. for the tip!

From 3/12/15 – It’s not often that you see a barn find stock car! While this Ford did not compete in what is now Sprint Cup racing, it was driven by a former driver from that series and as far as I can tell, he was a pretty darn successful driver. This Ford Galaxie is in San Jose, California and is for sale here on craigslist without a price listed.

1966 Ford Galaxie Racing

Gordon “Gordy” Haines raced throughout the 50’s and 60’s, entering 7 top of the line NASCAR races in 1956, scoring a second and one other top five and four top 10’s, as well as leading 66 laps. He later raced throughout the Pacific Northwest in several series including Winston West. He ran car dealerships right up until his death in 2012 at age 91. It’s unclear from the advertisement where and when this particular car was raced, although it carries Gordy’s traditional number “100” and still wears the paint shown in the period picture above. The seller does state in the ad that they have documentation, pictures and video footage from the 1960’s showing this car, so the purchaser will know exactly what the car’s record was.

Gordy Haines 1966 Ford Galaxie

It’s amazing to me how clean and original this car looks. What a chance to own a fantastic piece of history! The ad does say that it’s missing the original 427 side oiler V-8, but there is a 428 available and the car comes with the top loader 4-speed transmission and the original oil pan. I’m sure this would be eligible for a lot of vintage race series, and imagine the looks on some of the faces if you showed up in the car looking just like this, especially with a Ford big-block back in place. I found some references to a 1961 Ford Starliner that Gordy drove that has been restored and actually appeared recently at the Monterey Historics, so there’s some precedent there.

Gordy Haines in 1970

I believe this picture shows Gordy in the 1961 Ford. I wish he were still around to guide whomever purchases the Galaxie. What I can’t figure out is what a car like this is worth? What price history? I know you can purchase a non-winning out of date NASCAR Sprint Cup roller for around $30,000 if it has no history, and a lot of folks do just that, drop a crate motor in and go vintage racing for what isn’t much compared to, say, a Lotus 23. But a car this old with this kind of patina? I don’t know; you tell me what you think below. I just know it would be fun!


  1. HoA Howard A Member

    My favorite era of racing. Brings back memories of going to State Fair Park in W.Allis ,Wis. to watch these cars. When stock cars were literally that. This car is in amazing shape, considering they took quite a beating. This belongs in a museum.

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  2. Jack Geiger

    Probably the same car at Yakima Speedway in 1974.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Great picture–thanks for sharing!

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  3. Rob

    Hey….what happened to the BIG photos. I keep getting thumbnail size images. Is it just me or did I not pay attention to a post that you mentioned a change to email format. (We) liked the big photos.
    Excellent website by the way. Thank you for all your hard work. (Wish there were more Canadian vehicles for sale).

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  4. McQ

    Wow! So fun to see a car raced by hometown (Yakima, WA) racing hero Gordy Haines! I was fortunate to see Gordy race numerous times at Yakima Speedway in the ’60’s. The paint scheme on this ’66 offered is similar to what Gordy had on hs race cars which were typically Fords or Mercs. One in particular was a ’62 Monteray powered by a built FE.

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  5. gunningbar

    Whats it worth? This is a great car with history…tough call….I ll guess $10-15k…..someone cd have a helluva lot of fun with this!

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  6. Brian

    This article forgot to mention the builder this chassis is a 1961 starliner built by Ken wofford they body swapped a few time but this is the car I have all documentation

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    • Brian

      Can now be seen on eBay

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    • Scott (scooby) Peterson

      Hey Guys,Scott (scooby) Peterson here,My Father Patrick (pete) Peterson worked for kenny and Pitted for Gordy. I remember being a nusance in the Garage whilst they wer Building this ? Or a similar car, they (my Dad& the (Pair O Ace’s) Gordy& Kenny Built a “Kick A–” Engine in the kitchen one winter.
      On a somber note Those Two can Never be Replaced,nor can my Dad, I still live in the valley on the same Road that Gordon was on when He was called to the BigOval in the Hevens,hope they save a seat for Me! “GO FAST TURN LEFT” less your on Dirt,Thanks Scott.P

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  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    Nice find for sure but without the engine it really isn’t worth that much, unless you have some direct connections with the car itself. One thing I’m really growing weary of is the number of full-sized cars that would be totally complete if they had the original engine. Someone wanted to make his mundane ‘Granny’ car into a ‘numbers-matching’ muscle car so he bought a used family sedan and pulled the engine. I know a guy who has collected a number of LTDs, Imperials, Caprices, New Yorkers, just to mention a few, and he is bombarded with calls from people seeking the engine only. He sold a nearly pristine ’76 LTD under the pretense that the guy wanted the entire car. He had to leave when the guy was coming to pick the car up. When he came back, the car was sitting in the yard, minus the engine. Fortunately the title was never transferred. He managed to find another 460 engine and installed it–and drives it. And hoards the rest of his cars inside a number of sheds. No visitors; no cameras.

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    • Mark W

      Its a race car. That car is probably 8 engines removed from its ‘original’ engine.

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      • Brian

        Well said ! Who knows how many 427’s have gone through this car I lowered the price on eBay to $7000 which I think is ridiculously cheap for the history the documentation and the condition

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  8. Robert

    This car I used the play in when it sat in the back yard at Kenny woffords house every thing is exactly like it was then. It’s the car in all the photos that your seeing. If I would have known they was going to get rid OF the car I would have asked. It brings back a lot of childhood memories. I grew up with the wofford family. Nothing but nostalgia.

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