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1966 Ford LTD: Dusty But Pristine?

left front

One can easily imagine that under that light layer of dust is a beautiful, original car, a real time capsule? There’s very little information revealed about this LTD listed on craigslist in Rossville, Tennessee. The asking price of $2,500 seems very reasonable, even for a 4 door. The engine is said to be “weak” and need a rebuild, but if it’s been sitting for a few years the issue could be one of  many lesser evils cured by much less drastic measures than an engine rebuild, including fresh gas or a carb rebuild.

right front

Could it be very clever photography, or is this old Ford really this nice? Could this really have sat for many years and still look this nice or was it restored and then left to gather dust for a few years?


The interior appears new. The driver’s seat is not even worn or sagging. It’s easy to imagine it looking “showroom new”.

right rear

What do you think you might find if you were to inspect this car? Would it be this nice or are there rusty bubbles under that vinyl top? Could the engine really have serious problems? Was this the grand parents pampered ride, or was this given a cheap respray and re-upholostry? I hope it’s really as nice as it looks and the new owner will enjoy it as it is after resolving any mechanical issues. If this was in my area, I would have to have a look.


  1. Avatar photo Chris in Nashville

    If anyone is seriously interested, that is not too far from me and I would be happy to put hands and eyes on it for you.

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    • Avatar photo David Member

      I would love to know if this car is really this nice. It’s too far away to consider, but wouldn’t you like to know? And why does he think the engine needs a rebuild? I would check it out if it was anywhere near to me.Do you think it’s possible?

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      • Avatar photo Chris in Nashville

        Going just to look is a dangerous idea for me… far too likely to bring it home if it is as good as it looks…

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  2. Avatar photo Alan (Michigan)

    The paint shines through the dust?

    Maybe a few little bumps under the vinyl roof covering…
    Anyone looking for a big mid-60’s sedan could do much worse. Certainly worth checking out!

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  3. Avatar photo Charles

    Looks good in the pictures!

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  4. Avatar photo Eric

    I live in Dalton GA and my dad is the owner of too 68 XL fastback one a 390 other 428CJ I could also go and look at the car if needed. Also note I’m a Judge in our car shows Fords & Mustang’s only belong to Cherokee Regional Mustang Club

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  5. Avatar photo Sukey

    Sweet ride
    I love it

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  6. Avatar photo JW

    Definitely worth a personal inspection, I like it.

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  7. Avatar photo JP

    Not entirely sure from the above comments if any of you are seriously interested in buying, but I might be. I’d love to know more from one of you who could make a local visit.

    I know a while back there was some talk of setting up a network of locals and a standard rate; did that go anywhere? At the least, I’d be happy to pay for a tank of gas, some beers and barbecue for whoever can make the trip. (Or both of you if you want to meet up and check it out Eric and Chris.)

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    • Avatar photo Chris in Nashville

      I would be happy to go look for you. Saves me being tempted to buy it myself.

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      • Avatar photo JP

        Thanks Chris. I just called and the owner is up for a visit. What’s the best way to coordinate? Maybe send me a text or give me a call at 703.829.0572.

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  8. Avatar photo erikj

    really, If I could I would go look at it and let all know my thoughts. But honestly If its that nice it would most likely follw me home. I drove 250 miles with trailer in tow just to really look at a 67 Plymouth sport fury parked in a garage for 22 years$2500 and it climbed on my trailer and said home james!!! nice orig car.Funny story why it was parked,The orig. owner backed it out of the garage to take the wife to lunch. The passenger door would not open so he got mad andput it back in the garage and then it sat for 22 years. They had lunch, bought a new truck and that was the end of the day

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    • Avatar photo Notch

      So it took 22 years to have lunch and buy the truck?!?

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  9. Avatar photo Marty Member

    Beautiful car, but it looks awful lumpy under that vinyl top. Where’s Jason? Maybe he can tell us if the velour on the seat upholstery is correct/original or not. Nice looking car otherwise.

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  10. Avatar photo dan Briddell

    I looked in every city listed in Tennessee for this car. It is not listed for sale in Tennessee.

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    • Avatar photo Blyndgesser

      Rossville, GA is on the TN line just across from Chattanooga.

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  11. Avatar photo Mason Goff

    Am currently daily driving a 66 galaxie 500 and would recommend these awesome cars to anyone. Everybody I meet has something nice to say about it. Good luck I hope somebody saves this one!

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  12. Avatar photo JCW

    If someone does look at this how about a update on condition

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  13. Avatar photo Robert Jordan

    I had a Dark Blue twin to this LTD in 1975. Mine has a 352 V8. It was a great highway cruiser.

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