1966 Porsche 912: Fingers Crossed

1966 Porsche 912

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Admittedly, I still dream of owning a classic 911 someday. Current values have pushed them out of reach for now, but there is still some hope that a 912 could be picked up for reasonable money. Sure, they don’t have as much power with their little flat-four, but they were lighter and thus better balanced. Got to focus on the positives here! Unfortunately, they are following their big brother’s lead so most of the good ones are going for big money now too. The seller of this 1966 Porsche 912 states that this car isn’t going to win any concours, but that it is driver quality. Sounds perfect to me! Bidding started at $200 with no reserve here on eBay, so I will be watching closely to see if these are now officially out of reach too. Fingers crossed!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Salt Man

    100% rust free? I don’t think so . . .

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  2. DonM

    Could be a nice car. More underneath photos would be nice. I predict $35 – $40 K.

    Great fun cars. I have one and just sold another.

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  3. DolphinMember

    This one looks really good. Even the heater boxes look to be in good shape. It must have had some very sympathetic owners, or at least the last one was.

    The only thing that makes me nervous, other than not having heard the engine run, is that new undercoat, which can hide a multitude of sins. I would want to scrape some off and confirm there’s solid metal underneath, especially where the torsion bar tubes attach.

    DonM is right, this will not go cheap. Or, maybe we just need to recalibrate “cheap” for early 911/912 cars since the old cheap isn’t even in the ballpark any more, unfortunately.

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  4. Horse Radish

    Bidding is at $17k already with over 4 days to go…

    There is something eerie about this one looking at the engine and underside photos.
    My impression that this one is hanging on by a thread.
    It probably needs everything sometime very soon.
    The undercoating is too thick (over whatever it’s hiding)
    and the paint job has been SHINED up for this sale.
    It spells resale for profit….
    nothing I would want to run into.
    A serious in person inspection strongly recommended !!
    I prefer an ‘honest’ car.

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    • Horse Radish

      NEVER MIND !
      Private E-bay auction === shill bidder’s heaven.
      Not in a million years.
      I’d rather burn $100 bills or go to a Mecum auction.
      at least those auctioneers ridicule or mock and insult you for your hard earned money…..
      not this sneaky stuff behind your back like E-bay……….

      also seller has 2 !!! feedbacks.
      from selling children’s books and magic sets….
      How well would you trust that ?

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      • Metalfinder

        are the children’s books and magic set included? If so, I’ll bid.

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      • Rancho Bella

        Radish…………….ridicule or mock…………….that was a good one.
        I prefer Gooding, at least the Brit does it with class…………….and he is darn funny.

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  5. Rancho Bella

    The boys are spot on here. German undercoat turns a light brownish gray after X amount of years. When you see black undercoat, beware, or you better have pictures of the restoration to prove what is underneath. A small point, Irish green not Kelly green was the Porsche color.

    Not enough tell tale pictures. On purpose or not knowledgeable……………..you pick

    I prefer a 912 with a five speed.
    But, the cost of admission has left me without a ticket.

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  6. cory

    Well, it was out of my range at 200. So 17k is definitely out.

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  7. RockabillyJay

    “A rising tide lifts all boats”..The 912 is quickly following 911s on price increases. About the only hope for an average guy is buy a project and sink tons of dough into it, or get a 1976 912E

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  8. Cameron Bater UK

    I always thought the styling of the 912 was more elegant than the 911

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    • DonM

      How can that be when except for the engine they are identical?

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      • Cameron Bater UK

        I don’t think they are, for a start the 911 had the whale tail and I think the nose was a bit shorter giving the roof a more elegant sloping look.

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  9. DonM

    Uh, sorry, that is completely incorrect. There were 911 with those ugly variations, but a “911” of the same vintage 912 were the same and basically remained so thru 73. Same tub except for motor mounts.

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