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1966 Shelby GT350: Unrestored Survivor?

1966 Shelby GT350 Survivor

The seller of this 1966 Shelby GT350 claims that it is an unrestored survivor. They mention a mild refresh in the 1981 though and that about 80% of the paint being original. It may very well be preserved, but I’m not sure if that qualifies it as really being unrestored. Still, I love GT350s and this one does look good! The sheetmetal is all original to the car and so is the glass. Are we just being to harsh on this poor pony? Take a look and let us know what you think. It’s located in Buford, Georgia and is listed here on eBay with the option to place a bid or buy it now for $175,777!


  1. Doug S

    I Love how Hank the Deuce (& FordMoCo) was and still is all about racing. Long Live Motorsports

  2. Blindmarc

    Wheels are off a later model.

    • Rocco Member

      Not hardly. These are the 14″ 10 spoke KH wheels offered in ’66 only. Not to be confused with the ’67-’68 15″ 10 spoke wheels. Notice the flatter face as opposed to the slight dish of the ’67-’68’s.

  3. Leroy

    I have a question about the 350s. A friend of mine has a 66 Shelby GT 350 with a supercharger on it. He told me it’s factory original. Was there an option to get a supercharger from the factory?

    • Blindmarc

      I believe it was offered through Shelby as an option. I’ve only seen one and it had a Paxton supercharger.

      • grant

        Pretty sure you are right. I read something once that mentioned Paxton superchargers and a few were made with an overdrive unit as well.

    • SFM5S

      There were a small number (about 20) ’66 GT350’s that are documented to have come from SAI with a Paxton supercharger installed, and many more ’66’s have been upgraded over the years by their owners.

  4. Coop

    Why are some pictures featuring the 10 spoke wheels and others with the Shelby Craigers?

    • Rocco Member

      ’65’s had Crager style 15’X6″ wheels, and ’66’s had the KH 10 spoke’s. Early ’67’s had 5 Star mags and later’67’s had 15″ 10 spoke mags that carried over to the ’68’s.

    • SFM5S

      Choices for the ’66 production year included: Cragar 5 Spoke, 15″ or 14″ Steel, 14″ Magnum or 14″ aluminum 10 spoke.

      • Rocco Member

        Only the carry over or leftover ’65’s (about 252) ’66’s came with the 5 spoke 15″ Cragers. The 14″ Magnum was usually reserved for Hertz cars.


      The seller answers that question in the text of the listing. The Shelby Cragars are on road worthy tires so the car can be driven.

  5. Woodie Man

    Anyone have 175 grand laying around to buy a GT350?

  6. Dolphin Member

    The asking price is about $30K above the median recent auction price according to the current SCM Guide, which probably explains why it’s on Ebay instead of being offered at a conventional collector car auction.

    It looks and is claimed to be genuine and mostly original, but is said to have some minor repaint and some dulling and wear from being being driven 80+K miles and shined & prepped for car shows over the years.

    A blemish on its history is that it went through a series of flippers’ hands, and although the basic car might be the real thing I’m not sure I would pay a premium for it given the general wear the car has, and those flippers who had custody of the car in the past. If the car appealed to me I would get a trusted Shelby expert to inspect and appraise the car before parting with that premium-level $175,777.00.

    The car also comes with a set of Cragar/Shelby wheels & tires.

  7. SFM5S

    The e-bay ad pictures show the car with Cragar 5 spokes and the spare is mounted on 10 spokes, yet the picture in this article shows the car wearing 10 spokes…hmmmmm. I would ask the seller about the plywood “patch” in the trunk (?). Looks like a fairly clean car otherwise the engine compartment appears unrestored for the most part.

    • Rocco Member

      The plywood “patch” as you mention, was a factory Ford cardboard filler, similar to the package tray near most cars back window of the day. Purely cosmetic to fill in the cavity so the trunk mat could extend to the inside fender well for appearance.

      Like 1
  8. Rocco Member

    Lately these ’65-’66 GT-350’s ad’s make a point to mention the “original CAST IRON” Borg Warner T-10 4-speed trans.
    The way I remember, these cars had aluminum BW T-10 trans. Some lower HP Ford Mustang’s (289 2V 195hp & 4V 225hp) had the cast iron T-10. But any 289 (271HP) Mustang had the nearly indestructible Ford cast iron 10 Bolt Top Loader trans. Shelby must have had a deal with BW in the early Cobra years (before Ford had their Top Loader), and used the aluminum(for weight) T-10 close ratio for racing. Serious road racers swapped the aluminum T-10 for the Ford Top Loader for reliability.
    In ’67 & later if a Shelby had a 4-speed, it was a Ford Top Loader.

    Just my $.02 again, from experience. Former owner of 3 early GT-350’s.

  9. Bob S

    I’d take a clone and the change in my pocket. Nice car.

  10. John

    Question for the Shelby cognoscenti — I seem to remember all of the 350s having a large ugly tachometer pod in the center of the dash. Is this car’s tach original? I’m not suggesting it is not, but rather just need to update the admittedly aged memories.

    Nice car, but the bidding has ended without a sale. $125k was all the EBay crowd would offer.

    • Rocco Member

      The ’65’s had the Stewart Warner tach & oil pressure gauges pod you refer to.
      The ’66’s had what you see in this ad.

  11. Alan (Michigan)

    Auction Ended. Fell $50K short of the BIN price….

  12. Blindmarc

    A 65′ sold at Mecum this weekend for $300k.

  13. Frenchbuff Member

    I remember a guy at the Illinois Institute of Technology on the so. side of Chicago had one when I was a grad student there in 1968-70 – seem to remember it was a 350 but might even have been a 500. Seems the head gaskets kept going, & they had some sort of Orings probably at the water passages to seal it. Think he went thru two replacement sets while I was there. Did either of these engines have a recurring problem with head gaskets, or was his just a fluke?

  14. Rocco Member

    Fluke. Plus, the GT-500 didn’t come out until ’67 with the 428pi.
    I’ve never heard of production Ford V8 engines ’61 and later ever having head gasket problems.

  15. 433jeff

    I’m with Bob get a clone, keep the money.

  16. Chris Yent

    Looking for a 66 GT 350 for a client!

    Can someone see if this car is available, or another nice one out there?

    Finders fee if purchase!

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