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1967 Aston Martin DB6 Vantage Barn Find

Aston Martin barn find

If you had half a million to spend on a car, what would you get? I’d probably fill up a building with affordable classics so I could experience a different car everyday. Then again, it would be fun to have something really special like this 1967 Aston Martin DB6 Vantage. I know how some of you feel about the business practices over at Gullwing Motors, but this is quite a discovery! Supposedly the car went into long term storage, presumably in this barn, 20 years ago. It has only covered 44k miles and has been in the care of the same family for almost 40 years. I’d like to get the full story from them before assuming that all as fact, but even if it isn’t, this is a beautiful British machine.

Vantage spec

If you were going to buy a DB6, the Vantage was the one to get! In place of the standard car’s triple SU carburetors was a triple Weber setup. It pushed the power from 282 up to 325 brake horsepower! In typical Gullwing fashion, not much information is given about the current mechanical condition of the car. They do mention that the engine still retains its Weber carbs and that it’s numbers matching though. I’d assume they are working on getting it running after such a long sleep. But, maybe the typical buyer of a car like this would rather have a specialist handle the job?

DB6 interior

Things do look great in here so the mileage claims are not too hard to believe. I’m not so sure about the idea of such a valuable car being parked in a barn for 20 years. Maybe it was under a cover or something? Let’s just hope that the photos weren’t staged in hopes of generating interest. I’m sure that people with enough money to buy a car like this are smart enough to do their own research. I, on the other hand, am still waiting to get smart enough to have enough money to buy something like this…

Pulled out

This had to be an exciting day! A certain series of movies may have made the brand famous, but Aston Martin did build some very respectable cars. Old David Brown knew what he was doing when he resurrected the company. It may not have been the most financially stable business, but the cars that left that factory were top notch grand tourers. Let’s just hope that the next owner will bring it out of its climate controlled garage once in a while so the rest of us can admire it!


  1. Mike Burnett

    Right hand drive with UK number plates. She’s a long way from home. I bet there is a story there!

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    • RickyM

      I saw that too Mike; think it was originally registered in Guildford in Surrey. Would love to know how it ended up in the US and never registered over there.

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  2. Dave Mueller

    Just clicked on the Gullwing link and my computer popped a virus defense. Guess I’ll stay away from them.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      That’s not good. Hopefully they get that fixed soon!

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  3. Horse Radish

    I don’t support flippers and


    same hogwash/b.s. story:
    Long time family/original owned, yap, yap, yap….
    until they get to triple their money by just by flipping it….

    I am so sick for that poor family.

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    • Dave Wright

      So……..how do you make a living? Everyone flips something.

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      • Horse Radish

        What an assumption that is.

        As Vic Braden once said to somebody dropping a smart a** comment:
        “Speak for yourself toad.”

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  4. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Ok, let’s play nice guys! I didn’t want this to turn into a Gullwing bash session, let alone a full out fight right here in the comments. Keep it civil please.

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    • Rustowner

      Mr. Radish is quite opinionated, as we have all seen. He seems to disdain anyone that might make a buck on a vehicle, any way, shape or form from what I gather. Not that I’m behind Gullwing at all, but Radish has also stated in the past that he has no “emotional” attachments to any cars that he has had, thus making him a “flipper” when he gets rid of cars that he has owned (to some people, I’m sure). Plus, he changed his reply to get a better bite at Mr. Wright. No fighting from me, but awfully amusing to watch :)

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      • Horse Radish

        Hey, Rustowner.

        Not me , not emotionally attached to all of my cars ??
        If you knew me well, then flipper is the last word that would come to mind in any and all sense of that word not even remotely nor far-fetched.

        Disdain ? yes,
        but not for anyone making a buck, but more so for those that have not earned it.
        And by that I mean people flipping cars for double or triple without even laying their eyes or especially HANDS on the/a car and improving it.
        May it even be to give it a wash or detail.

        That is the single most destructive thing that has happened to this hobby/ old car interest.

        Just like I’ve already said, see above.

        Jesse, I got you, thanks.

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      • DT

        Just for the record,be forewarned, I too am quite opinionated!!

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  5. Capt Doug

    clicking on your highlighted ‘Gullwing Motors’ sent alarm bells off in my computer — not bashing anyone just expressing a warning for those with less security protection on their computer.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      That comment wasn’t about that Doug. You’re fine and thanks for the warning!

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  6. Jersey Joe

    Peter Kumar doesn’t try and hide that he is not in business. He actually buys cars too, he helped me move on to another project. It’s actually nice; 2 hours after your phone conversation, you have you money in the bank and garage space in a couple of days.
    Maybe I’m on the wrong websites, but I don’t see anyone giving these cars away for free. Yes, everyone is flipping something to make a living.

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  7. Mark H

    Nice looking ride, and could be on the road by late spring from the looks of it. Best wishes to whomever picks it up!

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  8. Marco

    Curious what was the asking price, seems to be sold. More curious how much would it cost to get a DB6 back on the road for all us wishful thinkers on taking on a Barn Find. Thanks…

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  9. Howard A Member

    I’m extremely curious to know if there’s a red button under the the shift knob! What a cool car. No wonder 007 drove one.

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  10. Tom

    I know that the hatred for Gullwing and Beverly Hills Car Club is legion, but I do not know all their histories to speak authoritatively.

    I will ask this though, I am wanting to get 2 father-son projects often like the cars sold at Gullwing/BHCC and I’m not looking to make money (I will never sell a father-son project) nor do I care if such a project takes 10 years or more to complete. Just how do these two places source their cars? After all, for all the hate, neither place steals cars do they? They do pay the original owners cash, correct?

    So, instead of hating on these places, I’d rather focus on beating them at their own game. Is it just a case of scanning onecraigs everyday or is there a better way to source a really cool father-son project?

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    • Dave Wright

      I think your attitude and comments are well placed. I know many exotic car dealers and buy some myself. These guys are like pawnbrokers, they have 2 advantages over the average guy. They have ready cash and a reputation for using it. Otherwise, it is like being a gold miner, some people walk directly to the gold and some prospect for decades with little luck. You have to be knowledgeable and be willing to pull the trigger when you find what you want. Most people hesitate and are afraid. We all have would have should have could have stories. My best buddie bought a 65 Ferrari 330GT for 10,000 about 5 years ago out of a garrage where it had slumbered for 30 years. He found it on Craig’s List advertised to the public. I bought a very clean orignal 58 Mercedes 220S last year for 200.00 out of a local front yard. 35 years ago I bought a 1955 Porsche Speedster out of an Idaho junkyard for 100.00, the cars and deals are where you find them. In each case we paid the sellers asking prices for these cars. So………..Be Bold.

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    • DT


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  11. Scot Carr

    ~ Craigslist has made creating a search alert to your email inbox a one-click simple process. Enter the desired item in the market areas you want to shop and whenever an item meeting that description is posted you are immediately notified. I have come to lean on it like a crutch.

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  12. dj

    I don’t mind someone making a “buck” but it’s the way some folks go about it. I hate those folks who con people out of their cars and then filp them. The buyer tells the person lies like I will never sell it or my grand dad had one just like this. Or convinces him/her they will never fix it up. Then the seller lowers his/her guard and sells to the rat. Not that all folks do this but the vast majority do. There’s tons of them on Ebay for sale. People scour the country side just looking for an Ebay flip. That’s my opinion. I know most won’t like it but it’s my own.

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    • Horse Radish

      100 % dead on.
      I agree, as I have experienced it myself (constantly !).

      I have a guy from Britain, playing a game with me.
      He wanted to buy a 1958 VW Bus original rustfree Westphalia for $5000 (or less, if that’s even possible !).
      He says he’s local, but leaving on a vacation to England (’til october !) and I get a call the other day from him from Bermuda…..

      It’s just an insult to one’s intelligence, period.

      You find tons of these people commenting on BaT

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      • Dave Wright

        So……..where did he get the idea he could buy it that cheep…….and a smart guy like you couldn’t say NO?

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  13. gunningbar

    Stop the snarkiness..
    As for Gullwing..they put ads all around. BHCC does too. Naiive people call and get fleeced (on occasion). Capitalism s dark side. BF could start a “Buyers Club” and WE could buy cars! Might be tough to manage?!
    Put Dave and Horseradish in charge…. ok..sorry… forget it….my bad…..

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    • Horse Radish


      Now, what were you thinking ?

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    • Tom

      Well, BaT (which constantly features cars that do not need a trailer so I do not understand why they keep that misnomer) has an auction feature now. Don’t know what that means for here. Carsinbarns is a col site to check out but nothing is ever for sale.

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  14. John

    Given that I can only dream of having the resources to acquire something like this, let alone restore it to its proper condition, I will forgive Gullwing, et al, and just look at this wonderful machine. What makes it appealing to me is that someone, somewhere, actually drove this thing and enjoyed it (even if their music did come from an eight-track tape machine hung under the dash). Thanks to BF for including it in the evening “wishing and dreaming” session.

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  15. St.Ramone de V8

    This is a beautiful car. All this knowledge available on this site, and not much said about the car. I’m not going to buy it. Don’t care who is selling it. Just want to learn about it. Serious power from a Brit Car in ’67. Sure it would sound sweet. Out of my wallet’s meager reach, but just gorgeous.

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  16. Woodie Man

    I always wanted a DB6.had the Corgi model with ejecting seat back in the Goldfinger days. One of the highlighs of my mispent youth was pushing the exhaust and making the shield rise… I think thats wht happened or else the ejecter seat blew. I think they are some of the most beautiful cars,

    As for the seller and the issue of “flippers” I’m with those that think the “hobby” of old cars, which I have been intimately involved with since the day I could first drive some 45 freaking years ago, , is not the better for their presence; and of course in a capitalist society where folks can make a buck, they will. Thats why folks like those that follow Barnfinds exist;to counter the mercantilism and commodization of old cars, which of course is nearly impossible.

    So I think folks are on here ought to put up with people’s opinions that flipppers suck.Just as we have to put up with their defendrs. They serve a purpose just like leeches in Civil War hospital tents did. They get the blood pumping in the old car hobby and give the rest of us somebody to scorn. Its a win win!

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  17. DT

    come over to my new web site….Barnfights.com

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  18. Thorsten Krüger

    Why do some people here blame company Gullwing and Mr. Peter Kumar? He founded a company more than 20 years ago buying and selling classic cars. A big number of us hadn’t at that time the forecast view on that market. Peter had!! I know him personal buying over there in Astoria a number of cars for european customers. Nobody is unhappy. Everybody knows about condition and price. Peter Kumar is not “Gangster”. He is a business man and employs 10 people, paying them to feed their families….. the “gangsters” sitting at Exxon, BP, all the banks, and in the politics. Nobody is pressed to buy a car at Gullwing. …. so, let them do their job and if you don’t like them, switch to another website.
    That’s only my five cent. Happy eastern to all

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