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1967 Buick Riviera: Low Mileage Survivor?

1967 Buick Riviera

Could this 1967 Buick Riviera really have less than 10,000 miles on it? I’m highly skeptical, but this Buick appears to be a nice original car at the reasonable price of $9,700. It has the usual rust around the edges but hopefully there’s nothing too serious. While there’s nothing rare about these Rivieras, they were unique simply because of their front wheel drive layout. This Riviera and its Cadillac/Oldsmobile stablemates were GM’s answer to Ford evolving the Thunderbird into a personal luxury car. While this one appears to be a really original car, it would be amazing with some bodywork and a respray, but could you bring yourself to destroy all that originality? This Riviera could be a really great driver without doing major damage to the family finances! It’s listed here on craigslist in Ashland, Ohio. So do you believe that this car only has 9,546 miles on it, or is it more like 109,546?


  1. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Josh, you sure about the FWD? I thought all these Rivieras were RWD until much later models…

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    • Mark 'cuda man

      Ya………although the Riviera’s were “E” bodies of the GM line only the Toronado and Eldorado ( started in ’67) were front wheel drive. I owned 35-40 Toronados and 15-20 Eldo’s in the 70’s and 80’s. Loved them! Still do………

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    • D

      Really. Riviera didn’t go fwd until 79. My mom had a 69 Riviera GS. My ex had a 78 Riviera. 79 was the 1st fwd.

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  2. Dave H

    That Riv is a REAR wheel drive. The Riv didn’t become FWD until 1979

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  3. Mark E

    Ayup! Eldo & Toronado were FWD but the Riv was RWD in the late ’60s. As for the mileage, it’s hard to tell from the pictures. If the barn had a dirt floor or was in a humid climate and/or the car was covered that could account for all the surface rust on the body and engine. The interior looks pretty unworn and may just have 10k on it and just need a good detailing. The only way to tell for sure would be a close personal inspection. If you did that you could also check for other give-aways like original spark plugs, factory markings & stickers under the hood, etc etc.

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  4. David Frank David Member

    Jamie, the mistake is mine, not Josh’s and right you are! Sorry about the brain fade!

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  5. MikeG

    I think it’s pretty easy to see that there are more than 10,000 miles on this car. I’d say that 110,000 is more likely, given the condition of the body and engine compartment.

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  6. Gary

    I also have to agree with MikeG on this showing more miles than the 10k as stated. It would be easy to fluff up the interior and it could be made to show little to no wear even after 45+ years. For me the engine compartment was a dead giveaway.

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  7. kenzo

    This car is like the big white Lincoln a while back. A 5 digit odometer. As stated odometer shows 9546. They believe it is original. probably is cause it cant show 109546. The left side of the brake pedal appears worn well past a low 4 digit mileage and for 9k miles the under hood is pretty rough. Also the left spoke of the steering wheel appears to be worn or maybe it is just the photo, but the other spokes appear fine. Interesting – no under carriage pictures or under mat ones either. If I was selling a car with only 9k on it there would be more pictures showing either pristine and / or sitting in a barn rust all over.
    Not trying to be overly critical but flowering up a vehicle ad to sell it upsets me and I believe there is a whole basket full here.

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  8. Howard A Member

    I agree, clearly not low mileage. I guess this has gone on since the beginning of automotive time, trying to sell high mileage cars to unsuspecting people. Luckily, most people here, can spot that a mile away. Can’t rip on them for trying. Still, a nice car, although, keep a gas card handy, as mileage was pretty lousy, 7 city/11 highway. Rivieras always had beautiful styling, and this car is no exception. Be great for a car show, or cruise-in.

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  9. Chris A.

    Over 100K is more likely. For those who like the 60’s Riviera, the second series rebody is clean, but just doesn’t have the impact of the original series. Just not as crisp, but still a good looking car. I’m not surprised the interior is in good shape, the Riviera interiors were very high quality leather.This one is going to need serious body work, systems checking out and detailing. Maybe the paint can be buffed out, From the picture it also appears that it needs a new grill as the left side appears to be broken. And those tires will have to come off so the wheels can be cleaned up. Nice car but a lot of work for $9,700 and the real mileage on it. The area around Ashland OH which is just south of Cleveland would use road salt so a good underbody inspection is indicated.

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  10. Chuck

    Nice Riviera–to bad it has been so neglected. As others have said, only a personal inspection can verify if mileage is correct. The condition of the rally wheel photo leads me to believe it is original mileage. I am currently restoring a 66 Riviera & the black on the wheels is sure not as nice as this one.
    Anyone know where I can get the hood lip molding ? I have located all the other trim, but the hood lip must be like “hen’s teeth”.

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  11. MikeG

    A good way to judge this cars actual mileage might be checking the tires! If this actually has under 10k, it’s going to have its original tires on it.

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  12. John C Cargill

    As an former employee of a major Buick dealer, I can assure you it was rear wheel drive, while using the same platform as the Eldo and Toro, Riviera didn’t go Fwd until 1979 a full 12 years after this was built.

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  13. nathanielnagy

    I recently bought this car for 300$ yup thats right 300$ kid swore up and down it had 38k

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Looks like you got a bargain. Why don’t you send in some photos and the story so we can do a feature on it? mail@barnfinds.com

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    • Richard Snyder

      nice car / do you want to sell?

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  14. nathanielnagy

    Odometer. .. the break and gas petals are immaculate and theres no sag in the door. However there is rot in the rear floor pan needs to be replaced

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