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1967 Camaro RS Barn Find

1967 Camaro RS

Even if you aren’t a Camaro fan, this is the kind of find we all dream of making. An early example of an iconic classic tucked away in a barn, safely hidden from the worst of the elements and vandals. This ’67 Camaro has some rust issues, but for a car that’s spent all of it’s life in Michigan, it actually isn’t that bad (if you don’t know what I mean, the Michigan license plate says it all). It might not be an SS car, but it does have the 327 V8 and the RS styling package! You can find this barn fresh Camaro here on eBay in La Salle, Michigan, with the current bid just over $5,500.

1967 Camaro RS Plate

The seller claims the 210 horsepower V8 runs strong and that all the critical spots are solid. While I do see some rust around the doors, the floor pans do actually look to be extremely solid, so hopefully the majority of the rust is just on the surface at this point. While I like the story the current appearance tells, this car deserves some fresh paint! It would just look so good with the body work done and the paint bright and shiny. What do you think though? Would you preserve it as is or restore it?


  1. Gnrdude

    Considering everything it’s REALLY Not at all in Bad Condition just Needs to be Resprayed & have a Little trim Work done. Other Than that I’d Leave it alone, of-course How well Does it RUN after Sitting For almost 20yrs?

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  2. JW

    If all of his description is correct and not fantasy thinking on the rust I would give up to 10K for it but no more since it’s not a SS / 4 speed car. JMHO take it or leave it.

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  3. RayT Member

    My late sister bought a ’67/327/4-speed new. I enjoyed driving it then, and am still attracted to the first-gen cars, especially when they’re not loaded down with options. The Camaro was, at least to me, a neat bare-bones ponycar.

    Beyond the rust, I’d think you’d have to go through everything for it to be safe and even remotely enjoyable to drive. And it would be a shame not to shoot some paint on it and freshen the interior. Doesn’t have to be a 100-point showcar; it never was!

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  4. dj

    I like this. No one has made a fake Z28 or SS car out of it. It’s rare that it’s original and not screwed up.

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  5. Mark E

    BOY! Gold ’67 Camaro RS with buckets & column shift! Could be the twin to the very first car I ever drove! My father won the use of one in a sales contest where he used to work. We drove out into the country, he pulled over and stopped, turned to me and asked if I wanted to drive! Did I?!?? Meh! At twelve I was cruising slowly on dirt country roads in the hottest new car in America at the time! Talk about king of the road… ^_^

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  6. Cassidy

    He calls it a one owner car, yet he’s the 2nd owner. Duh. I wonder why the theme song to Flipper keeps playing in my head…

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    • Woodie Man


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  7. Dolphin Member

    Bid to almost $10K after being listed for about a day. I can see why. It’s probably one of the best ~50-year-old, 100+K mile cars on here for a while. The floors and trunk look good and the body has a shot at being brought back and painted with minimal work compared to most other 50-year old Michigan cars.

    The thing I wonder about is that it’s said to have been bought new in Florida, last plated in ’97, yet it carries a Michigan plate from ’67. Was it driven in Michigan all its life in summers only? Maybe the condition says it doesn’t matter, but if I were buying it I’d like to know before putting out the cash.

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    • Doug Crawford

      RE: license plate. A lot of states ( like Kentucky where I live ) only require one plate in the rear, and don’t care what is in the front. finding and installing a matching year plate is a pretty common thing to do for people around here.

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  8. Barzini

    These were fun cars. I owned one for 4 years back in the early 1980s. Dollar for dollar, it was the best value of any car I’ve ever owned. But rust was an issue, particularly around the back window near the trunk lid. It will be interesting to see the final bid amount.

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  9. john

    $5000.00 is too high a price to pay for this RS Camaro.Start adding cost paint,new crome for RS,bumpers,RS headlight motors,Grill,and interior,brake and fuel lines,and other items you donot for see.And you do all the work your self,I believe you will exceed its market value! If it was a RS/SS 350 or big block or convertible I would go as high as 15k to25k on what it is.My hobby is restoring muscle cars,and 67-69 is my speciality.If I where to pay up to 10k for this car the only way to get back this money is to part it out.

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  10. Charles

    Looks to be a good base to build from.

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  11. piper62j

    These Camaros just keep going up in value.. Little too pricey for me at the moment, but well worth the investment.. IMHO

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