1967 Caprice Convertible: Original Or Restored?


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The pictures certainly make this convertible listed on craigslist look nice. It’s advertised in San Diego, but it’s apparently in Eastern Nebraska. There may be someone willing to pay the asking price of $15,000 if it’s as good as it looks. It hasn’t been on the road since 1992. This convertible looks original, but perhaps it’s been painted at some point.

The interior really looks nice. Bucket seats and a console would have been nice, but this is a Caprice and not an SS. It looks like it’s complete and in good shape

This is a 327 4 barrel car with an automatic. A picture of the engine would have been great. It even has the original hubcaps. Could this Chevy really be this nice? If so, is it a survivor or was it restored? What do you think you’d find if you were to look it over?

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  1. Bob

    I’m thinking messed with. I was under the impression all full-size ‘verts were Impalas until ’73.

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  2. Woodie Man

    Sure looks sweet. Using an actress/siren from the forties , I think its Veronica Lake, to sell a ’67 Chevy is weird. Why its advertised in San Diego with Nebraska plates is also strange. well it is Craigslist. Be nice to know how much is original.

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  3. Joe

    Everything I see looks Caprice, except side trim. Side trim on 67 Caprice was lower, this looks more like Impala height and profile. If this is as rare as seller says, then VIN, Trim tag, etc etc docs needed. People do convert Impalas to Caprices. The conversion may have been lost in the car’s history as it transferred from one owner to the next.

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  4. Joe Gotts
  5. Joe Gotts

    I agree with Joe the side trim looks wrong.


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  6. Chebby

    That shade of brown does not look like a 60’s color, it’s likely repainted.

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  7. Glen

    The carpeting looks like it has never been touched, my car is a month old and looks worse than that, could it be a replacement? or am I being too sceptical?

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  8. Alan

    Not an original ’67 color. Question about whether it’s a real Caprice can be answered by the VIN #

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  9. redwagon

    nice comparison caprice v impala here:


    this one has side trim that resembles the impala, the rear lights look like a caprice, the interior looks like a caprice and the front end does too. in fact the trunk on this one has “caprice by chevrolet” and the one in the youtube vid doesn’t.

    don’t know what color this is but it doesn’t show up as any stock color for 1967 chevrolet.

    from this chart on production codes: http://impalas.org/numbers/ it doesn’t look like there ever was a caprice convertible. in ’67 just the impala and impala ss offered converts.

    having said this i know it was possible to do special order colors (ever look up the optional color choices on a ’68 firebird? just weird what was possible). so perhaps a caprice could have been specd as a convertible, with dark brown color and impala trim. stranger things have happened.

    it would help to see the trim code and vin plates.

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  10. Nessy

    I can not remember a factory Caprice convertible this year and those seats look just like the Impala seats. Caprice seats were very different. Even the original dealer booklet I have does not show a soft top model being offered. Only a coupe, sedan or wagon. Otherwise, everything else on the car looks like a Caprice. What gives?

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  11. Joe

    This ad describes another possibility. The seller was surprised to discover that his 67 Caprice convertible was born a hardtop. If you go half way down the page to the July 8, 2013 update, the seller clarifies his description after checking out the under frame.


    So my guess is that the car here in question started life as either an Impala convertible and was made into a Caprice, or it started life as a Caprice hardtop and was converted to a convertible. As the title moved around and was updated the car became a Caprice Convertible to the current seller.

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    • Chris in Australia

      I had a ’67 Impala Sport Sedan that was cut down into a 4 door convertible. All four doors opened & closed just fine. Australian assembled Impalas of that year used Caprice rear bumpers & reversing lights. We also got ’63 Belairs with the 6 light
      Impala rear end too

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  12. Rick

    Back in the early 70s I lived in the metropolitan Seattle area and had a 67 Caprice coupe 396 factory 4 speed, and being the car guy back then (that I still am now) I did a lot of driving and watched for anything 67 Caprice and saw lots of 67 Impala convertibles but never saw a Caprice. Now of course that is not scientific, but I agree with redwagon and others above, Caprice was not offered in anything other than a coupe and 4 dr hardtop, and the interior in the Caprice was way more plush than Impala, had like a diamond pattern in the seats with buttons. Never saw a Caprice 427 either, but saw more than one SS427, both in convertible and fastback, those were scarce, but what a cool full size factory hot rod

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  13. Slickimp

    I am a car guy also and they did not make a caprice convert till 73 to75 some one made this car not hard to take all the caprice stuff and put it on this impala.I have a 67 impala convert when restoreing it I got a caprice for parts. Some day I thought back them I may put the rear bumper and tail lights in it but never did. Sill have a lot of the stuff but when I moved I got rid of tail lights one had a crack in it. Also the hub caps he said are original from a a 77 or newer caprice . been chevy guy a long time always been in to the caprice and impala’s

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  14. Ken

    No such thing as a 1967 Caprice convertible. Your car is an Impala convertible. Full stop.

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  15. David Frank DavidAuthor

    Still for sale, same price…

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