1967 Chevrolet C-10 At $1,000 No Reserve


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Called a true barn find by the seller of few words that has listed it here on eBay, this good looking truck features all original paint with some nice options and is located in Boynton Beach, Florida. Bidding is starting at $1,000 and there’s no reserve!


I like the styling of these trucks, and this one wears it’s age and use well. It looks like someone has repainted the wheels and possibly installed new or really nice center caps as well as a set of Michelin tires. The paint almost looks like faded denim to me!


This has to be one of the nicest looking and purposeful front ends ever put on a pickup. Everything about this truck looks very straight and nice, apart from the obvious corrosion. I think I could live with the rust for a while, anyway.


Even the bed looks pretty decent, at least for a functional truck. Sure, there’s some wear and damage, but this is a pickup, right? That’s what the bed should look like!


Inside, well, it’s a pickup. But there is factory air conditioning and a pretty nice dash, although I’m sure under the seat cover isn’t pretty. The odometer is showing 67,000 miles, which I’m pretty sure is under the true mileage, but the pedal pads don’t look like 167,000 to me. What do you think?


I couldn’t find anything online that looked like that hose going to the air cleaner, so I’m really wondering what that is. It’s also pretty obvious that the air conditioner hasn’t run in a while. The seller does tell us that the truck runs and drives but that you should call them for details. I’d certainly want to know more before bidding, but I have to admit I’m intrigued considering the price. Does this barn find push any of your buttons?

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  1. DirtyHarry

    It pushes my “get back in my rental car and look at something else,” button.

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  2. Jim Masteller

    Not a 1967…has large rear window…….67 had small ones

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    • h60memo

      Large rear window was an option in 1967.

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    • Richard Holm

      ’67 had what they called the “panoramic” rear window option, which is just a fancy for large rear window.

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    • jvbark

      It is a 1967. It has no side marker lights on the front fenders. Federal law mandated them on all cars and trucks, starting in 1968. That is how you can tell the difference between a 1967 model and a 1968 model.

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  3. Stephen

    I think that hose is a PCV connection.

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    • Richard Holm

      Yea, probably is. Just a vacuum hose that they decided to plug. Lazy way of doing it. lmao

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      • Chebby

        Looks like it ends at the dome light in the cab :)

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  4. JW

    I think it is a 67 with the wood bed as my 68 had a metal bed. I’m thinking they stuck that hose on the threaded hold down rod for the air cleaner to plug a vacuum line. Redneck engineering.

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    • Tyler

      Wooden bed was optional on the fleet side trucks up till 1975.

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  5. Rich

    Love the look on this one. Pretty clean and really straight. I’d buy it if I was looking.

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  6. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    In the image of the interior with the gun rack, it looks like she is wearing a camper shell.

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    • Chebby

      That explains the bright blue paint on the top sides of the bed fenders.

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  7. geomechs geomechsMember

    Most definitely a ’67. The ’68 models had side marker lights. The wide rear window was on option in ’67. I think it was still an option in ’68 because I’ve seen some ’68 models with the narrow window.

    Looks fairly solid. If I had it, the aftermarket A-C would disappear and I would see if I could source out the factory components. Mind you I wouldn’t spend a lot of time doing that. I DID see the cab of a C-20 in a guy’s boneyard that had everything on it so there’s the odd one out there. I agree with the claim on the mileage; the pedals tell it all…

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  8. Mr. Bond

    A nice restorable Custom model. All the trim bits, and they look to be in decent shape. I’d sure be interested if I lived closer. You don’t see very many large window ’67’s. Never seen a small window ’68 that was original.

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  9. HoA Howard AMember

    Too good to be true @$1,000. For that price, we’d be jumping over each other to get it. At $4,300 already, it’s past the point of being a steal, but still a good price for the next level of buyers. I thought that vacuum line could be the vacuum advance. Why it’s plugged is anybody’s guess. I don’t think that’s a stock a/c system either. The compressor would have been the standard GM type.Just shows, they’re still out there. Gotta be quick, though. Just about everybody wants a simple truck like this again.

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    • Dave Wright

      We bought a much better looking, rust free 1967 for one of my sons last month, PS, PB, A/C, nice wheels, short fleet side, near perfect interior, small block 4 speed for 400.00 here in Idaho. We are going to do a body off restoration, LT1,

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  10. Alan Brase

    A friend of mine had one of these he bought for $200 with a bad motor. I put an exact same 67 283 in it. I never saw a better stone-axe simple hauler. 3 speed, wood bed no frills. Nothing to go wrong. My friend’s starter went out. For half a year, he would singlehandedly BUMP START the truck! On the flat level ground, he’d just push it, jump in, put in gear and pop the clutch. That damned 283 would start with a quarter turn! I’m sure a guy could have wrapped a rope around a pulley, started it by hand.
    If we ever get the THERMO NUCLEAR PULSE, this will be the best truck in the world!

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  11. Rich

    Maybe the hose was water injection, hooked to a washer pump bottle. Old time trailering trick. Like NOS but cheaper. Raised compression, broke down to hydrogen and oxygen, both explosive, cheap to refill. Usually a push button on the dash, windshield washer drilled into air cleaner. Trico injection!

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  12. Ron Engel

    That is not factory a/c! The aftermarket ones were horrible! Todays add on a/c are much better and more efficient.

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  13. GoodoleMike

    I’ve had 3 67’s and one 68. Wonderful trucks, wish I still had at least one of them. You can always tell the difference between the 67’s and 68’s. The 1968’s had the side lights on them. The 67’s did not have these lights.

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  14. Melvin Burwell

    My favorite truck. Wish it was closer to Los Angeles County. I would buy it.

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