1967 Dodge Coronet R/T Four-Speed Project

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Except for hood louvers and subtle “R/T” badges, little distinguishes this 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T listed here on craigslist in Denver, Colorado from an economical six-cylinder or 318 cid V8-powered model… in appearance anyway. Step on the gas, however, and the 440 cid mill would have responded by converting fuel into thrust with complete disregard for economy. A stout but not-so-awesome two-barrel 383 replaced this Coronet’s 440 long ago, but the mostly-original R/T (Road/Track) looks fairly solid and the $9,800 asking price appears more realistic than many listings fueled by TV auction Mopar Madness.

Sporting original paint and remnants of its factory black vinyl top, this running-but-not-driving Dodge needs (at least) a bellhousing repair or replacement before it can move under its own power. That’s right; this is a factory four-speed car with original transmission and Dana 60 rear end.

Dodge’s sales literature called the new-for’67 Coronet R/T package “Just about the hottest thing since the cast-iron stove.” Thanks to lov2xlr8.no for some details. It’s amazing the body-color steel wheels and “Dog Dish” hubcaps survived more than a week before being replaced with something flashier.

This nondescript 383 could be made into a fearsome powerplant in its own right, but an original-spec 440 cid 375 HP Magnum V8 would look more at home and increase the value of this factory muscle-car. It could probably be put in driving condition with minimal effort. I once owned a ’66 Coronet 440 and have a soft spot for the R/T. Ironically my hood had a similar crumple on the left front corner. Fixing it was my first practical use of body leading. How would you finish this muscular Mopar?

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  1. Josh_T

    I believe they only produced around 1300 440 4 speeds. I have one and it’s not a car you casually cruise. You have to drive this thing! Manual steering and brakes, all the power is under the hood. It sat for 20 years in a garage next to my favorite wing hut. Never would have guessed it was waiting under piles of junk and cobwebs for the day I would come along. I purchased it from the family of a man who bought it when he was 17. The original 440 was in the trunk when he got it. Thankfully, he realized the car was something special and kept it all original. The Certi-card is still under the hood.

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    • R Soul

      Josh, please tell me that’s not Martin guitar sitting there collecting dust.

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      • Josh_T

        R Soul, I’m not sure about the guitar but I bet it’s still sitting there in a heap.

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  2. Josh_T

    And it’s already gone….

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    • Don H

      What is wrong with you ?

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    • Superdessucke

      A Trabant or Lada probably better reflects the direction that those who do not like this era want this country to go in. FYI, you can sometimes find those on Bring a Trailer. They will censor your comments but that does fit within the spirit, I would say!

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    • triumph1954

      Darn! Drug dealers, flippers, high gas prices and now baby boomers and hippies. What is next, senior citizens with large investment portfolios? Will this hobby ever be great again?

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    • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

      As and old Hippie I disagree. Not really sure how Hippies messed up the country. I agree on the resto. As far as messing up the country, try the politicians. Oh, I forgot. No politics.

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  3. Miguel

    It is a shame the US didn’t have the Charger flip around headlights on these cars like the Mexican versions did.

    It really improves the looks.

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    • DaveMc

      I grew up in Minnesota.
      Flipping headlights sucked there practicality wise, they constantly froze up.

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  4. Gaspumpchas

    One cool coronet for under 10k, Colorado car…whats not to love, This beauty defines the term “Sleeper”…I’d warm up the 383 or put another 440 in it and drive as is! Original shifter. What a steal!! Good luck to the new owner


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  5. Troy s

    I wouldn’t spiff it up too much, leave the wheels, obviously the seats need help, but under the hood a two barrel 383 is just plain wrong, especially with that transmission.

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  6. Snotty

    How bizarre! It says it is for sale[posted Dec.3] on my phone but not my p.c.??? I turned the tip into Barn-Finds,the car had been for sale a couple of wks. If ya got your heart set on a 4 spd. Here is a 68 XL asking 5400.https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/1968-xl-fastback-4-speed/6752939181.html

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  7. PaulG

    Todd, the wheels and dog-dish caps would not have been available on this car from the factory.
    These are police package, and someone did a nice job of making them look right at home on this R/T

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    • Fiete T.

      Yup, 7″ wide with openings and vented dog dishes. About ’74-’75 when those came out

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  8. Del

    Good deal. Gonzo

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  9. Moparman MoparmanMember

    I would like to know how many views one is allowed?? Today, I was only able to view this ONE listing, before getting the “you have reached your viewing limit” message! I don’t even know if I’ll be able to get back to view a response to this comment!! This site may be one that I’ll have to drop from my morning routine!!

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    • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

      @Moparman – free views are currently set at 50 per week. You obviously enjoy the site a lot so why don’t you just become a member? It helps us run the site and you get a better browsing experience for less than you probably spend on the coffee consumed during your morning routine.

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