1967 Fiat Dino: Swap Candidate


The Fiat Dino has perpetually been a car that introduces a conflict: its undesirable affiliations with the Fiat brand, combined with the sonorous and valuable qualities of a Ferrari-derived powerplant, certainly can pull your brain in opposing directions. So, this 1967 Dino Coupe here on eBay reduces the struggle a bit by coming with no engine or transmission, as those have both been removed by the seller. The relative rarity of the Dino should keep this one from falling further into parts car status, but you would have to be a true brand fanatic to stick your neck out for this rough project car, filled with spiderwebs and God-knows-what-else. Do you see any potential here?

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  1. 1ST-RAT

    The best part of the car (maybe the only good part) is already gone. The part that is left isn’t much better than Fiat. Sorry, no interest here.

  2. chris

    cram an ls3 in there and make it faster than it ever was.

  3. Doyler

    Interesting. When I reached out to him initially, he still had the engine. I guess he sold it. Oh well….

  4. Dolphin Member

    No wonder the engine/transmission are sold. That’s where most of the value was.

    You could get a cheap No American V6 + transmission to swap in that had more torque but fewer revs than the original Dino V6. But you still have to R&R the rest of the car, including finding the missing parts. And then you’ll be into it for way more than it’s worth.

    I think it’s a losing proposition unless the body can be saved (can’t tell from here, but the setting and the pics don’t inspire confidence) and you can do the interior work yourself, and you don’t mind having a different engine in it.

    These coupes are worth less than their Spider brothers and a tiny fraction of their 246GT cousins, so it’s doubtful this would be a financially workable project. Too many other cars out there—–pass.

  5. Scot

    I think that these are lovely cars. If they had not had the detuned Dino motor it would have been better. The motor eclipses the shape and comfort of a fine GT.

    I don’t have the time or the skill to do what this car needs. None the less I am considering it.

    • Don Andreina

      Apparently the Fiat and Ferrari Dino engines were exactly the same. Those grilles at the trailing edge of the rear side windows mark this as a 2 litre model.

  6. Howard A Member

    I had a friend that worked at a Fiat dealer in the 70’s and he brought 1 of these home as a used car demo. We all went for a ride, and with 4 people, that car STILL hauled axx. And that sound, I’ll never forget it. Parts car here, if anybody in the US is actually restoring one.

  7. TomE

    Glass has value, perhaps wheels if not too far gone. Not much else there.

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