Is It Worth It? 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

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When they were new, 1967 Ford Mustang fastbacks were only $231 more than coupes. It seems that gap has widened a lot since then! This decent project car for sale here on eBay has broken through the $15,000 barrier already and still has some time to go. It’s located in Everest, Kansas.

Seeing the rear spring hangers extended like this has always bothered me. I know early Mustangs tend to sag in the rear but why go too far the other way unless you are trying to clear monster tires? I am a fan of the original wheel covers, though, having cleaned my parents’ ’67 Mustangs many times (they had two). We are told in the listing that the frame rails are “real solid” but one does have a rust crack starting.

Both rear quarters have been “repaired.” Not sure if this fits your idea of what repaired is, but I’d be starting over. At least you know what you are getting into. Also, the front aprons have already been replaced for some reason, and there is some more “repair” work on the passenger side floor.

The interior was originally red, but the seats (and carpet?) have been replaced previously. The seller does provide some decent pictures of some of the problems spots, which I appreciate.

Under the hood we have a non-original and non-running 351 Cleveland. Originally there was a 289 with a two barrel carburetor per the Marti report shown in the ad.

The seller has also kindly included a close up of the tag in case you want to do your own research. Me, I’m just not sure I’d pay this kind of premium for a fastback, even though I do like them better. What do you think, readers?

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  1. Rick

    This price is crazy. Just saw one local in running and driving condition for $5500.00. Same color but better shape.

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    • Nrg8

      Link it up please, I have turtle necks and a youth I wish to regain.

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    • Fran

      I bet its gone. If not may I have the number on it? For some reason the 67, 68 Mustangs are crazy, they pulled away from the 65, 66 and 69, 70’s in value.

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  2. EHide Behind

    I do not understand where the return point is when redo and buy cost are added up.
    I dug Through Hemmings and latest major auction prices and you can get real gems for 25-30K.
    Rather it were a 351 Windsor than Cleveland for street daily unless it has 2brl heads.

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  3. elrod

    The market pricing on these has been blown wide open. This is now an average transaction price for this very well used up shell. This car is a candidate for a Dynacorn metal body (about 20K). Use the VIN and trim to basically build a new car. Yes, you will hit some big project cost numbers – but these rarely lose if you have even a small amount of restraint. Assuming of course most of the labor is you.
    My favorite pony car of all time – 67 Mustang fastback. I have had my eye on this plan for years. Not a great deal here, but one that is sold every day at this price – sigh

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    • EHide Behind

      My Favorite Stangs were the early fastback
      And I always wanted to make a real canyon carvery out of one. Used to drive my buds 65 but tires etc still was no better handling than Falcon Futura.
      He blew original 289 235 horse and replaced with 289 271 H P.
      DAMN thing ate gas but never fast just quick.
      With today’s suspension mods, later modified injected 5 liters, newest speed rated tires and wheels, running wild on twisties would be a
      Thanks for info on today’s cost as I gotta be carefull on a pick and choose income.

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  4. J PaulMember

    Good thing the author likes the hubcaps, since they will probably never be seen again. Given the incorrect engine and numerous things that need fixing, the chances of this not becoming a restomod or Bullitt clone hover at about .00001%

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    • whmracer99

      My guess is that after you send this out to be blasted it would look like cobbled together Swiss cheese when it came back. Kudos to the seller for being forthright in their description so there’s no excuse for being surprised when you receive it. The fact that it’s already over $15K says a lot about the going price for these and the fact that all the parts (up to a complete shell) are available makes this more attractive. Agree that it will end up as some form of resto-mod.

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  5. Fred W.

    Those rear spring shackles to “jack up” the rear were mandatory equipment in the 70’s, along with 70 series tires and an 8 track.

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    • Dan in Texas

      Especially when your rear springs gave up the ghost at 60k miles!

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  6. Rodent

    Buy that 67 Cyclone GT from last weekend and swap over the 390 GT, C6, 9 inch, and power disc brakes and have a clone 67 Mustang GTA.

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  7. 8banger daveMember

    Wow, and that 1/4 patch…wow.

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    • William Sanders

      That looks GOOD compared to how I was “taught” in votech auto body class many moons ago.
      He had me wipe mar-glass on a sheet of cardboard and stick it on the inside.
      Needless to say, I didn’t make a career out of auto body.

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  8. Bob

    I sold a rusted out 67 fastback 289/4 speed on eBay a few few years ago and it sold for 8500 bucks I really couldn’t believe it as I only paid 500 bucks for it LOL

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    I would be concerned that the seller says that the hidden VINs do not match his paperwork. It could be that the car was involved in a front end collision and a junk yard front clip was welded on. Or a complete other body was used and the left door from the wrecked/rusted car was put onto it. Or it could just be mis-stamp from the factory, which we do know did happen.

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  10. Canadian Mark S. Eh!

    Any time you see an interrupted weld on body metal you will have new rust and soon. Not to mention rust under that big sloppy panel where moisture can hang around. 15 k is crazy for a rustang in my opinion theres lots of these around good and bad so if your going to drop coin on one you’d better look for a better one. And when you are all done you can join the row of them at the cars and coffee night. ( Nothing unique here )

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  11. Karguy James

    I just sold a decent shell with no engine or trans still needing interior and trim parts for $20,000. There is simply more demand than supply.

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  12. Classic Steel

    I thought they found McQueens cars 😊

    Dig up a fastback and say show me the money 💰💰💰💰💰 for some buyers and throw in a bullet DVD too please !🤠

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  13. Leman H. Wilson

    This is the exact car that I bought on August 6th 1967for $3432.00 it had the 289 Windsor Engine with 2 bbl & select shift.

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  14. Troy s

    Interesting engine swap for a ’67, but now days there is so much out there for the once docile 351 Windsor to the point that another engine swap seems in order. Nothing against the mighty 351 Cleveland, but for a solid street engine capable of running on modern pump gas I would lean towards the Windsor,…347 stroker motor? Torque thrust D’s, loud pipes, rumpity rump idle, decent shocks, better brakes….just can’t help how I think.

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  15. Mike

    A chevy person myself, I have the greatest attraction for the ’67 and ’68 mustang fastbacks GT models followed by the boss and mach cars. The boss and mach’s proved the most challenging while on street or strip. Wish I could be critical about plain Jane’s of any stripe however, I can’t a car or two owned by me were just that, plain Jane’s!

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  16. Mark in WNC

    Everyone is anxious to swap a VIN tag onto another vehicle…check with your local DMV inspection division and see what they have to say about this…

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    • Mike

      In my neck of the woods, DMV frowns on the activity. I personally, would have the anxiety you speak of should I have the stones to change vin tags exspecially prior to sale with the possibility of a fat lip or worse.

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  17. Eric

    My first Mustang was a 67 coupe. Even in 1986 the FB we’re out of my price range. I bought a 1970 FB 3 years ago and love it. Much better car and got it for a bargain. At the time I wanted a 67 now that I have a little more money I thought it would be easy, nope, for some reason the 67’s are all the rage. Over priced in my opinion! The entire classic car market is insane. I really wish velocity, discovery and the history channel would stop producing the reality car resto shows. Then pricing will get a little more in line with reality!

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  18. gaspumpchas

    Fastback Rustangs are hot right now,but it still seems like a lot for butchered up body work. if the quarters look like that the rest cant be far behind, Plenum? floors?

    Anyhoo good luck to the new owner!

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  19. SquareLeft

    This would be the perfect starting point for another one of my pipe dreams… and for those of you who think it’s over-priced, dream on! Rick should have jumped on that $5,500 one with both feet and flipped it on ebay!!

    Back in the day (1967) my buddy Skip ordered a new ’67 Mustang GT fastback – 390/4-speed, light blue with a darker blue interior. His dad was the parts manager at the local Ford dealership and they twiddled and fiddled with it, but it was still getting out-run every weekend by just about every muscle car out there. The solution? Skip’s dad ordered a 427 long block from Ford. No, I can’t remember the exact specs, but it was an earth-shaker. After one long weekend’s work doing the swap, Skip went from paying at the end of every street race to putting money back into the bank!

    I’ve always wanted to re-create that car and a scruffy fastback like this would be the perfect candidate to rip apart and stick on a rotisserie!

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  20. Pete

    Nah, I can see how this might actually be a solid car for a person who lives in the rust belt. I like the car for what it is and it is represented well in the listing. However that is way to much money even for a fast back. 8K max

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  21. Rustytech RustytechMember

    The 67/68 fastbacks went through the roof ( no pun intended ) right after “Gone in Sixty Seconds” premiered, and they have never come back to earth. I hope this is not just another Elenore clone in waiting.

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