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Outfit Your Garage And Get A Mustang For $6k!

1967 Mustang Project

Every once in a while we run across flash sales brought on by divorce. We would never encourage our readers to take advantage of someone’s misfortune, but this Mustang will likely go quick. It has a V8, 3-speed, and a bunch of new parts for $5k. The seller is even willing to throw in their tools for an extra grand. There is some rust in the floor, but otherwise this does look like a good project. It’s located in Garland, Texas and is listed here on craigslist. Take a look and let us know if you think. Thanks goes to Dan H for the tip!

289 V8

The seller’s photos aren’t great, but they do describe the car’s condition well. They also have included a list of all the new parts they have purchased. As usual, my biggest concern would be rust. If you are in the area though, it would be easy to run over and take a look before making a deal. The engine is claimed to have ran when the car was parked, but the carb is off and rebuilt.

Outfit Your Garage

Someone locally could probably get a nice package deal here. The tool package includes a welder and workbench, so you could basically outfit your garage and have your first project all for $6k. It’s unfortunate that this guy has to give up on his dream, but hopefully someone will be able to carry on the torch without negatively affecting their own relationship.


  1. Avatar photo Joe Gotts

    Looks like a sweet deal to me.

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  2. Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

    Could be great for a young guy getting started.

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  3. Avatar photo JW454

    I’m sorry for his misfortune but he is setting the price, and a buyer didn’t have anything to do with the situation that caused this car to be for sale. So, if I was a buyer, I wouldn’t feel bad that I was taking advantage of his misfortune.
    However, he has offered a fair deal for the car and possibly the tools. The guy that’s the scum would be the guy that makes a two thousand dollar offer.

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  4. Avatar photo Charles

    Looks like a good deal for someone!

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  5. Avatar photo RON

    Never been a Mustang guy but as many as there are out there , I fail to see how even with the parts, how a generic mustang like this could be worth 5k. I would not think it worth 12k finished and certainly don’t think you could finish it for another 6k. Maybe I have been buying the wrong cars.

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    • Avatar photo Jacob

      Sadly the prices you are saying went away from mustangs down here in Texas about 3 years ago. Now days this about average for a mustang with these options and this shape down here, if it was fully restored it could bring $20,000- $25,000, I’ve seen multiple examples sell for $25,000 in this area.

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    • Avatar photo Rancho Bella

      Well Ron……….I am a early Mustang guy and you are correct. Much better off buying one in nice condition……anyone would be dollars ahead.

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  6. Avatar photo dave57210

    If it wasn’t so far away, I’d be on the road right now to go get it at that price!

    Around here, you’d pay at least double for one in that condition (as in “with torqueboxes included” ) Floors are easy – esp since has the parts already

    With the 3 spd std trans, I’m thinking that it’s the Lo-Po 2 bbl 289, but that can be upgraded VERY easily. Basically, I’d fix the floors & drive it.

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  7. Avatar photo Al

    Well there’s a suprise! A picture that shows there IS an engine in the car. Think it may be a little high but then there are 6 sylinder auto notch backs out there in similar shape for same price because someone saw an auction with a 2+2 or a Shelby and we all know that they are the same thing, a mustang! LOL Been to too many penny saver add sales.

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  8. Avatar photo JW

    Seems like a sweet deal to me for someone wanting a solid car to get started in the classic car hobby and the tools may make it even sweeter.

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  9. Avatar photo racer99

    You see so many here that are outrageously priced because the owner saw a car “just like his” that brought $100K at Barrett-Jackson. This, on the other hand, appears very reasonably priced considering the car’s condition and the number of new parts supplied with it. It would be a great start for someone that was looking for an under $10K classic.

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  10. Avatar photo piper62j

    This is a great find.. Someone will reap a lot of fun and a nice car when it’s finished..
    Super deal.. Go for it..

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  11. Avatar photo Mike

    I always said Divorce brings out the Beast in everyone. A Good friend of mine Larry, went through a bad divorce, and the day he moved out he got his cloths and a TV, she got everything else including his 1969 F100 Ford pickup.
    When we were in High School we found this truck sitting in the middle of a corn field, we pulled it out and took it to my dads shop, we worked on that truck weekends for 2 years, we did a full frame off resto, replaced bad parts, and put a crate motor in it, we repainted it back to its stock colors white over blue. you name it we did it to it, changed it out to disc brakes all around, re did the wood in the bed replaced it with red oak that was sanded smooth and poly-ed, redid the interior back to factory color, you name it we did it to the thing . We got it finished just before we graduated form HS, and Larry loved that truck, when he got married a few years later, he took it on his Honeymoon to Florida. Well after 10 years of marriage they got divorce, at first they were going to split up without any problem, he was going to keep his stuff she keep hers, well than her family got involved in it. Well after a year Larry lost, the agreement was the home, his truck and her car had to be sold, and she was the one that had to do it. Her new found friend bought the truck for well below market , and her car was bought by her Dad, for pennies on a dollar. Needless to say Larry got a little over $100.00 for his truck after it sold. I tried to buy it for a whole lot more than that but she would not sell it to any of his friends. The punk that bought it trashed it and even tried to sell it back to Larry but he said no. I think about all the hours we put into that truck and now it is gone.
    Larry did buy a 72 a few years ago, and is slowly putting it back together, he bought a crate engine for it through my parts company and this one will be fuel injected. Nice!!!!

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    • Avatar photo Alan (Michigan )

      A sad tale.
      Larry needed a much better attorney.

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  12. Avatar photo George

    “Ran when parked.” So did I when I was younger. Now I have a tough enough time just to “Yard Drive.”

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  13. Avatar photo Alan (Michigan )

    Personal conflicts rarely bring out the best in people. I’ll tell you what: Whoever buys this package at a fair price is helping the seller out. If the car does not sell quickly, he might wind up like Larry.

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  14. Avatar photo Ronniecarlo

    That’s less than two hours from me.I had a gut in Austin give a ton of Mustang parts. Good stuff too.My buddy will see this and get the score I got… I had a good girl tell me one time “If you don’t quit working on that car I’m leaving”.. Lol I was in the garage when she came back…I said she was a good one.. Car or Girl?…lol

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  15. Avatar photo RoughDiamond

    @George-thanks for the good laugh! I don’t see how for a Mustang enthusiast this is not a good deal especially for a more powerful drivetrain build with all the engine, transmission and rear axle options available. I’d certainly keep all of the original drivetrain as well though in case I ever wanted to return back to stock condition.

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