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1967 Pontiac Firebird 400 Garage Find


UPDATE 6/13/14 – The seller, Marcus, reached out to us to let everyone know that he mistakenly listed the title as being a salvage title. It actually has a clear title and he has updated his listing to accordingly. This deal might have just gotten a lot more interesting!

FROM 6/11/14 – This 1967 Pontiac Firebird has been in the same family for a few generations now, but has been sitting for the past twenty years. The current caretaker did have it running about 8 years ago, but ended up parking it back in the garage soon after. With a 400 cubic inch V8 residing under the hood, we think it is time for this Firebird to see the light of day! Find it here on craigslist out of Caldwell, Idaho for $8,500.


Back in the sixties Pontiac wanted a sports car of their own, but GM didn’t want more competition for their Corvette so they let them use the Camaro platform. The resulting Firebird was essentially a dressed up Camaro with fewer engine choices. The 400 was the biggest you could go though and this car has it! The only thing that would make this one better would be the optional Air Ram system. Well, that and a four-speed manual transmission.


With 325 horsepower and 410 foot-pounds of torque on tap, we think we could live with the automatic though. The interior looks complete, but we do spy a tacked on tach and plenty of cracks. Luckily, replacement bits are just a phone call away from numerous part houses. The blue on blue color scheme may not be the best, but it’s not the worst either. We are sure it will look sharp once it’s all cleaned up and running.


We are hopeful that it won’t take too much to get this Pontiac going again. Let’s just hope that the owner was smart about starting it last time and didn’t damage anything. Our biggest concern here though is the mention of a “salvage title” on the side of the ad. No explanation is given, so that would probably be our first question when calling. The asking price might be fair for a solid 1967 Firebird, but the branded title could mean badly repaired crash damage or worse. Obviously the price will need to be adjusted accordingly. What do you think – good buy or basket case?


  1. Avatar photo Duffy

    The asking price is a bit too much for a car in this rough shape, especially with a questionable title, and the fact that it’s been in storage for 20 years. I would think a full blown restoration should be in order before it hits the road.

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  2. Avatar photo stanley stalvey

    That engine is extremely rare in modern times and the cylinder heads are worth a boat-load of cash to the right collector. I’d say it’s worth the money in the long run. The salvage title is only a problem in the state where it is issued. Other states will give you a title and registration real quick.

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    • Avatar photo stanley stalvey

      You’re right.! The engine and cylinder heads are worth a boat load of cash to the Pontiac collectors.. Just about any state where it’s never been registered will give you a title.

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  3. Avatar photo Jeff V.

    My buddy in hs had one, 4spd, dark green with raised white-letter 60’s on her, I think the hood tach was an option. It was fast!

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  4. Avatar photo Marcus

    I’m the owner of this vehicle, who posted it on Craigslist. I didn’t intend to post it as “salvage”. I’ve edited the post to represent the title as “clean”. It is in rough shape, but it took very little to get it running when I first acquired it a few years back–and that’s coming from a guy who knows very little about cars. That was a while ago, of course, but she’s in the same shape now as she was then, so I’m confident that with the right love and care she’ll purr again.

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  5. Avatar photo braktrcr

    Seems like a pretty nice car to me. Looks pretty solid, fairly complete, (where is the rear bumper, and ac compressor) rust doesn’t seem bad. A weekend of cleaning and tinkering could end up with a nice car that boogies, and will always hold its value. I say buy it if your on the fence

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  6. Avatar photo jim s

    nice car to make a driver out of. make the seller an offer and have fun. i liked the OHC 6 and a manual better. even with the automatic this could burn off the rear tires in a big hurry.

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  7. Avatar photo Cary jones

    Good looking car looks like it had deluxe interior and power brakes heads should be casting number 670 they were a closed chamber big valve head being a air car with 400 should have a 323 geared rear end

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    • Avatar photo stanley stalvey

      I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I tried a set of 456 gears in that thing.. hahaha..

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  8. Avatar photo AMCFAN

    Be carefull here.
    A salvage titled car is generally worth half then its undamaged counterpart. The salvage title can and will come back to haunt you. When the vehicle is damaged and the cost to repair is greater then the value of the car it is considered a total loss then the title becomes salvage. Could have been just a fender replacement. Doesn’t matter. If the seller had the car repaired and inspected the title will say salvaged or salvage rebuilt. If it is still a salvage then you will have to take the car and get it inspected. Each state handles a little different. Check your is planning a purchase. What will remain unchanged is that it will still be branded title. Most insurance companies only insure a salvage rebuilt car at 70% of its value and most never know untill filing a claim.
    Lastly when you decide to sell the vehicle in a sellers market you will take yet a further hit. The title will cause an instant red flag to any buyer. Who would know if the car was in a flood? fender bender or complete subframe and body damage?
    Buying a salvage car always starts out the same. If it can be bought right etc. To restore this Firebird the cost will the same on any Camaro/Bird and will outweigh the value.
    May want to pass

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    • Avatar photo Govandals

      Owner corrected it on 6/11. Clean title.

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    • Avatar photo joe

      were talking about a 1967 car that many on the road selling for good money has had major work come on peeps use your head salvage means nothing here

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  9. Avatar photo Saab96

    Forgive me.. I’m missing where in the ad it says ‘salvage title’. A little help here?

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  10. Avatar photo steve

    I hope the tach frozen at max wont be a concern!

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    • Avatar photo stanley stalvey

      Those 400ci engines will suffer greater RPM than a typical big block in stock form..

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  11. Avatar photo Marcus

    Sorry for the confusion. I did not intend to post it as “salvage”–the title is clean and always has been. The post has been updated. Thanks for checking it out!

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  12. Avatar photo Jim-Bob

    I think this one is possibly a real bargain for someone with more skills than money who just wants a cool old car. Yes, the salvage title will limit it’s up side, but so long as it is able to be registered and driven in the new owner’s state that may not matter. Of course, as with any old car, this one requires a thorough PPI. However, if it is a numbers matching 400 car without structural damage then it is something special and worth the effort.

    As to what I would do with it, well first I would try to get the price down. The title issue would likely mean there is a little wiggle room. Next I would make it run and drive well. After all that was done, I would tackle the body and paint work in my garage. Luckily, I think the rear bumper is the same as for a Camaro, so finding a new one will not be an issue. The rear spoiler though does pose a question as I believe it is a Camaro only piece and not correct for a Firebird. Do I keep it or lose it? I would probably keep it. It looks good and is already there. All that would be needed in the future to change it back is a decklid, a simple plug and play operation. I really dig the blue on blue color combination (so much nicer than red!) and so I would paint it back to the original color. The interior seems to need a headliner, so I would do that first. The rest of it though could probably wait, but eventually I would get out the hog rings and pliers and install a reproduction interior kit. For the wheels and tires I would keep the Rallye II wheels it already has (unless they are 14’s, then I would upgrade to 15’s) and put a set of 235 60 15 BFG Radial T/A RWL tires on them. It’s a good look that’s also inexpensive (they were used through the 80’s on base Firebirds). I would probably leave off the trim rings but would install new chrome lug nuts and center caps. I’d also upgrade the car to front discs if they aren’t there already. 4 wheel drums are scary with a big block!

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    • Avatar photo stanley stalvey

      As far as I know the engine is a small block based on the 350ci Pontiac engine. It has bigger pistons and 2.05 intake valves. It’s a big inch small block..Everyone I knew who ever had one was crazy about it’s RPM potential….The engine would benefit with a better cooling system, though..

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  13. Avatar photo Alfieri

    Uncle Jesse, so many of the class today is clearly failing reading comprehension. They deserve to be spanked!

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  14. Avatar photo Govandals

    Wow. Just wow. After the owner posted on 6/11 that it’s a clean title, AND posted a reply to someone else’s post – clarifying the same…. Jim-Bob is still worried about the non-existent salvage status.

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  15. Avatar photo Jesse Staff

    One of my goof friends here in Boise just purchased this one! We will be bringing updates when he goes to pull it out. Should be a fun project.

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  16. Avatar photo Kevin

    I had one of these in the 70s. It was root beer brown with buckskin tan stripes – 2 on the deck lid like a Camaro and 1 following the body line on the 400 hood. I had 14″ Centerlines and G60 x 14s, with old school BFG TAs all around. It was the best looking car I ever owned! And my next car was a 69 RS convertible Camaro.

    One question for the Pontiac experts – my front bumper was like this one, without the arrowhead in the middle.. Most have the arrowhead – why?

    Also, the rear bumper is different on the bird. Ever part that is different is better on a bird – Pontiac is an uptown Chevy!

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  17. Avatar photo stanley stalvey

    Just an interesting thought, guys… I”d like to see this car in matte black with gloss black trim, stripes, and graphics with added choice of chrome or gloss blacked bumpers for show and go. This engine can rev with a set of 456 gears and nitrous for street heats.. I’d be grinnin’ big as a mule eatin’ briars with this car..

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  18. Avatar photo SergReyes

    I sold mine in 10k and it was an awesome driving car. Price is too hi.

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  19. Avatar photo stanley stalvey

    A fair market value in good condition but the body has some problems to deal with. Rat nests may have caused some material damages so it’s a risky price he is asking. Considering historical value it’s a good deal but so many things bear to weight for the one doing the restoration. .

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  20. Avatar photo Marty Parker

    This appears to be a 350 car with a 400 (dual scoop) hood. Firebird 400 cars had . a semi-open style air cleaner, which was chrome plated along with chrome plated valve covers. Also, they had the “400 ” emblem at the back of the trunk lid on the right side. The automatic transmission would have been a turbo 400. The shifter seems to be a two speed.

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  21. Avatar photo Larry Schlicht

    Some years ago I sold my 68 Firebird that we drag race for about 15 years I got 500 for it it had a 538 Chevy 12 the rest was pretty beat up

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