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1967 Porsche 912: Where’s The Fuchs?


In this era of extremely opportunistic Porsche pricing, I found this 1967 Porsche 912 here on eBay to be appealing for its sensible bidding (thus far) and the fair condition of the vehicle. However, the seller sneaks in this little disclaimer: the desirable Fuchs alloy wheels aren’t included! Not only are most Porsche sellers speculators these days, they’re also incredibly stingy, it appears.


And if you’re going to remove one of the best parts of the cars, show us what it looks like now on whatever ugly steelies you found sitting around the yard. It will still require front pan replacement and the paint isn’t original, so I don’t think this is a car that has so few sins you can get away with keeping one of the best features for yourself. Of course, with bidding over $14K and the reserve unmet, perhaps I am in the minority!


Nothing beats the Porsche gauge pod. It’s classic and driver-focused, with the tachometer dead center. This 912 looks to have many of its original features intact, the paint color notwithstanding. The factory color – light ivory – is a perfect shade for a Porsche, much better than the resale red it’s currently painted. And the factory black plates will look great on a white 911 – just like on the first Barn Finds t-shirt!


We don’t know much about the car’s history or state of its mechanical systems; however, just being a vintage Porsche seems to be enough for most folks these days. Although the removal of the Fuchs seems like a slap in the face to me (it is just a 912, after all), I’m guessing bidders are just happy to not see a pile of rust with a VIN plate still loosely attached. Thanks to reader Jim S. for the find.


  1. Robert Member

    FYI, the company name is “Fuch’s Performance Wheels” for those that don’t know. A a double entendre is not always appropriate, in my opinion, in a public setting.

    Go in peace,


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    • Bobsmyuncle


      The world outside your front door must be a nightmare for you.

      Having that opinion is in itself simply amusing.

      Sharing it as you have is nothing short of arrogant.

      Barn Finds, I urge you not to bend to the will of such a close minded stick in the mud. Have fun with what you are doing this is YOUR site and we are just visitors.

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    • Woodie Man

      NOW double entendres offend people? jesus, America, get a grip!

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  2. Toast54

    I’ve always wondered what makes this gauge set-up more desirable than the 3-gauge. It apparently knocks quite a bit off of the selling price.

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  3. Dolphin Member

    I would have a hard time liking this even if I was in the market for an old 912. It’s offensive when someone presents a car on high grade wheels that don’t go with the car, and then doesn’t say anything about the wheels the car will be delivered with. This car needs more than everything.

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  4. Danger Dan

    what the fuchs!

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  5. bill

    Herr Otto Fuchs designed the Fuchsfelge (Fuchs Wheel).

    Not Fuch
    Not Fusch
    Not Fux

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  6. Slim Chance

    Sellers WILL lift “tool kits”, “wheels” and anything else of value including “wooden steering wheels” and “seats”.


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  7. David Frank David Member

    Yes indeed, and the seller really put his foot in it in that last picture! (so, which is worse, the fuching puns or the silly jokes?)

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  8. bcavileer

    Ugly Fuch’in wheels IMO. Don’t get, never will appreciate the VW on steroids. A lot more interesting cars / technology out there in the same vintage choices. Sorry Porsche’o’philes… way too much $ for an overpriced, evil handling bug looking rust bucket.
    Get the rear loose on the twisties.. let me know how a pendulum swings.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      The 912 is known to be free of the ill handling that you refer to, that of the 911 and it’s heavier 6 cylinder.

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  9. bcavileer

    Thanks, I am sure the lighter swingweight is a great benefit to handling, and 2 less cylinders a real boon to acceleration. They are not rare, whats the attraction? To each his own I suppose. The design does make for easy engine removal, a blessing considering how valve jobs are needed every other oil change. But then I guess when they figured out how much better coolant was as a heat sink versus air (a dam good insulator) valve life improved…

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      You must be right. The rest of the automotive world wrong. Only logical conclusion!

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  10. Don

    Hey Robert
    Lighten up Frances! Get a sense of humor mate

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