1968 Cadillac Eldorado…Pickup?

Who would have guessed that a 1968 Cadillac Eldorado would make a nice looking pickup? I certainly didn’t, but I love it. This conversion is listed for sale here on eBay and is located in Bellevue, Washington. The buy it now is pretty steep at $38,500 but that might just be worth it.

Unlike a lot of conversions, this one actually features a working tailgate. Personally, I think the lines of the Eldorado really lend themselves to this conversion. I think it’s an El Camino bed; can anyone tell for sure?

According to the seller this conversion was constructed by Caribou Coach Works of Chatsworth, California and that the buyer was able to order one through the participating Cadillac dealer in Seattle. The seller also tells us that approximately 204 Cadillac Mirage pickups were made. I’ve seen conversions of Coupe DeVilles before, but never an Eldorado. I was able to find some history on the conversions here, and there is a sketch of an Eldorado conversion.

The black and red custom scheme has been carried through to the interior as well. Although it’s a bit extroverted for me, I have to say I like it too.

Unfortunately the under hood appearance doesn’t measure up to the rest of the car, but I’m encouraged by the 472 cubic inch V8–you’d certainly have enough power to haul with! What do you think about this unusual pickup?


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  1. Alan

    I would Not ever think buying of any FWD car certainly No Eldorado for me. I am v happy with my RWD 78 Coupe DeVille! just my opinion

    • Pat

      Well it worked well enough for GM to power an RV with it and it worked well so it’s probably more than up to the job. 😎

    • Miguel

      They are beautiful driving cars and they sleep 4.

  2. RoKo

    Way to ruin an otherwise nice car.

  3. Sanity Factor

    I love it…

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  4. Madmatt

    Nobody’s looking under the hood while I’m driving it,..😎..!
    That is one sweet Cadmino…!I love the lines of the 68/69
    Eldos..,and they work great with this..😍this is awesome..!
    Looks like a 74/75 El Camino bed insert to me? don’t know?,
    Well done..🤗though..! This is so cool..! Luv it..

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  5. Chuck Dahl

    I like it!

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  6. Poptheclutch

    Doesn’t look like the bed in my 83 elco.

  7. JACKinNWPA Jack in NW PA Member

    I wouldn’t say it was ruined, I like it. Looks like the bed was used more than a back seat usually is. Here is a pic. of my current project (taken yesterday) 1979 Lincoln Town Coupe’. It will also have an opening tailgate and power back glass with factory 1968 Ranchero stainless trim. before bashing just know the man I bought it from had already cut it up.

    • Ronald G Bajorek jr


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    • Mike W H

      speak for yourself; I used my back seat in my ’69 Eldo PLENTY.
      It was 1976, and ground zero in the disco wars. My partners joke we should name that car the Mayflower because so many women had come across on her.

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  8. ccrvtt

    Lotta money to spend just for a joke.

    • Metoo

      It is no more worthless as a pickup than a El Camino or a Ranchero. At least it looks good.

      • Canadian Mark S. Eh! Member

        Actually it looks like it’s got better cargo room then your typical modern day pickup with there 5′ boxes. It looks well built would have plenty of power I’d drive it. I also like the way the c pillar was left untouched which keeps the body lines looking close to original. As Jay Leno would put it ( nicely done )

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      • Otto Nobedder

        Advertising from the day claimed a 4×8 sheet of plywood would fit with the gate closed..Not many mid-size current trucks can make that claim?

  9. Airbrakemn

    Saw a gorgeous ‘71,2,3 Coupe Deville for sale in Lakeland and begged my wife to let me buy it! Then was out bid!!!!!! Gold with a black padded top and black gold interior!!!

  10. 86_Vette_Convertible

    It’s different and appears well executed so that’s a positive. If it works for someone, so much the better.

  11. Suttree

    Very well executed. Classy donor car. What’s not to like? There’s plenty of 1st Gen Eldorados left. Looks like this one may sell for more than many that are original.

  12. Classic Steel

    It’s nice but not 30k nice in this persons eyes 👀

    I think it would make a gr8 casket hauler🤦‍♂️ Convert style 🤠

  13. Jim Norman

    Looks like it might have been a flower car for a funeral home.

    • treg forsyth

      I’m pretty sure that’s what it was, a flower car, classy.

  14. Peter R

    I like the looks but not the price by at least 50%. With some decent El Caminos under $15K, this just seems way to high for me. But then it is out of my usual budget anyway so maybe worth it to someone with those kind of bucks to spend and who wants a rare vehicle.

  15. Eric

    I found one of these in a chicken coop near Easton, MD. After I drove it over the giant Bay Bridge on 5 or 6 cylinders, mid-summer, no A/C and windows stuck in the up position, I sold it on quickly. I discovered that GM strapped a TH400 to the underside of the 472 and connected them with the largest chain and sprocket setup. One has to pull the engine to work on the transmission. I was a noob.

  16. JW

    I like the featured Caddycamino, looks like it was nicely done IMHO. While the buy it now price is steep I’ll bet you would be the only one for miles around with one.

  17. Maestro1


  18. Beaver

    I have seen 2 of these and this one looks NICE i am going to bid on it!

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Let us know if you get it! Good luck!

  19. Fiete T.

    It’s not far from me- I’ve seen it on the road. It’s clean, not all ‘wavy’

  20. jerry meiergerd

    Hauling stuff in comfort! !

  21. Jose Delgadillo

    I think it’s great. I was a huge Cadillac fan when I was younger. This looks like a high quality conversion. I have seen lower quality De Ville truck conversions offered before. If I found any of these conversions when I had the money, I would definitely go for it.

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  22. Big Mike

    Did anybody think about the Cadillac Escalade EXT. A Cadillac Truck, SUV, what ever you want to call it.
    I would say one thing it is different!!!

  23. BigDamage

    It certainly looks to be a former “funeral” flower car.

  24. Otto Nobedder
  25. Nick

    I had not noticed these pictures or comments before. The car in these pictures was not built by Caribou, not ordered through a Cad dealer, and was never a flower car. I know because it is one of two that I built. I have a picture of it in construction and many when finished. I built the first one in 1980 and it was a little different than this one and I used it for a hundred thousand miles in my work. This one I built in1985, both in my own garages. I saw it for sale on craigslist seattle in Feb of 2014 and printed it off, but could never contact the seller to see if he wanted info on it. It was a great conversion and very fun to drive and show.

  26. Nick

    My comments about having built the car in the pictures was about the black and firethorn red eldorado pickup.

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