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1968 Cadillac: Let’s Go Land Yachting!

1968 Cadillac Fleetwood

The Cadillacs of the 60’s were huge, elegant land yachts and this Cadillac is a fine example. There was no concern about how much gas it took to haul the beast around, and the floating feeling you get when you drive one was the height of luxury. This 1968 Cadillac is a barn find with a complete history. Basically, the car was very well taken care of by the owner’s father and has been stored since he died in 1988.  It was not put away because of any mechanical issues. It would be nice to see more pictures. This will be a grand old Caddy when it’s revived. As always, it’s a gamble, especially without more pictures, especially if someone is hoping to make a profit. Do you think $4,500 could be a little high? I would hope someone who wants this Cadillac will buy it and appreciate the car and its history, but someone may buy it to clean up and sell in Europe. The car is for sale in Waukegan, Illinois and listed here on eBay for a BIN of $4,500.



  1. Ron Y.

    My biggest worry about this car is the hidden stuff. Example: Fast and Loud bought the same car and Richard thought it would be a quick flip! Instead he took a 4500 dollar loss due to a bunch of stuff like a little rust that turned into holes and brake lines rusted out. I would not mind a Land Yacht I am just afraid that it would cost more to get it up and running than the vehicle is truly worth.

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  2. Alan (Michigan)

    This car I like, this story I like, this seller I like!

    These cars had beautiful upholstery. If it still is intact, it will make the buyer feel like royalty when inside. If I had a place for it, and time to spend on a comfy cruiser, I’d be thinking to buy it.
    Certainly it will need quite a bit. After two decades, the engine may well be locked up. The list of issues may be very long.

    Reading the listing, I think it has been in that storage since ’94, not ’88. Lets see…
    In round figures, a slot like that in this area can run $100 and more, depending on location. That is $1200/year, meaning that quite possibly there has been $24K spent to retain this car over the last 20 years. That my friends, is commitment, driven by an emotional bond. Just having the car safe obviously meant a lot to the seller.

    For anyone else in a similar situation, think in terms of payments on construction. That money would certainly have built a nice garage for the car to reside in.

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  3. Woodie Man

    Thats probably a brocade interior on the seats, But hey I cant be bothered to roll it out…just trust me…….its fine.

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  4. don

    $4500 might be a bit much since the car is not running, and has not been run/started in many many years, will it run? probably not due to frozen engine. great story!

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  5. Will

    Why would it have a “Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed” Title? Has the car been apart for any reason?

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  6. Tony B.

    Honestly…..this is a LOT of car for the money… The owners words really hit home with me, and are pretty sad…”time has run out”… I have my Grandfather’s ’64 Pontiac Sportcoupe that I rebuilt the motor, put new tires on her, and put her up on blocks in my garage. That was 1985… Every summer…I say “this will be the year I get her on the road”… I don’t want my kids to be left in the position of this owner. Time to finally do it…

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  7. Alan (Michigan)

    I had sent the seller a note, more or less saying “Hi”..
    He sent me the information that the “no reserve” opening had been reduced to $1968.

    The auction still shows $4500, so I don’t know what gives there… But it looks as though the car can be had for less than half of what the original listing amount was.

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