1968 Chevelle Malibu: Chevy’s Muscle Car

1968 Chevelle Malibu

For whatever reason, I don’t view the majority of Chevy’s late ’60s and early ’70s cars as really fitting into the muscle car mold, but I guess that depends on your definition of a muscle car. Sure some of the various divisions of GM built true blue mid-sized muscle cars, but most of the Chevrolet branded items fit into other categories. The Camaro was a pony car, the Corvette was more a sports car, and the Impala/Biscayne were performance minded full size cars. Of course there was the Nova, but it’s a compact car. That really leaves the Chevelle as being Chevy’s only mid-sized muscle car option, but boy is it a good one! Starting in ’68, you could get up to a 454 V8 crammed into a Chevelle. Well this one isn’t packing a big block, it has a 327, but it could be something really special! This is a Malibu so it could have the 325 horsepower L79. While it has a cool look from its “patina”, this car is in rough shape. Rust has really taken hold and could make it hard to justify taking on this project. If you are interested in saving this Chevelle, you can find it here on eBay in Jonesboro, Arkansas with a BIN of $6,500. So would you save this rusty Chevy?


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  1. dj

    No engine pics. And other than the normail floor pan rust, it has some odd rusted out places. The package tray and dash will need a lot of work.

  2. Walt

    Hey Jesse, Don.t forget the Nova came out of the box as a great
    handling car, and with a little tweaking was a super car to drive.

    Even now a Nova front end is a very desirable item that does
    not stay on “the shelf” for very long. Am I missing something
    here ?

  3. Dan

    No 454 engines until 1970 for the chevelles, or anything…

    • Mike

      I was thinking the same thing. You could get a 396 in it but not 454

  4. Ed P

    The Powerglide is a downer for me. The 327 is a great engine, but it needs at least 3 gears. Lots of rust to deal with here.

  5. roger

    I had a 1969 SS396 back when I was a teenager.
    Bought it off used car lot for $1500.00 and my Dad got mad because that was way too much for a used car.
    Hard to believe these things were just used cars sitting at every car lot around at one time.
    But they were.I lived it.
    Camaro chevelles cudas mustangs etc etc were just used cars.
    We never give a thought that they would be high dollar cars one day
    They were just used cars.
    Guess thats why it was the good old days.

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  6. Richard barnhizer

    This would be a nice weekend driver as you look for another to restore. Not enough value for that price though.

    • Manimala

      Bro this is a good car 🚗

  7. Barzini

    As they say on TV, the seller “…might be a little ahead of the market” given how much it would take to bring this car back. But I hope someone does.

  8. Fred

    Yep, they were just used cars. Never had an SS but did have a ’69 442, probably paid a few hundred in 1974 or so. Really makes you wonder what “used cars” these days will one day be high dollar. It was just as hard to believe back then.

  9. Dirty Dingus McGee

    Not an L-79 either. AC wasn’t available with the L-79 as far as I know.

    Also far too much rust at that price. The, now missing, vinyl roof put a hurting on the upper half of the car.

    At least it doesn’t have the wretched 307.

  10. The Chucker

    I’m a sucker for those torque thrust style wheels and redlines. Remove those, and I’d probably walk right by.

  11. 300deluxe

    A/C was available with the L79, but auto trans wasn’t, all were 3 or 4 spds.

  12. Doug Towsley

    Im not real crazy on the Barn finds write on Chevys here. I would say the early Novas were a US Compact of their day for 1963-66 but not after that. They are the same size as a Camaro and Chevelle from 67 up. I had a 63SS and 64SS in the 1980s (Fast but scary handling) but my very first car of my own was a 1972 Rally Nova. Nothing compact about that. I ran all kinds of engines in it. big blocks and small blocks. Wish i had kept it.
    Wife currently has a 69 Chevelle, and I have a 68 both need work, but we bought them during the last recession when we had cash and deals were cheap. We are going to sell the 68 in the next 12 months and have been tracking Chevelle prices.We have multiple buyers who want our 68 and not anticipating any trouble selling. Still deals out there but mostly they bring big money. Even the “Tribute” cars that were 6s and bare bones. Doesnt matter. Chevelles are big money.
    My opinion on this one is its a bit high but there IS a MAKE OFFER tab. Theres a lot of rust, but nothing terminal for a good fab guy. You can buy every part for this car out of multiple catalogs. You have many vendors to choose from. I dont know why the back window channels rust out, but i have seen a number of them do it. My wifes has some holes on her rear window i have to patch. Not a big deal. Thats why god gave us welders. Im thinking this car is upper end of retail but sooner or later this will sell based on the cars i have been watching the last 4 years. Especially for an East Coast shop or buyer. Damage like this is typical in the Salt states

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  13. Doug Towsley


    There is a list of completed Feebay auctions for the last 30 days. Advanced search, completed items. Chevelles from 68-72. eBay is NOT the final word on car prices, but it IS an indicator. So, with a grain of salt, you can start to get an idea. (Just like NADA and Blue book prices are not always accurate either)
    Add in Old Car Price guide and with all of the above, you can start to form some opinions.

    That being said,,, on Feebay there has been some nicer project cars that sold or were bid to lower numbers than this car. However, make a spread sheet, graphs, charts, what ever, and you can see on average, resto mods, and period hot rods are doing rather well it seems. Not restored,, but presentable cars with 10 or 20 foot paint jobs. My point is, an energetic lad with some skills can take some of these cars and with careful shopping and watching their budget can make some coin building these.
    Or look at it another way,,, if you invested your money in Chevelles the return is much higher than investing in a 401k. or other investments. If you invest wisely, old cars and bikes are a good place to park your money. A LOT more fun too.

  14. Utes

    Too late to research but if this wasn’t a manual trans., couldn’t have been an L79.

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