Parked In ’81: 1968 Dodge Charger R/T Barn Find

Digging around in sheds and barns can unearth some hidden treasures. That is the case with this 1968 Charger R/T. It has been parked in this spot since 1981 and was sharing the space with a ’70 ‘Cuda and a ’68 Super Bee. That’s quite a tasty selection, and someone now has the chance to grab the Charger and return it to its former glory. Located in Riverside, Iowa, you will find the R/T listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached $18,300, but the reserve isn’t met.

The good news with this Charger is that it does appear to be complete. The bad news is that the tired Yellow paint is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the issues that the next owner is going to face. It isn’t surprising to find plenty of rust to be addressed down this long restoration pathway. It has impacted all of the usual areas, including the floors, trunk pan, rear quarter panels, and around the rear window. The Black vinyl top is also shredded, so there might be some surprises lurking under there. The good news is that the rails appear to have a heavy coating of surface corrosion, but look to be structurally sound. There is no doubt that this classic will need to be dismantled down to the last nut and bolt if it is to be appropriately restored. However, the potential is there for this to be returned to its stunning best with a lot of patience and a deep wallet.

The Charger’s interior is as complete as the exterior, but once again, it will need some significant work. The shopping list will be a long one, and a closer inspection might reveal that a trim kit is the most viable option. However, the door trims look like they could potentially be salvaged, while the dash and console should be able to be revived. The original radio is intact, including the control for the optional rear speaker. As well as bucket seats and a console, the original owner ordered the car with air conditioning. That means that this R/T offered its owner the best of both worlds. It was capable of stunning performance, which was delivered in complete comfort.

The Charger is a numbers-matching car, and apart from the missing air cleaner, it seems to be complete. What we get here is the 440ci Magnum V8, a 3-speed TorqueFlite transmission, power steering, and power drum brakes. The R/T Hemi offered owners higher levels of performance than the Magnum, but with 375hp at their disposal, the owner of this Charger would rarely have been disappointed. A ¼ mile ET of 14.3 seconds was nothing to sneeze at, while the car could potentially reach 132mph if it were let off the leash. It isn’t clear when the 440 last ran, but I suspect that it was probably at about the time that it was parked. The owner doesn’t indicate whether the engine turns freely, so there might be a bit of work ahead before it fires into life once again.

Bidding on this ’68 Charger R/T has been spirited, and given the desirability of these classics, that is understandable. Fully restored, there is no reason why this numbers-matching vehicle shouldn’t command a value north of $70,000. Getting it to that point is going to be a significant challenge. Is it a challenge that you would be willing to accept?


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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    Now this car has to be a flood car. Why would someone want this?

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    • Steve Bush Member

      Agree with Rex. Just shows how nuts Mopar people are when a rusty POS like this that hasn’t run or likely been washed in possibly 40 years is already bid to $18k plus with six days to go in the auction.

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    • Gus Fring

      A flood car, lol? No, it’s just a rusty old car that sat open to the elements for 40 years. If you don’t know why someone would want this then, you may be on the wrong site. Perhaps the 2020 Honda site would be a better choice?

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      • Rex Kahrs Member

        Yeah, I’m way off base.

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      • piston poney


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    • piston poney

      you think this is bad you should see some of the car where i live

  2. Chris M.

    Looks like several generations of coon like an old Mopar too!

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  3. Arthell64 Member

    This car needs lots of sheet metal work and a second gen charger is an expensive car to restore. I call this one a smart seller get the money and run.

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  4. Classic Steel

    The gas tank looks like it get 0 mpg.
    Its probably not to far off the 8-12 MPG new😂

    Its a corn 🌽 husker for sure…..

    That barn really sweated with dampness or it satin a corn field then parked in the-barn for a nice effect.

    I’m sure this mope will command high twenties or more 👀. I guess the idea of high dollar replacement parts is not a problem. So lets get a rough tally up 😂

    24000 purchase
    600 delivery
    5000 rebuild engine
    5000 min outrageous mope parts
    3000. Interior and headliner
    1200 vinyl top
    10000 paint

    Were at 48,800 not including any labor for welding/ brakes ,engine installation.. lines for breaks and fuel….
    Hmm trans rebuild??

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    • Superdessucke

      What about metal? I admit I’m no Mopar expert but isn’t this too far gone to save? So maybe you add a line item for 318 donor car (wink)?

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    • John Polacek

      I think your estimate might be a bit low. I’d say another 10-15000 at least if you do it right. My dad’s old boss did a Superbird about 30 years ago (in his own shop I might add) and it was slightly better condition to start and they had about 100K by the time they were done.

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    • stillrunners stillrunners Member

      Not close to what an original low mileage will bring at auction – like last weekend – hammer sold close to $100,000 Yevette at Vander Brink was the auctioneer.

      Supply and demand……..

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  5. Daninal 820

    That car was underwater at some point.

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    • Superdessucke

      Just like the winning bidder is going to be in about 3 years.

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    • bone

      No , its just an old car that sat out in the elements for years .I’ve seen much worse that were no where near any bodies of water

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  6. K

    The bug deflector looks reusable

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  7. Will Fox

    I have no idea if this car’s location was flooded out in Iowa or not, but quite a wide area was; a couple of different times! I’d check this over REAL good
    before I committed.The water could’ve been 3/4 the way up the windows on this. FOR MONTHS!

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  8. David Zornig

    Let’s hope the reserve is $18,301…

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  9. Leland

    Crazy money. Do they make repo bodies for these? It would be better and cheaper to build a brand new one if they do.

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  10. Jeff

    Such A Deal, A Free Tetanus Shot Is Included With The Buy It Now Price.

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  11. Timmyt

    Well the glass looks good

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  12. Joey Machado

    Damn, another rusty Mopar, worth more as is than many other makes done.
    Oh well, got it done Enjoy the journey. Wish I could find the 68 I bought new in 68

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    • Chris M.

      It always seems to come back to you Cool Joe Machado. How can you keep track of all the Mopars you’ve owned and bought new?! Seems like the list is endless! Must be great to be “Cool Joe Machado”

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  13. Mark in Goodrich

    I have a 1970 Roadrunner and I’m glad I bought it when I did. With that said, why would anybody give GOD knows what for a car in this condition when you could go out and buy a C3-C4 Vette for a third of the price that is in prime condition? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

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    • bone

      Because they want a Charger , not a Vette and have the money to bring this one back. Its no different from a Chevy or Ford Muscle car ;they have to be nearly a burnt out shell before no one is interested in them .

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      • Steve Bush Member

        Not necessarily true, Bone. A 1969 Mercury Cyclone 428 CJ Ram Air with auto, good driver in nice shape, advertised here sold on EBay for $17.3k. It’s certainly competitive with this Charger in every way.

  14. MT Lieb

    The person that writes these reviews has got to stop saying all these cars can reach 132 mph if let off the leash. Most of them couldn’t reach 132 mph falling out of an airplane.

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    • Terry Bowman

      Depends on the gearing, MT Lieb. I just sold a B-300 72′ Dodge Sportsman, Maxi Van, that would bury(not by much) the 120 speedometer, with a 70′ 340 as its power plant and 3.55 dana rear. A 3.23 or higher gear should easily reach 132 with the RB or maybe even the B block motors in stock form. I do enjoy seeing a car in stock form, just too bad it’s so rotten. Even the Master Cylinder cap is correct, which you never see any longer.

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  15. SouthJerseyMike

    Looks like some shill bidding going on.

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  16. mainlymuscle

    “…..$48,800 is a bit low……”
    Ya Think ?
    You would have to shop well,and cut corners,and possibly have embarrassing pictures of the owner of a body shop to keep this restoration less than 6 figures.That’s well over 1000 hours in body work,that right there.
    We are at the paint ready stage on my 68 Charger,which was a very clean,dry car to start.Currently installing the absolutely spectacular “Gerst ” front and rear suspension upgrades to handle the Hellcat 6 speed driveline.
    YEEHAW !!!

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    • Gus Fring

      Best comment yet…and very true. This is a 6-figure restoration. Not worth it at all for a 440/auto car. Maybe if it was a Hemi with a 4-speed or, even a Track Pak 440 car, but not an automatic. You can buy one that wasn’t ever a rot box and that is already done for far less.

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  17. Alexander Dengvongsa

    Cool I’ll take it but no money got a 440 in the back of my house.

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  18. Vester Thacker

    I would check the VIN carefully to see if it really is an R/T. The engine color looks like a 383 instead of a 440 (orange).

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    • Chris M.

      In 1968 turquoise was the correct color for all high percentage big block Mopars. In 1969-1971 they used Hemi Orange.

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  19. Joseph E. Saad

    It can be restored, cost not even trying to guess…

    A love 💕 project for sure.

    The main thing is looks 100% original, the only real thing it has going for it, the desirability and great 440 make it right. Colour not a favourite.

    These were generally tough cars!

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  20. xfinity

    give me 500 i will take it to the junk yard

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    • karl

      When you get back from 1981 let us know

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      • piston poney

        dang people here are vicious

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  21. LittleJoesGarage

    I do this for a living and even I wouldn’t touch it.When does this madness end?Well,back to my 59 Sedan Delivery.

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