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1969 Camaro RS/SS 396: Performance-Minded


The listing for this barn-find 1969 Chevy Camaro here on craigslist for $40,000 reads like the dream options list for any gearhead with a pulse: big-block car with a 4-speed, disc brakes, no A/C. Just the essentials. Throw in a rare color like champagne and it gets even better, and I personally love the houndstooth interior. However, this isn’t the Camaro’s first time around the block as it was a no-sale on eBay a few weeks back, not making the reserve. There’s also some confusion as to whether the car has its original block with the serial numbers sanded off or if it has a CE warranty replacement block. In addition, there is some body damage and rust poking through in places, so despite its desirable options, the car is far from perfect. It no-saled at $28,300 on eBay and the seller is asking a little under twice that amount on craigslist. What do you feel is a fair price for this 396-powered Camaro?


  1. Jeff V.

    Nice car, simple restoration project here for the skilled. Most SS396 cars came with the 325hp engine and a more rare 350hp plant was available, these in the described condition can be had for less than 25K$ all day with a moderate search. The KING was the rare 375hp monster with totally restored all-original versions selling for north of 75K$. This seems to not be original and a miss-match of parts & needing work. Fixed it would be a cool-driver but I think he should have sold it for the 28.3K$ offered, imo!

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    • Rocco

      He doesn’t say what HP rating it has from factory, but if I’m not mistaken, only the 375HP eng. had a factory aluminum intake manifold. Can’t tell if it’s original intake from this car, but it’s encouraging to see aluminum. Still, a lot of work left to do. Also, didn’t big block cars have M-22 Muncies, with the big output shaft & 26 spline input?

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  2. JW

    Had one of this except a 68 version and it was a auto with a/c convertible. Yea I think he should have took the 28K off ebay. We tried to sell our 70 Mach1 on Ebay and yes it’s tastefully modified but no rust and no issues at all and we couldn’t get our 40K reserve it only got to 36,500. Would have took it but we were already losing 13K of what we put in it. Someone will buy this car but not at his price.

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  3. Chip H.

    In 1995 I bought a crated GM 454 with 800 plus HP and nothing on the number block. It was a 1970 engine, and I drooped it into a 1973 Corvette, but never claimed it to be original, just a fun toy with a 4 speed, leather interior and AC. It made for a 7 second daily driver. You can still buy these engines if you have a really good GM agent. This would include the one in this Camaro with no numbers. No, $40,000 for this car is insane.

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  4. blindmarc

    He should’ve taken the first money.

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  5. francisco

    My brother’s girlfriend had one of these when I was a junior in high school. She let me take it to school one day. When I smoked out of the parking lot to the awe of my friends and the disdain of the teachers, I decided she was the best girlfriend ever.

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  6. chuck

    front end has been crunched, a bit of rust.. not too bad The 396 makes a good boat anchor

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  7. SoCal Car Guy

    i wouldn’t pay more than half of the current asking price. Car has too many issues and very little material to back up the seller’s claims. Seller has been watching too many B-J auctions on the tube.

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  8. Chris

    The car has a lot going for it for sure, but he’s gonna wish he took the $28k.
    Camaro fans are dedicated but not stupid.

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  9. Tom Member

    “the rarest color of all 69’s”……that’s one way to spin it. All be it true, there is a reason it is the rarest……there were not too many old lady’s ordering Camaros that year….. Sorry, sometimes a rare color is cool or worth more money but not on this car. Nice spin though. good luck. in this market, the 28K was significantly past what should have been paid for this particular car in its particular condition.

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  10. blindmarc

    Unsold! Gee I wonder why? (Sic)

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