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1969 Camaro SS Convertible Project

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Ss Convertible

UPDATE 1/22/12 – Sold for $13,813 with 38 bids!

Sometimes a car is just too far gone to justify a restoration, but when you look at a car like this 1969 Camaro SS Convertible it’s hard to not want to take on the challenge. This first generation Camaro is going to need some major rust repair to get it back on the road. Find this rust bucket here on eBay with bidding at $7,600 and no reserve. Let’s just hope bidders don’t ruin a good thing.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Ss Convertible Underside

This car is currently in Poplar Grove, Illinois and has obviously spent its whole life in moisture. Rust is a serious problem with this car. Whoever ends up taking on this project is going to have a lot of time and money invested in cutting out the rust and replacing it. There is a huge aftermarket for these cars so parts will not be the problem. Complete chassis are even available for these cars and that is a good thing because you might just need one.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Ss Convertible Interior

The interior has obviously been exposed to the elements as well. Hopefully most the interior pieces can be salvaged to help keep costs down, but we wouldn’t count on it. The top is still on the car, but is torn and not worth saving. The bows and top mechanism all look solid and usable though. This car was built with most of the options available including this white interior. The color combination looks great and is definitely different then your run of the mill black interior.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Ss Convertible Engine

Somewhere in this car’s past, someone tried their hand at a restoration. They replaced the original X55 350 V8 with a newer engine and preformed a color change from the original burgundy to this orange color. We actually love the way these cars look in high intensity orange, but we would probably want to return it to its original hue. The seller says this engine turns over, but doesn’t run. The 350 is a solid engine and shouldn’t be too difficult to get going again. We just wish the original engine was still in the car, but it could just be the perfect excuse for someone to install their own high performance lump.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Ss Convertible Rear Corner

This project is going to have to be a labor of love, especially considering the current market. Even at the current bid amount, it would be hard to come out on top here. This will make justifying this restoration difficult, but we do hope that someone loves this car enough to take on the challenge so this one doesn’t go to the crusher. What do the Camaro fans think here? Is there enough still here to warrant a full restoration?


  1. J. Pickett

    If the bidding doesn’t go much higher and someone does most of their own work, it’s worth saving. To tell you the truth, judging by the rust, I’d buy a repro body,transfer the vin plate and usable parts, source a date correct engine and probably end up just as well off. It depends, money? or labor?

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  2. troy cutsinger

    Are you afraid of a little work? Nearly anything that needs a frame off restoration would get new sheet metal where all that rust is anyway. Go for it I’m a retired body man. If my health would let me, I would go to Ill. and get that car. I have several 69s setting in my garage now that will have to go soon.

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  3. J. Pickett

    Sorry retired myself, no longer capable of doing it myself. Actually if it doesn’t go higher it is perfect for you Troy.

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  4. e55

    In the eBay listing, what does, “Everything is original to car when new” mean? I think that’s always the case, isn’t it? However, it certainly isn’t 42 years later with a different paint scheme and a 1974 motor installed!

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  5. Dave Wooldridge

    Looks like a job for Chip Foose, and Overhaulin’!! If I had the garage, time, and money (No, I don’t think I’m asking for too much!) I’d give it a go!

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  6. mikey

    I’ve seen worse brought back to show room quality. Isn’t it all about the money………..but 20-30 in body/paint 10 to 15 in drive train, 5 for the interior…….did I leave anything out?…..suspension 3, bright work 3, plus the purchase price. HmmmmmmmmThen there is always the guy that can do it himself………….that ain’t me.

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  7. Will

    Part it out. There are already too many camaros at any car show.

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    • DolphinPorsche

      well– SOMEONE COULD actually buy the car to ENJOY DRIVING IT rather than trying to make a buck with it.

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    Looks like it’s time to call Year One and build a pro touring car yourself what a great opportunity! ! !

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  9. Lemble

    I have watched a few mid west cars worse off get back on the road ! It is a belly button and everyone needs one !

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  10. nordek

    Ive seen far worse get restored. Its a 69 Camaro SS Convert. Its well worth the time and effort to restore. In this part of the country, thats a nice project car. Its not like you will have any trouble finding a repro part for it. Easiest cars to find parts for and restore. Even if it is a lot of work.

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  11. Sean Bush

    Without a numbers-matching original drivetrain, the money spent restoring this car will far exceed it’s value.

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  12. Dave Wooldridge

    There ARE quite a few @ shows, but I’d probably turn it into a daily driver. Parts are plentiful, and easy to work on.

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  13. troy cutsinger

    It makes my nads hurt just thinking what I could do with that car if I was in better health. My lungs are shot, oxygen 24/7 no stamina, I could hire a body man a few hr. at night that needs a few extra bucks and supervise the work. I have a 69 Chevelle SS and a Camaro SS and a 69 elcamino. I need a convertible to round out my stable. I have some other cars I would have to get rid of to make room for it. I’ve already sold my low rider dully and my model t sedan. I guess I could trade one of my 69 Camaros to someone to build the convertible. As I still have 5 69 coups.

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  14. Lemble

    Troy I think that would not be a problem to get someone to take up that deal ! Sounds like you have a good batch of Chevy’s in your garage .

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  15. ricks70ss

    This Camaro is 3 miles from my house, I know the owner, it does have the potential to make someone a nice ride

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  16. troy cutsinger

    Oh yes, I have restored and customized several a lot worse than that one.

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  17. tony

    i like it alot

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  18. Lemble

    Top bid 13,813 !

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  19. J. Pickett

    You could almost buy a new repro basic body for that.

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  20. troy cutsinger

    It would cost that much to by all the other parts too. It is a good buy for a true SS conv.

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    • Ray J

      I’d restore it.

      Ill take the car… itd be a dream to invest time in.

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