1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 Convertible!

Here’s a special car for those bow tie enthusiasts among us. Not only is it a SS 396, but it has a convertible top and a four on the floor! The seller has not been able to find the build sheet and it needs a lot of work, but this could be a worthwhile project if turns out to be legit. Find it here on eBay where the seller is asking $22k or best offer.

It’s hard to tell what all the interior needs, but the seller mentions that the floor pans are rusty and that all the soft surfaces are shot. Upholstery and carpets aren’t a huge deal with a project like this. Rust and missing parts are a bigger concern. There isnt a shifter in the console, but luckily the Muncie transmission is included.

Unfortunately, the engine is long gone. There were mulple power variations of the 396, but without a build sheet, it’s going to be tough to figure out which one this originally had. Chevy didn’t stamp engine codes on the body, but I’m sure the experts could tell us a lot just by looking at this photo. Well, if it wasn’t so blurry…

So, there it is. A drop top muscle car with a big block and a 4-speed. That’s pretty good recipe if you ask me. Hopefully someone with the proper knowledge and resources will save this poor Chevelle. It’s going to be tough, but just think about that first cruise with the top down and your hand on the shifter!


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  1. jdjonesdr

    I’d take this even if it had a I6 in it. Love these things.

  2. elrod

    Hagerty lists it at 43k with a 4 spd. Vin matches a 396 SS. Most convertibles had 396cid/325hp 4bbl L35, but a COPO order could alter that presumably with documentation. Its a break even car if you do all the work including quarters, floor pans, top. Sourcing the engine bay parts will be expensive and time consuming as well as the trashed interior which isn’t much good except for fasteners and small brackets. Very salvageable car if you have the energy – not really a “deal” in my book at current price and condition.

    • Steve R

      The 427 COPO cars weren’t SS’s, besides I’ve never heard any mention of a COPO convertible, Chevelle or Camaro.

      It’s hard to see this car selling for the asking price.

      Steve R


    Numbers matching isn’t to big a deal , to me at least. In 69, there was no special vin for SS cars, although I am confident this is the real deal. So put ANY big block in it and you will have a blast. I had a NOM big block in a non SS 69 el Camino for 20 years. Wish I still had it

    • Dave

      The wifes uncle had a black/black ’69 SS el with 396 4speed he bought new. Alas he drove all year round and soon disintegrated.
      That would have been nice to have today except for the rust.

  4. Andrew

    My 71 Chevelle had a build shield sheet glued on top of the gas tank, Found it when the trunk floor got replaced. This car might have one too. Mine had codes for all the options my car was ordered with even where it was made.

  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    I like this car a lot. But then, I’m somewhat of a ’69 Chevelle fanatic. I wouldn’t turn down a 300 with a six. Of course I actually had a 300 2-door with a six. If I was a little more flush I’d consider taking a closer look at it this one. Hunt around for a rebuildable big block and do my best to make the engine bay look authentic.

    One thing that bothers me to no end: Where the hell is the engine? Did someone steal it? Or did it get lost during a move? Oh well, if the owner of this car phoned my shop and told me that his engine was missing, I could come back with my usual smart-assed answer: ‘Did you see who took it?’ And the caller wouldn’t be offended….

  6. stephen wright

    the redline on the tach(if its orig) will tell what hp it is

  7. ED

    Why did he include a bill sheet from a different car.

  8. Mr. Bond

    I remember giving a guy the 402 out of my 1971 Sierra Grande for helping me move. I’d dropped a used 350 into it, ’cause the 402 had spun a bearing. Dumb stuff happened when the cars and trucks were worth little and still plentiful.

  9. Mr Midnight

    Finaly a BBC on barn finds A chevelle.with a BB makes it evan sweeter.i am on #7 and #8 if youve never driven a g.m.A body B.B. 4 speed car. You truly dont know what your missing.

    Like 1
  10. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Build sheet ?

  11. Joe

    The color looks like Hugger Orange. If the trim tag shows this as the original color then it is a true SS. Hugger Orange and Daytona Yellow, not to be confused with Butter Nut Yellow, were only available on SS 396 Chevelle in 1969.

  12. Rolf Poncho 455

    i want it too

  13. Lounge

    $22K for this is laughable.

  14. Mike

    Its not laughable. I’ve learned through the years, it’s what someone wants to pay for it…. Its rare, so how do you put a price on rarity….

  15. Pete in PA

    Location is Meadville, PA. OMG I visited Meadville one January about 10 years ago to look at a 62 Imperial LeBaron that was for same there. Nonstop lake effect snow, nonstop road salting. The Imperial was pretty much a colander so I went home disappointed. My car exploded in rust after that trip. I’m surprised there’s anything left of a 1969 whatever in Meadville, PA. I shudder to think what this Chevelle will look like on a lift.

    • Gary


      I live near Meadville. We aren’t all hicks, ya know. We do have garages and have had them for some time. Some of us even have indoor plumbing.

      I’m not saying that this car isn’t a rust bucket but not ever car from the 60s that was bought by someone that lives in Meadville has rusted away.

  16. RayZ

    @ 22K not much meat left on the bone.

    • elrod

      With just over one day left – not a single bid. What could be wrong?

  17. Chris A.

    I’m in Meadville and would be willing to do an inspection to see just how badly rusted it really is. Salt usage here is extreme due to the many hills that have to be kept open. What really aggravates the salt damage is Meadville’s freeze/thaw pothole cycle that when you hit them concentrates the salt in all the wrong places. By November most serious collector car owners have their cars put away until April. The winter ride is often a “winter rat” pickup, preferably a 4×4. The car washes sell unlimited visit season passes.

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