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1969 Chevy Nova Roller Project

'69 Nova roller front

Are you looking for a “real rust free” Nova V8 project that is under way already? Listed here on craigslist in St. Louis, Missouri is, according to the seller at least, a real rust free 1969 Nova V8 priced at $3,900. It looks like someone has already done some serious work to it, so this could be a great project to pick up and finish!

'69 Nova roller left rear

The owner says that this car has like new Cragar wheels and tires. The body looks solid, but there are a few nasty looking dings. Straightening the body out shouldn’t be too difficult, but the rear bumper might be more of a challenge. We are curious why this car has been primed when the body still needs work.

'69 Nova roller int.

This is said to be a West Texas car in factory garnet red. The interior has already been gutted out and a roll cage installed. Hopefully all the interior bits are still with the car.

'69 Nova end

The front and rear suspension has been redone. We aren’t sure about the rear ride height, but it does give the car a classic dragster look.

'69 Nova roller under

Rick, the owner, is interested in trading for a decent 4×4 extended-cab pickup truck or an older Mopar. We have a lot of questions we would need answered before we would make an offer or arrange a trade for this Nova, like why it’s been primed and what engine it has in it. You may have some question for Rick too, so be sure to contact him! This one could be a good project, don’t you think?




  1. Avatar photo Brian

    sounds to me like there is no motor in it. He says v8 roller. Meaning its setup for a v8 but nothing in there now.

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  2. Avatar photo Jeff V.

    Its got potential, that’s all I can say!

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  3. Avatar photo JW

    Looks to be a bodyshop, I wonder if he did the floorpans rollcage along with suspension for a customer who brought the car in primered and now can’t pay so he’s unloading it. I’ve seen guys do this when the car will be raced only just to cover up body flaws, as far as the bumper a good rechroming place can straighten it and rechrome it but not cheap. I had both bumpers done on a 67 GTO that were twisted and they straightened them and rechromed to like new but as stated not cheap.

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  4. Avatar photo grant

    It’s my feeling that the car was primed to give the illusion of having made more progress than the seller really did…

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  5. Avatar photo piper62j

    My thoughts are this one needs more than what’s showing.. Why set it up for the strip and lower the value.. To run fast, weight has to be eliminated which means stuff is missing..

    It does have potential and I’ve always like this body style..

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  6. Avatar photo Doug Towsley

    I have a soft spot for Novas, My first car was a 1972 Rally Nova, These are clean and simple hot rod platforms, and easy to make perform well, They dont get the cash the Chevelles and other cars do, but they have a strong following. Im not sure on current prices on these, but theres nothing on this car that cant be addressed easily,. Motors and trans are easy to get and cheap to build, Would be nice to know if theres a motor in the car or not. Would be something you need a LOT more info and or inspection, plus check for rot and corrosion.

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  7. Avatar photo Mark S

    This cars great potential is the front subframe in something else, something 40’s or 50’s that is nothing more than a shell and you want to build a restomod. This Nova is kind of ruined anyway with that poorly made role cage and banged up body as well as all the missing parts. The rear axle got to be worth something too. I found these to be very dull body styles, and would have no desire to have one. But as they say there’s an ass for every seat.

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  8. Avatar photo Doug Towsley

    As a 69 its likely all drum brakes so if you used that subframe on something else keep in mind likely want to upgrade the brakes. A mid 70s Camaro subframe is a better choice.
    Novas and Camaros had different steering box arrangement (one pushes, the other pulls) so not everyone agrees which design is better. While i have used Camaro subframes for projects most people will argue there is much better kits out there now.
    The rear end is just a plain jane 10 bolt and very unlikely to be posi. For a fraction of the cost for setting it up for a swap into something else you can go with a lighter, stronger and better design Ford rear end. (8″ or whatever they call them. Many in posi and loaded with disc brakes and many gear choices). Plus rear suspension is leaf spring and most builders wont use that. Good for drag racing and not much else. Bumpers, trim and all the rest readily availible fairly cheap, personally, id build it as a restomod race car for the street or donor for a race car.

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  9. Avatar photo Dominic graves

    Have a Dodge Ram 4×4 still running considerably under the Chrysler Llc when it’s considered mopar is that trade worthy

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  10. Avatar photo Ronald Case

    Done many of these. Big bucks to finish correctly. Have to buy all interior stuff, redo everything in eng. compartment, block body–block body–block body and did I mention block body, then paint, block body –paint, U get it. Not cheap!

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  11. Avatar photo Charles Glenn Harrell

    I’ll take it as is for 3500

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  12. Avatar photo James PHILLIPS

    Is it still available?

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