1969 Corvette: Big Block Ray

1969 Corvette 427

I’ve always appreciated the looks of the C3 Vette! It is a mean looking machine, but the few I have driven have typically been a bit of a disappointment. That’s likely because they have all been small block cars with slushbox automatics. Don’t get me wrong, small blocks are great and automatics serve a purpose, but the combo made the cars feel slower than they really are. I think this ’69 Corvette you see above might remedy both problems, as it has a 427 big block and has a four speed manual! I would love to have a go at this one, but Tulsa, Oklahoma is a bit too far away! If you are nearby and also like the idea of a big block C3 with a manual, you can find it here on craigslist with a $14k asking price. So which year of Vette is your favorite? Thanks to ssport70 from Denison, TX for this tip!


WANTED 1950 Oldsmobile 2 dr coupe Super 88 rust free and running Contact

WANTED 66 or 67 Chevrolet chevelle would like a strong big block and 4 speed Contact

WANTED 1972 Chevrolet K10 WTB Nice OEM Woodgrain Dash cluster Contact

WANTED 1977 Dodge Dodge Aspen RT Peferred driver, super PAC edition, fixer-upper. Contact

WANTED 1974 AMC Gremlin Looking for decent condition preferably stick Contact

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  1. PaulG

    It’s been a ROUGH 35K miles…improperly stored, non-original wheels, stereo, and the complete interior looks weather beaten. Sorry, as much as I like a Big block C-3, I’d pass on this one…

  2. MH

    In my opinion it’s well worth the money. It would be quite the car all fixed up. Prices on C3’s keep going up also. Cheap admission into the club if you ask me.

  3. JW

    It’s got chrome bumpers / big block / 4 speed, for the price it would be a nice daily driver that you can spot easily in your company parking lot. My favorite of the Vettes is the 63 split window but like always I have to wait for those 6 winning powerball numbers.

  4. Ed P

    A rough 35k is right. The paint and the interior have been beat to death. A complete restoration is in order. I would not be surprised by the condition of the drivetrain. Where was this car stored?

  5. braktrcr

    Pretty sure those are the correct wheels PaulG, but your right, looks rough for the listed miles. Still seems like a good deal to me though. Looks like a lot of fun for that kind of money. 68-72 C3’s are pretty good looking cars in my opinion.

    • PaulG

      Bracket racer, Aluminum wheels weren’t available on corvettes until 1976. Most cars built in ’69 would have likely had the Rally wheels.
      To the other comments; I do agree there is value in Big Block C-3 corvettes, however, there are much better examples available now that make this “project” less appealing.

      • dj

        Actually 73 was the first year for aluminum wheels. 400 sets were made and then recalled because of defects. All didn’t get turned back in. When I owned and showed Corvettes, I saw several on cars. They became a standard option from a different wheel company in 1976.

  6. kenzo

    Looks rough all over and looking at the interior pictures my guess is 135K miles. No under hood or under carriage pics and no matching #’s claim. I guess if you love this style of Vette it’s worth it but not for me.

  7. David C

    This is a good price for what I can see.

  8. RollerD

    Per the tachometer this is a 390 horse 427 car. If it is rust free and a no hit body would be a good project, but interior stuff for these cars is high. I agree that the 35000 miles is on its second trip around. Looks like it sat outside with the windows down. During the dust bowl. I’m guessing faded Riverside Gold lacquer, maybe original and sun beaten. Cool car, priced a little high.

  9. Jason

    “Car has spent most of its life in storage”

    Inside the belly of Mothra? WTF!

    • krash

      ……”Inside the belly of Mothra?” …..

      Jason,….you gave me a good laugh!

  10. TJP

    Anyone notice what appears to be a water line on the LF tire???? That also appears to be in line with the body line ??? hard to tell in the pic’s. HMM FLOOD CAR???? DUNNO ??

    35K original miles ??? Maybe 135K, proceed with extreme caution, My Two “SENSE”

  11. vettej1

    Well Josh if you ever find yourself in western NY look me up, I have a 72 convertible, small block 4 speed that will not disappoint.
    As for this example, Paul G is correct, steel rallys came with this one, an easy fix. But big block cars, if matching, demand high dollars. I suspect this one is not, as the seller did not mention it in the ad. If it is, this is a fair price and restoration cost would probably be worth it.

    • braktrcr

      Thanks PaulG and vettej1 for jogging my foggy memory. Yes of course they would have been Rally Wheels. One of the reasons I like this site, we kind of look at things fairly objectively, and don’t slam each other for mistakes.
      TJP, what appears as a watermark on the LF tire is likely from the car sitting on it flat. At least that is what my project cars tires look like if the deflate and sit for a while. The rain and dirt collect at the bottom of the tire, then when you re inflate them, that is how they appear.
      Also I am guessing it is purely coincidental that that line on the tire follows the body line. move the car a couple inches it wouldn’t line up again.
      Thanks for your great site Josh and Barn Finds

  12. Rocco Member

    You don’t see too many 4-speed Vetts, BB or SB.

  13. Chase

    I’ve actaully gone to see this car. The wheels are definitely not the original. The seller does have 3 of the originals that are in super rough shape. The original seats are included but down to the springs. The paint is not correct as it’s been repainted and does not match the door jams. Dash needs replaced and the windshield will have to be removed to do so. The motor is not numbers matching. Apparently in 1970 the original owner hit a pot hole and the oil ran out causing the engine to seize. The owner claims the motor was replace with a 1970 427 by GM. The fiberglass wheel wells are feathered due to oversized tires. There are 2.75 sets of wheels that come with the car. The seals need replaced all around and most definitely in the t tops. A small ding in the back above the rear taillight from what they say was a minor accident from backing into a mailbox. Original title showing 3,500 miles at the time of purchase. Three things prevented me from buying this car. The color, the replaced motor, and the fact that the owners nephew who is a car enthusiast was not interested in keeping it for himself. Something wasn’t adding up….. Also I believe the storage consisted of on the driveway as the car was passed back and forth between a husband and wife who were settling financial issues in a divorce. Overall the seller was pretty knowledgable about corvettes in general and was transparent about all of the above. But he didn’t have anything on hand to prove the miles. What is the true value on this one?

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