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1969 Dodge Daytona On Copart?

Nearly any second-generation Dodge Charger can be a virtual license to print money. The extreme Daytona version, called The Best In NASCAR by GoldenEagle, ranks among the most coveted and expensive rides of the classic muscle car era. This car is *not* a factory Daytona, but it sure looks like one, and aside from missing nearly everything except sheet metal, it’s not in bad shape! The 1969 Dodge Charger in Orlando, Florida finds itself near the end of the line with a listing here on Copart, often the last stop before being crushed and recycled into appliances or perhaps your neighbor’s Corolla. This sale has ended but it may surface again! Thanks to reader Tim C. for spotting this Daytona lookalike.

We see B-Body Mopars with more rust nearly every day at Barnfinds, and a person could begin with this shell and add an improved suspension, engine, and interior with no regrets about deviating from stock. With seemingly half the ’69 Chargers in the world either made to look like one from a certain TV show, or destroyed by that show back in the day, continuing this car’s history as a Daytona clone would hardly raise eyebrows. On the contrary, folks who have never seen a real Daytona would fall over themselves checking this one out even if you paint the word “Fake” on it.

One might surmise from the current state of this Dodge that it was last used only for racing. Before heading to Copart it may have lingered in a junk yard losing parts to other Chargers. The deep inset of the rear tires and monster tubs visible in the rear seat area suggest a drag-racing history.

The bare floor boards hide nothing, and display further evidence of fabrication, including a roll-cage that could be kept, even if stiffening the chassis was its primary purpose. Keep the Daytona parts and build it into a full-on Pro-Touring car, something a real Daytona would never become. A NASCAR tribute would be hot too. How would you build this bone-yard Charger?


  1. Steve R

    This has all of the earmarks of an abandoned Pro Street car, not a race car. The cage isn’t designed for racing, it’s set up too look impressive at a car show and for easy ingress and egress for the driver and passenger.

    Steve R

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  2. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    Little less crispy than the last one Copart had that was on here.

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  3. Jeff

    Vin number does not support the Daytona claim, it’s just a Charger that’s been hacked up.

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    • Dave

      You can see that fact in the sail panels. That said, the aerodynamics will be frightening at NASCAR speeds.

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  4. SDJames

    As the write up suggests, it is a clone. The VIN shows that. Also, the back window. I bet the trunk lid doesn’t open all the way and there’s probably no X support under that magnificent wing.

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  5. Ian C

    Personally I would love to have it. Throw an old 440 in it, a 4spd, throw some obese rear tires on it, and the bare necessities to just take it out and have fun!

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    • Mower Man

      how about parting out a motorhome like Roadkill Did?

  6. Stephen Miklos

    So somebody took a 69 Charger 340 and but Daytona parts on it.🤦 The rear window is wrong which is a dead giveaway. The other comments Pro street or drag racing. I was thinking track car but I go Pro street. It’s a shame this ended up at Copart.

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    • Steve R

      It won’t stay there. They will sell it to someone that might actually finish it.

      Steve R

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  7. michael kelly

    The seller turned down $18.9k. You can find a few gems on Copart, mostly donations. Unfortunately, some sellers have unreasonable expectations.

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    • NicktheInvestor Member

      Crap regular charges are bringing serious money. Thus body looks solid.

  8. Todd Fitch Staff

    In the piece I only noted that it is *not* a Daytona, but to clarify… the seller included the VIN and it’s an XP29 (Charger Premium Two Door Hardtop). A Daytona would have been an XX29 car. This one originally had the H Code 383 4-bbl 335 HP. Those screens on the front have a dirt-track look but those huge tubs are definitely not for anything that involved corners. Interesting car!

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    • Stephen Miklos

      Thanks I confused with the H code in the 70’s. Being a 69. Yeah H = 383.. 😄

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  9. Bunky

    It didn’t “languish in a junkyard”, and it’s not being sold for scrap. I’m struggling to find a polite way to say “get a clue”. Never mind.

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  10. Mike Adams

    Joe Dirt, your car is ready.

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  11. 57Wayne

    You can list a car for sale in copart. There are quite a few nice cars although I don’t know why a seller would list anything except rebuildable or scrap there. This falls into the extreme project category that makes sense though.
    You can register, search and bid on a lot of cars or boats or whatever without being a dealer. Just one more place to search…

  12. Arthur

    Todd Fitch wrote: “How would you build this bone-yard Charger?”

    I was thinking of a Pro-Touring build, myself, especially after seeing the Speedkore Evolution Charger. In my case, I would give this car an Art Morrison chassis, Bowler Performance 4L80E, and a Hellephant engine.

  13. Joliet Jake Member

    Nobody mentioned the column shifter ???

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  14. Charles Sawka

    Put it back in the swamp

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  15. Cerno

    Chargers are cool and my favourite kid show was the reason behind that unfortunately they used over 230 Chargers to film it and now you get threats if you own one of the famous Generals . Sad what has happened to people and our world. I own a beautiful 66 now and those crazy Dukes are the reason why

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    • UK Paul 🇬🇧

      Why would you get threats if you own a General Lee?

  16. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    WTFind……now we are listing cars that are no longer available as y’all do a write up ? We are use to Barn Find write up’s of those that have sold already as you list them witch kinda sucks – but at least you can go back possibly and see the original add.

  17. Slickimp

    Saw 1 of these back in early 80s northern MN think it was a really one even took a pic of it can’t find that now bummer

  18. Just4fun

    Anyone out there have any info on this car…..????? I’ve seen it so many different places and even a short youtube video of it back in 2010…..Someone out there has to have some idea, anyone?

    • Zachary

      Finnagin From the Show Roadkill just bought it.

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