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Roasted 1969 Ford Cobra 428 SCJ Drag Pack!

Looking more like Grandma’s beat-down daily driver than anything impressive, this old Ford left the factory with one mission in mind:  striking fast in a straight line. Nobody ordered a 1969 Ford Cobra with the venomous 428 cid (7.0L) Cobra Jet Ram-Air V8, close-ratio four-speed, and 4.30:1 gears to, say, pull a boat trailer. Nevertheless, this specimen in Nevada, Texas seeks a new owner here on eBay where an opening bid of $5000 will get the ball rolling.

Anyone thinking this car traded its Cobra-specific trunk lid, rear trim, and C-pillar badge with a non-Cobra Torino should stand down from DEFCON5 as this is a donor car to help restore the Cobra, and it’s available to the buyer for an extra $2000. While the fastback or “SportsRoof” Cobras get most of the glory, Ford featured the “2-Door Hardtop” Cobra in its brochure.

The original bucket seats are gone, replaced by a generic bench seat, and a nifty red and brown steering wheel, or maybe this is the donor car. The devil is in the details.

Anyone who would paint over this car’s fabulous original Gulfstream Aqua paint with this off-white hue either wanted a super-sleeper or had rocks in his or her head. For an extra $12,000 the seller will include a freshly-rebuilt (non-original) 428 SCJ and transmission. This deal’s getting better by the minute! Joking aside, the Cobra has significant structural and cosmetic rust, so a Torino donor of some sort is a must. I’ve seen people try to sell a destroyed 428 SCJ car’s VIN tag on eBay for $2000, so surely this one’s worth $5000. What would you give for this sorry snake?


  1. Gaspumpchas

    One more gimme a break deal. That cobra is junk-its rusted in the notoriously worst place, these years rusted the cowl and basically the car is ready to break in half. So lemme get this straight- 5 k for this parts car, 2 k for another torino body, then 12 large for the drivetrain.so my fickle 2 brain cells figger this to be almost 20k. Plus transportation, caveat Emptor. Good luck to the ambitious person that takes this on. Better bring a pickup load of coin.

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  2. stillrunners

    Been fer sale for awhile – don’t know if this is another flipper that’s got it now.

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  3. Troy s

    Man, that’s a shame. I tell ya, if I could have bought one those Cobra’s back in ’69 this is the body style I’d have chosen. 4.30 gearing would get on my nerves a bit for any highway driving but then again it is a drag racers special.
    Too bad this one’s wasted.

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  4. TimM

    It was a nice car back in 69 maybe it stayed that way for a while but all I see is a rusted shell with a box of parts!!! Let’s call it as we see it!! If you were to soda blast it there wouldn’t be enough left to rebuild!!

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  5. Superdessucke

    Mention of VIN tag sales has become so common and nonchalant that I would be terrified to buy a restored muscle car at this point. Sadly, not too long in the future, somebody’s going to end up paying $80,000 or more on a re-serialed 302 Fairlane 500.

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  6. Ted

    How long before someone offers a lean to or a shed for sale that housed a low mile hemi car? “Car’s gone but it sat here for years unmolested!!!”….gack….

    The hobby has gone mad, but guaranteed this car will sell for the tags and three years from now a 69 Drag Pak Cobra will appear nice and shiny like. Hopefully without sounding like an adult the industry will find a way to better police this tag swap bs before both the US and Canada find another way to crush/curb/destroy not just our hobby but the cars themselves.

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  7. William I Decker Member

    If there’s anything worse than a unibody car, it’s a unibody car prone to rust in critical areas.

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